“Climate Change” to Change World Economy – March 27, 2009

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While voters definitely wanted “change”, they did not specify a change to world governance. Most Americans do NOT want to be governed by a world body, particularly the corrupt, ineffective and inefficient United Nations. Nor do they want America’s economy under the thumb of the “climate change” fanatics on the extreme left. But this is the plan and it’s on its way to implementation.

CCF’s (clmate change fanatics) know that their plans are not popular with freedom-loving Americans, so they play games with the language, call their plans something harmless-sounding, and keep their actions quiet and under the radar.

Visit the website above and read the article which explains what’s on tap for THIS YEAR. . We’re in danger because, for the first time in our history, we have a nut in the White House who is happy to sign on to these plans and commit America to this travesty against freedom. You will not hear much about it on the big three networks, and if you do, they will carefully choose their words so that you won’t be alarmed by it, or Heaven forbid, OPPOSE IT. But that is exactly what you, WE ALL, must do. OPPOSE IT VEHEMENTLY!

Freedom in America has been envied all over the world. We are the only nation on this planet that people are spending all they have to move here. The “one world government” crowd has to find a way to end that and bring the mighty United States under its authority. They’ve been planning this for decades. The only thing they’ve come up with is “Climate Change” scare tactics, what used to be called “Global Warming”, a term they’ve abandoned since the globe has actually been cooling in recent years.

They are quietly working below the radar to pull this off this year, and Obama has signaled that he favors the U.N. climate change agenda.

NEVER BOW TO GAIA. America can take care of herself and must preserve freedom for our citizens and those around the world who derive their hope for freedom from the U.S.

Please take a few minutes to let your representatives know that you do not support the U.N.’s climate change agenda and you do not want America to become entangled with this.


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