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What is Socialism? – March 28, 2009

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What is socialism? Visit


1. a political theory advocating STATE OWNERSHIP of INDUSTRY

2. an economic system based on STATE OWNERSHIP OF CAPITAL (the antithesis is “capitalism”)


1. a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole (government).

2. procedure or practice in accordance with this theory.



An economic system in which the production and distribution of goods are CONTROLLED SUBSTANTIALLY BY THE GOVERNMENT RATHER THAN BY PRIVATE ENTERPRISE, and in which cooperation rather than competition guides economic activity.

Watch what Obama and the Democrats are doing and/or trying to do, and decide for yourself. I think it’s pretty clear.

Our founding fathers would be disgusted with us after all of their bloodshed and great personal sacrifice to win our freedom, and we’re watching TV and letting it be snatched from us daily in full view!


From the website of the Socialist party USA:

The Socialist Party stands for the abolition of every form of domination and exploitation, whether based on social class, gender, race/ethnicity, age, education, sexual orientation, or other characteristics.

We are committed to the transformation of capitalism through the creation of a democratic socialist society based on compassion, empathy, and respect as well as the development of new social structures. Socialism will establish a new social and economic order in which workers and community members will take responsibility for and control of their interpersonal relationships, their neighborhoods, their local government, and the production and distribution of all goods and services.

For these reasons we call for social ownership and democratic control of productive resources, for a guarantee to all of the right to participate in societal production, and to a fair share of society’s product, in accordance with individual needs.

As we pursue a socialist transformation of society, we join with others in making radical demands on the existing system: demands that challenge the basic assumptions of a capitalist market economy while pointing the way to a new society. Although reforms will not in themselves bring about socialism, the fight for them will advance the cause by demonstrating the inherent limitations and injustice of the capitalist system. As we build the socialist movement, we organize around a platform committed to our common and interdependent struggles and aspirations.”

Does this sound familiar? Do Obama’s actions fit this description? What about the actions and statements of Pelosi?

During his campaign, Obama stated plainly to Joe the Plumber that he wants to redistribute the wealth to give the poor an equal chance at success. “I just want to spread the wealth around.” Obama

Double talk, but he finally gets down to the truth – he wants to take the wealth of hard-working people and redistribute it to those who have earned less, regardless of why they earned less. He said “folks like me, who have worked hard, but frankly, have been lucky…”

So he thinks you were lucky and others making less were not. Is it luck or your hard work and diligence, sacrifice and responsible behavior? Were those who earned less just unlucky, or did they make bad decisions, work less or not at all, get fired because they weren’t a good employee, use drugs or become alcoholics and impair their ability to earn, or were they lazy? Did they have more children than they could afford, even out of wedlock? Obama doesn’t care why those who earn less have reached that place. He’s taking from those who deserve to keep what they earn and give it to those who didn’t earn it and didn’t earn their own wealth for a viariety of reasons – not luck.

What about Obama’s adminsitration taking control and a majority ownership of banks, lending institutions, insurance companies, and now, perhaps, private companies WHO DID NOT TAKE GOVERNMENT FUNDS! Does this fit the socialist plan? OF COURSE IT DOES!!! Congresswoman Maxine Waters of Calif. told oil company executives that she wanted the government to take over their oil companies.

It’s clear that our emails are being ignored. We’ve reached the critical point where we MUST SHOW UP ON THEIR DOORSTEP IN GREAT NUMBERS (not in a threatening way). Show up at their local offices, first. When that doesn’t get results, march on Washington, D.C. – and soon. We will also be pushed to the point of appealing to the Supreme Court for a ruling on the Constitutionality of the actions of the president and Congress. We will have to use our checks and balances. Obama has no intentions of changing his course.

We never thought we’d see this day in our lifetimes, but it’s here. We need to wake up and realize it. Time to do the uncomfortable, inconvenient, unpleasant duty of FIGHTING TO PRESERVE OUR GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS TO LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.



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Earth Hour for Global Government – March 27, 2009

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“Saturday from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. (your time zone) is Earth Hour, a global event where people all over the world turn out their lights for just one hour as a sort of unified honor the Earth moment. This year, Earth Hour has been transformed into the world’s first global election, between Earth and global warming. Lights off – are a vote for Earth. 2,500 cities, towns and municipalities (up from a mere 370 last year) in 83 countries have already committed to VOTE EARTH for Earth Hour 2009, and the event’s coordinators are hoping to get one billion people to participate.”…

Americans, YOU are being herded straight into global governance by a sheep mentality that refuses to face facts. The Earth is cooling and has been for at least the last two years. Real science proves it, when not tampered with by the global warming/climate change conspirators. When forced to answer that, global warming alarmists changed the name of their game to “climate change”, which they feel will be harder to refute. Snow blizzards all around the world bizarrely early and late in the cycle of seasons made it too easy for ordinary people to see that the globe is not warming, and there’s nothing to blame on humans.

Don’t expect climate change conspirators to admit that their assessment of the Earth’s climate cycles is incorrect. They will never do that because their end game is to control the world in specific ways, like how much electricity you are allowed to use, what you may and may not drive, who is allowed to travel, have camp fires on the beach, burn rubbish on your country property, pop firecrackers on July 4th, use a lawnmower, what color tiny vehicles you may purchase, and then there’s the biggie issues of who’s in power, who foots the bill, United Nations taxes of all Earth’s people, one world currency (being discussed right now by China and Timothy Tax-Cheat Geithner), capping salaries on the rich, re-distribution of the wealth, and on and on and on.

FREEDOM???? It will not exist in their world.

America, I urge you to refuse to go down that road. Refuse to be forced down that road. Stand strong for your freedom and your children’s freedom. Resist the pressure to conform and comply. Risk the ire of some in your circle of friends. Remember, they’ve been brainwashed, lied to and led like sheep to their current belief.


Turn on every light you can find. Turn on your TV’s and radios. Protest the mass brainwashing of society. Protest the profoundly anti-human movement called climate change/global warming.

Some of the nuts at the top of this tree believe that there are too many humans on Earth and they want to remedy that. Hence, their devotion to abortion, mercy killing, assisted suicide and government controlled universal health care! You could be their target someday.


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“Climate Change” to Change World Economy – March 27, 2009

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While voters definitely wanted “change”, they did not specify a change to world governance. Most Americans do NOT want to be governed by a world body, particularly the corrupt, ineffective and inefficient United Nations. Nor do they want America’s economy under the thumb of the “climate change” fanatics on the extreme left. But this is the plan and it’s on its way to implementation.

CCF’s (clmate change fanatics) know that their plans are not popular with freedom-loving Americans, so they play games with the language, call their plans something harmless-sounding, and keep their actions quiet and under the radar.

Visit the website above and read the article which explains what’s on tap for THIS YEAR. . We’re in danger because, for the first time in our history, we have a nut in the White House who is happy to sign on to these plans and commit America to this travesty against freedom. You will not hear much about it on the big three networks, and if you do, they will carefully choose their words so that you won’t be alarmed by it, or Heaven forbid, OPPOSE IT. But that is exactly what you, WE ALL, must do. OPPOSE IT VEHEMENTLY!

Freedom in America has been envied all over the world. We are the only nation on this planet that people are spending all they have to move here. The “one world government” crowd has to find a way to end that and bring the mighty United States under its authority. They’ve been planning this for decades. The only thing they’ve come up with is “Climate Change” scare tactics, what used to be called “Global Warming”, a term they’ve abandoned since the globe has actually been cooling in recent years.

They are quietly working below the radar to pull this off this year, and Obama has signaled that he favors the U.N. climate change agenda.

NEVER BOW TO GAIA. America can take care of herself and must preserve freedom for our citizens and those around the world who derive their hope for freedom from the U.S.

Please take a few minutes to let your representatives know that you do not support the U.N.’s climate change agenda and you do not want America to become entangled with this.

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Obama’s People – March 25, 2009

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These are more protestors against AIG.



These are Obama’s people. What is Obama doing right now? Destroying capitalism.

I visited the website printed on the bottom of the signs: THE PARTY FOR SOCIALISM AND LIBERATION


These are Obama’s people!

Ernesto “Che” Guevara, a Latin communist terrorist, killed in the jungles of Bolivia in 1967, has become a legendary symbol of communists and socialists in the Americas.

His picture is prominent on the PSL web site. His picture also hung on the walls of Obama’s campaign office in Houston, Texas during the presidential election campaign in 2008.

Obama’s man, Timothy Tax-Cheat Geithner, is on the Hill asking for the power to seize financial institutions , even those NOT taking government bail-out funds, if he thinks they might endanger our economy. Che Guevara would be excited about this. I’m praying that Congress will not give away the power of the people or the right for private businesses to run themselves without fear of government take-overs, as they do in Venezuela, Russia and Cuba.


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Rent-A-Mob -March 25, 2009

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You probably saw news stories about protestors in front of the AIG building and a bus tour to the private homes of AIG employees who received bonuses and whose names were made public, to the endangerment of their wives and children. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the less violent beginning of Kenyan politics in America.

The government created the AIG problem, allowed it to continue, enabled it with protective legislation, lied about that, attacked AIG and its management as if our government had clean hands in the affair, demonized the bonus recipients and then demanded their names, which “somehow became public knowledge. Our government publically attacked a small group of specific citizens who had not broken any laws, but were in compliance with their company and the very government now demonizing them.

As the government continued to fan the flames of discord which they deliberately (I believe) created, ACORN, yes ACORN, rented a bus and hauled its own members and members of the Connecticut Working Families Party, which was co-founded by ACORN, to the homes of AIG employees and their families. They also called a bunch of news reporters to be at the protest. One reporter observed more media present than protestors. This was portrayed as a spontaneous protest by ordinary Americans who are fed up with corporate greed. It was not widely reported that these protestors were recruited and bused by ACORN, another arm of Obama’s political team.

I believe this is all part of Obama’s plan to fundamentally change the American financial system, the health care system, and our form of government, using the same tactics that were employed in Kenya, where he was part and parcel to the furor over the election results. Actively campaigning for the eventual loser, he angered the incumbent government to the point that they asked him to stop meddling. He backed the very guy whose loss triggered mob rule and death. Raila Odinga marched with his supporters and asked them to protest and demonstrate, which they did, murdering, burning and rampaging. (And what was Odinga’s campaign slogan? “Change”! Sound familiar?)

Currently, we handle things in a more civilized manner in the U.S., but how long will that last, in the face of government-led demonization of citizens. It’s very easy for the poor class to hate the rich class, blaming them for the conditions of the poor. If the government backs them up in their assumptions, they will feel justified in their actions and grow more and more angry. Civility can be quickly and easily lost in America. We must stop this now. We must address our government every time they engage in this unhealthy and bogus behavior and expose the actions of groups such as ACORN. The Clintons used “rent-a-mob successfully during their terms in office rather routinely. Let’s not allow this to go unchecked.

Those of us who love America and the principles that made our country great, must take every action possible right now, because this won’t be the last manipulation of public sentiment in the Obama administration. He has four years to wreck this country and that, I believe, is his plan. Create a crisis and then give powers to the government to solve the crisis. D.C.O. (Washington, D.C. Obama) and T.C. Tim (tax-cheat Timothy Geithner), use crisis to grab more power for the government and D.C. O. pulls that power from the government departments into the White House, under his thumb. (Pretty much what Hugo Chavez has done in Venezuela.)

D.C.O.’s point man, Eric Holder, has said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” They silence their opposition by calling them “conspiracy theorists”, as if that was a bad thing. It isn’t, when there really is a conspiracy and the public needs to be made aware of it. They also mock and ridicule their opposition rather than deal with the facts presented to them. D.C.O. is very adept at that tactic.

T.C.Tim is asking for more power right now. The power belongs to the people and no one, not even Congress and the Senate has the right to give our power away without our consent and no one is asking us. The Constitution guarantees the power of self-government to the people, something we’ve been losing rapidly in the last three months. The time to stop this was in November, but since we didn’t, we MUST stop it now.

BTW, it is illegal to put something in someone’s mailbox as you see this lady about to do. I’m assuming no one nabbed her nor demonized her for breaking the law. Remember, AIG bonus recipients broke NO laws.

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Kenyan Politics in America? – March 24, 2009

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Here’s another idea I heard on TV. You can mail a picture of a tea bag instead of pulling the tags off your tea bags.

You can also wear a small tag from a tea bag every day until government gets the message. You can laminate the tag, and pin it on, hang it on a ribbon or chain or make a page of stickers from a picture and stick one on your lapel every day. When you begin to see thousands in your area wearing the tea bag sticker, you’ll realize the strength of opposition to the Democrats’ effort to bankrupt this country.

Make lots of stickers and give them to everyone you know who would wear them. Be an activist. There’s a lot at stake and it’s not likely to shake out by itself in a way that is good for America. Only the people rising up in opposition can make a positive difference.

You must also consider that the current administration has fostered hatred for certain segments of people in the business world and we’re seeing mobs gathering outside their private homes, some making threatening statements. These private citizens did NOTHING illegal. They negotiated the best financial deals they could get with their employers, who could have refused the high bonuses, but didn’t.

Then Congress DELIBERATELY wrote a clause into the stimulus bill that exempted those bonuses that ocurred before February 11, 2009, giving AIG and other companies on the tax dollar dole, the green light to pay them. THANK YOU, Senator CHRISTOPHER DODD! The employees have broken no laws. It was all perfectly legal with the blessings of Congress, who are NOW hauling them before a high and mighty dishonest bunch on the Hill to excoriate them in public. They lit a fuse to a powder keg that they created.

The crooks on the Hill are the ones who should have mobs yelling outside their private homes – not the employees who broke NO laws. Congress is the culprit. But as usual, they blame everyone else. WHEN IS IT EVER APPROPRIATE FOR OUR GOVERNMENT TO FOSTER HATRED TOWARD ANY OF OUR CITIZENS OR TARGET A SMALL GROUP OF PEOPLE WITH A PUNITIVE EXTREME TAX – ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY’VE BROKEN NO LAWS AND CONGRESS WAS COMPLICIT?

Will they be happy when America looks like Kenya – with mobs running the streets and threatening anyone they preceive to be culprits? We MUST vote these people out of office. But the conundrum is who to vote for, if not them. We need honest people with common sense to run for public office – and they will have to be very brave and supported by the rest of us in the face of the liberal media who will come after them. We need to take “the People’s House” back. We need to surrround the “good guys” if they run for office. We need to put the liberal media in their proper place and stop letting them influence elections to the ruination of America.

Right now, we can only refer to the House of Congress and the Senate as “Congress” or “the Obama administration”. But our goal should be to take these institutions back for the people, and at that time, we can once again call them “The People’s House.” That should be our goal today.

Find and encourage good honest hard-working intelligent people to run for Congress and then support them with all your might and resources. We’re in a battle. It’s the modern civil war.

(P.S. Google Kenya’s election news using the term “Raila Odinga.” You’ll learn that Obama went to Kenya and openly campaigned for Odinga. What business did Obama have meddling in the election of another country, as a sitting Senator of the U.S.? Learn what happened when Odinga didn’t win. Riotous, murderous mobs ran the streets, killing, maming and terrorizing the people until the winner of the election created a seat of power-sharing for Odinga – just to stop the killing. Is that what we want in America? Should we be proud of Obama’s involvement or NOT?)

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Tea Time! – March 21, 2009

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Folks, it’s Tea Time for Washington, D.C.

You need to keep the pressure on politicians, even those at your local level, to stop the insane spending, taxing and spending some more. However, the news is that the tea bags are not getting through because they may contain something dangerous. The fix is to put the tag and string from the tea bag into an envelope and mail it without the tea bag. That will have the same effect.

Some folks plan to get their tea tags delivered by April Fool’s Day, for obvious reasons. I kind of like that idea. Others are planning for April 15th, which is the deadline for mailing in your income tax returns. How about sending tea tags on both days? The politicians are very hard-headed people and it will take a ton of pressure to move them off of their incessant spending and taxing. They need to lavish goodies on their supporters to retain their election cycle support of money and votes. So the heat from American citizens has to be unbearable to make them stop.

If you have a mayor and/or governor who supports the current spending binge, send them tea tags, too. As long as they have their hands out, you will pay the bill to fill them. You have to ask yourself, “Can I afford this?”, “What will my family have to give up so that politicians can give away goodies for future votes?”

Perhaps we should buy stock in Lipton!

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SHAMEFUL! – March 20, 2009

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The boy wonder is running around having a great time, traveling constantly, throwing parties on Wednesday nights, appearing on comedy shows, working on his bowling score, publishing a children’s book and spending like a teenager with his Daddy’s credit card.

It may take generations to recover from the damage done by this administration.

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The 9-12 Project – March 19, 2009

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While Rome burns, Nero is fiddling and having a great fun time.

Obama stated on the Jay Leno show that he is practicing his bowling and improving his score in the White House bowling alley. (Mr. President, Rome is burning!)

Appearing on the Jay Leno comedy show (Mr. President, I don’t see anything funny right now.)

Picking the winning team in the March Madness Basketball tournie. (Mr. President, I’d be more comfortable if you were figuring out a winning solution for our economy.)

Travelling all over the country and the world ever since he took office. (Mr. President, when are you ever in the Oval Office working on America’s pressing issues?)

Giving lavish, expensive parties in the White House every Wednesday night, with entertainment like Earth, Wind and Fire, hundreds of guests, $100/lb beef, etc. (Mr. President, America is broke and can’t afford you.)

Working on a children’s book version of “Dreams from My Father.” (Mr. President, the children can’t vote, so work on the economic problems of America, please.)

Visit the 9-12 Project. Read the articles. Watch the videos. Take action.

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The Second Civil War! – March 18, 2009

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1,500 bags of pork rinds were sent to a Kentucky radio station for delivery to Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office in an effort to show Schumer that Americans DO care about the pork spending of Congress.

If you don’t call Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office and tell him what you think of his performance as Senator, then you may be missing a golden opportunity to make the real change that’s needed in America today.

Washington, D.C. Office – 1-202-224-6542 or

by web based email –

This is another most important part of the ongoing American Tea Party. The taxpayers have to flood the politicians’ offices with feedback until they can no longer ingnore us.

Sen. Schumer is the one who called the hard-working American taxpayers who oppose the wasteful pork spending “the chattering class.” That shows his disrespect for the very people he depends on for his own salary. It’s time he got a pay cut and demotion. He’s been up there too long. He feels more like a powerful ruling class than a servant of the people he is supposed to represent.

Schumer arrogantly said that hard-working over-taxed Americans don’t care about the pork spent recklessly by Congress.

“And let me say this to all of the chattering class that so much focuses on those little, tiny, yes, porky amendments, the American people really don’t care.”

At that time, he was talking about the massive spending bill which included $400 million for STD/HIV prevention, $75 million for anti-smoking programs and $50 million for the arts, just to name a very few. Right here, I’ve mentioned a total of $525 million, which was only a drop in the stimulus bill bucket and Chuck said we don’t care about that amount of money or how it is spent.

Now he is yelling and screaming in feigned outrage over $165 million in bonuses paid to AIG employees! What’s all the fuss? Why the outrage over a small fraction of what Chuck called a tiny amount of pork? And yes, this money is pork because AIG acquired it from our government with the complete approval of Chuck Schumer.

Is he outraged because he didn’t get to direct the money to his friends and supporters? He didn’t get to control who received it. That’s the only reason I can think of. Then King Schumer stands on the floor of a house of democracy and declares that the recipients had better return the money or HE will tax them 100%! He will violate the Constitution of the United States and tax every penny of the bonuses.

Chuck Schumer and his ilk believe they are more powerful than our Constitution, Bill of Rights and republican form of democracy. No matter what he says, you can read his actions and learn that he does not believe in “of the people, by the people and for the people.” It’s time for Schumer to go. His views have become dangerously skewed.

Americans, you had better scream as loud and as often as you can by phone, letter and email to every crooked, dictatorial politician in Washington, D.C. You’re in the fight of your life and your children and grandchildren’s future depends on your actions today. This is the second American Civil War, not fought with bloodshed, but fought with will and backbone and determination.

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