Tea Time! – March 21, 2009

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Folks, it’s Tea Time for Washington, D.C.

You need to keep the pressure on politicians, even those at your local level, to stop the insane spending, taxing and spending some more. However, the news is that the tea bags are not getting through because they may contain something dangerous. The fix is to put the tag and string from the tea bag into an envelope and mail it without the tea bag. That will have the same effect.

Some folks plan to get their tea tags delivered by April Fool’s Day, for obvious reasons. I kind of like that idea. Others are planning for April 15th, which is the deadline for mailing in your income tax returns. How about sending tea tags on both days? The politicians are very hard-headed people and it will take a ton of pressure to move them off of their incessant spending and taxing. They need to lavish goodies on their supporters to retain their election cycle support of money and votes. So the heat from American citizens has to be unbearable to make them stop.

If you have a mayor and/or governor who supports the current spending binge, send them tea tags, too. As long as they have their hands out, you will pay the bill to fill them. You have to ask yourself, “Can I afford this?”, “What will my family have to give up so that politicians can give away goodies for future votes?”

Perhaps we should buy stock in Lipton!


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