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Now Here’s Obama’s Plan – July 31, 2008

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So why did you laugh at my plan?

Obama was serious when he said that we could save as much as drilling would produce by simply having everyone properly inflate their tires. Hard to believe he was serious, but he was. Hard to believe his supporters sitting there weren’t deflated to hear their candidate with the big new ideas for real change and hope, make such a preposterous statement and expect everyone to believe it. “Just Believe” is getting harder and harder.

Obama’s inflated ego is leaving Americans without the solutions that bring the inflated price of oil and gasoline down to manageable levels.

There is no more time to do nothing.

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New Idea – July 31, 2008

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Okay, so you’re laughing, but my plan is just as sensible as that of the Democrats. I propose we consider re-directing rivers, bayous, creeks, lakes and even the Gulfs into the streets. Then we all travel in man-powered gondolas, which use no fuel and don’t pollute at all. See? Perfect solution. You can even gondola-pool, as these crafts can seat many people. In Venice, water taxis and water buses are common.

This plan has the added benefit of solving the problem of stalled cars and stranded commuters during inclement weather. Flooded roads will no longer pose a problem, but will in fact, be a blessing. And instead of motor noise, we will only hear singing.

Imagine how much better it will be when all the “happy” employees arrive at work!

There is no more time to do nothing.

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The Masses Can Change the Politics – Which Way Will They Go? – July 31, 2008

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Just so you know, the gross domestic product (GDP) rose 1.9 percent for the quarter April – June, 2008, up from 0.9 percent the previous quarter. That’s double last quarter’s increase. Notice THAT IS UP, not receding, but proceding. Granted, it’s not the robust growth of recent history, but the point is that it is going up and we are not in a recession. The inflation of core products was 2.1 percent, which is slightly less than the first quarter which was 2.3 percent. That’s good. We want inflation to decrease. Core products are everything except energy and food costs. As far as I’m concerned, that number doesn’t matter. Energy and food costs are what we buy the most of and that number rose to 4.2 percent.

Energy costs affect food costs, so we’re back to the Democrats banning drilling and casually throwing about the worthless sound byte, “We can’t drill our way out of this.” I’d like to add that, “We can’t NOT drill our way out of this.” Not drilling has been their plan for years and look where it’s gotten us. Not building more refineries has put us in this bind, as well.

There’s an old adage derived from common sense, which is lacking in some Washington, D.C. groups, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” And, how can you ever have $1,000, if you don’t start by saving the first dollar? If we can’t solve the problem by actively doing something that gets us closer, how in the world can we solve the problem by doing nothing? Ludicrous!

Drill. Drill. Drill. I’m sick of hearing about wind energy, solar power and nuclear power plants as the holy grail. Can you just see your car with a giant windmill on top? Or a giant solar panel on top? Or a mini-nuclear power plant in the trunk.? Americans are driving to work every day! In a car! Get it, Washington? In a car! Work! Not something frivolous. Work! And school! And the day care who keeps children while their parents work!. In a car!

Drill and drill now, for pete’s sake. The message of the American people who actually earn the billions Congress spends ($16,000 on flowers for the very special Ms. Pelosi, who thinks she deserves those flowers from you),…the message is ‘GET’ER DONE!”

Has it ocurred to anyone that the Democrats might be trying to destroy the economy so that no one will vote for any Republicans, blaming them for the disaster? Sure they would do such a thing! There is no other explanation for those Democrats who stand up in front of the Congress and stubbornly refuse to even allow the question of whether or not to drill to even come up for a vote – fair and square, up or down vote. Won’t even allow that!

They firmly believe that Americans are so uneducated that they will blame the President, not knowing that he doesn’t control or have the power to budge oil prices, gasoline prices, natural gas prices, or even drive the economy. Congress was given the power of the purse strings by the Constitution of the United States. It is Congress that levies taxes and spends the money. the President can only ask Congress to raise or lower taxes, but Congress is not obligated to do so.

The President hopes his party is in the majority so they will have enough votes to give him his request. However, this President’s party is not in the majority, so the votes favor the Democrats and Bush is not receiving much of what he requests. If taxes are going up and spending is going up, with the exception of war costs, it is the Democrats voting it in. They won’t tell you that in their campaign speeches. Democrats are voting for spending to support the troops because they won’t get elected if Americans perceive them to be anti-troops at war.

I strongly urge everyone to write, email and call their representatives in Washington, D.C. and demand that they drill and refine to fuel our cars, stop the nonsense and give Americans the chance to live, work and yes, PLAY. Obama is spouting about sacrifice, as if we should be ashamed of ourselves for wanting to play after we’ve worked hard all week.

I beg you, don’t elect this man who wants everyone to sacrifice, pay higher taxes, feel guilty about any “playing”, better yet, don’t ever play (read that enjoy life), suffer higher gasoline prices, winter home heating energy costs, summer electricity bills, and higher food costs. Then, when you don’t have two dimes to rub together left over, and over 50% of your earnings are going to the government so Ms. Pelosi can have more flowers, and more bridges to nowhere can be built, pay homage to the great Messiah that the world has been waiting for, the wondrous symbol of “change” (although not for the good, the happy, the content)!


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King Messiah of the World – July 30, 2008

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“Two Crowns” by painter Sir Frank Dicksee
(slightly touched up to make a political statement)

Behind closed doors, Barack Obama lets his hair down and speaks what he really believes. Tuesday evening (July 29, 2008), referring to his European trip, he told House Democrats,

“This is the moment, as (House Speaker) Nancy (Pelosi) noted, that the world is waiting for.” Barack Obama

Remembering the crowd of 200,000 attending his speech in Berlin, Barack Obama said,

“I have become a symbol of the possiblity of America returning to our best traditions.” Barack Obama

There is no more time to do nothing.

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Tin Foil Hats – July 30, 2008

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The Speaker of the House of Congress of the United States of America, third in line for the presidency, went to Syria to talk with the president who is known to sponsor terrorists who have killed and harmed American soldiers. And she got into costume, wearing the Islamic headscarf to visit the Ommayad Mosque in Damascus – honoring American soldiers’ enemies.

Folks, it’s time to get out the tin foil hats. We’ve turned our country over to lunatics and crooks. If there are a few honest and intelligent members of Congress, then I apologize to them, but they should know that we the people can’t see them or hear them, because the lunitics and crooks are hogging the spotlight. If you doubt this, here’s a sample or two.

I think she’s the one we need to worry about!



Does she practice the forgiveness she preaches to us?

Yet she still bashes Bush for attacking Iraq over WMDs. Does she care that Americans are suffering from high gas prices?

Still blaming Bush, rather than practicing forgiveness. She knows that the public might not remember that Bush can not act on his own. Congress must pass legislation to free up drilling because they are the ones who passed legislation banning it in the first place. The national deficit can only result from the spending of Congress. Bush proposes a budget, but it must be passed by Congress. Yet, Democrats bash Bush for the national deficit, as if they aren’t controlling the purse strings.

How does she think Bush raised gasoline prices? SHe is a lunatic. Bush doesn’t set the price of gasoline. However, Congressional bans on drilling influences the supply causing the price to increase and leaving the price we pay in the hands of foreign nations, many of whom are ruled by corrupt dictators and monarchies.

Why do Californians keep electing this lunatic? And Maxine Waters?

Nancy finally found one nice thing she can say about Bush.

The flower child doesn’t alway practice what she preaches. She said she would preside over the most ethical Congress in history.

Wouldn’t you like to spend $16,000 of someone else’s money for flowers? Americans really need to think about what kind of people they vote into office and stop electing lunatics.

There is no more time to do nothingl

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The State of Our Economy, By Someone Who Really Knows – July 27, 2008

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Obama was trained as a lawyer to make convincing cases to juries. Today, the voters are the jurors and they’ve heard a lot of “wonderful” speeches,”promising to fix everything, take care of everyone and end all wars, bringing peace, harmony and prosperity to one and all.

He’s mocked John McCain for saying that he didn’t know “as much about economics” as he does about war. Now McCain didn’t say he knew nothing about economics, just that his knowledge of war was greater. Obama telling his followers that “we need somebody to actually solve the economy”, forgot to mention that he was educated in the law NOT IN ECONOMICS, and as far as I can find, he’s never held a job dealing with economics, nor even run a company. Now where does he get the knowledge or experience to feel superior to John McCain to be POTUS and handle this country’s economy? By the way, you don’t solve the economy.

Obama made a great joke of Phil Gramm’s statement that we are not in a recession and that it is mental, and that John McCain said it is psychological. But if you have been listening to the news media for the entire campaign season, you’ve heard them talking down the economy drastically, calling it a recession or fearing that we are going into a recession or saying that a recession is inevitable. The news media has convinced the average citizen that we ARE INDEED IN A RECESSION. Since we are NOT, then it is all in our heads. It IS psychological. It is our conception, because the news media and the Democrats have drilled it into our heads, and the general population, who hasn’t studied economics, doesn’t know the truth. There are many in the general population who have studied economics and they understand, and are saying, that we are not in a recession.

Obama could say that there is no recession at this time, but he would rather play on the fears of the public and use that to his advantage – which is deceitful. He may not be educated in economics, but he can ask experts and find out. I believe he has, but the answer didn’t suit his pupose, so he’s sticking with the misconception. If he hasn’t asked any experts, then he isn’t ready to be POTUS.

The mocking continued when Obama said, “It’s not just a figment of your imagination. It’s not all in your head.” Mr. Obama, if the numbers do not bear out that a recession exists, then where is it? It’s the conception of the people created by the news media and the Democrats and nothing more. The “expert in economics, Obama” had the crowd cheering when he said the following, “One of Senator McCain’s top economic advisors (Phil Gramm) may think that when people are struggling with lost jobs, stagnant wages, and the rising costs of everything from gas to groceries, it’s merely a mental recession.” He went on and on playing on the fears of this audience without truthfully dealing with facts. However, in doing so, he showed himself to be either deceitful and manipulative, or another politician who hasn’t a clue about ecnomics.

He must know that while people in Michigan are loosing jobs, people in Texas are getting jobs. Michigan has endured six straight years of job losses with at least two more on the horizon. It’s the longest stretch of employment loss in the state since the Great Depression. ( At the same time, Texas “added 262,000 new jobs over the last twelve months.” (, May 16, 2008) “Employment in Texas has soared to all-time highs.” (

As you can see, it isn’t accurate to say that we’re in a recession because some are loosing jobs. Michigan’s job losses are the result of environmentalists embraced by the Democrat Party, stiffling growth through harsh regulation.

The state will lose more than 40,000 manufacturing jobs over the course of this year, nearly 30,000 next year and another 24,000 during 2008, they say. The auto industry will account for about 70 percent of these manufacturing job losses.

“The state economy reflects not simply the fortunes of the auto industry as a whole, but in particular, the well-being of the traditional domestic producers, or Big Three���General Motors, Ford and the Chrysler Group,” Crary said. “From 2001 to 2005, the Big Three’s market share plummeted 7 percentage points. The situation went from bad to worse this year as soaring gasoline prices had consumers tightening their belts and focusing on fuel economy. It now appears that Big Three market share will plunge by nearly 3 percentage points this year.”

Obama stood there as if he was innocent of any involvement in bringing down the economy of Michigan. Yet, if he voted against drilling for oil in America or off her shores, he’s part of problem. If he voted for any law that added much cost to gasoline, like mandates affecting the formula for gasoline, he’s part of the problem. But he brazenly mocked McCain for not solving the problem, which he (Obama) caused. He’s either arrogant or not too bright on this subject. And you can expect prices of everything to rocket sky high if Obama enacts “cap and trade” policies, which he has vowed to do.

What do real experts say about our economy?

Please watch this short video explaining the state of our economy. You need to be armed with facts.

Don’t be fooled. Obama speaks with forked tongue that is highly trained and capable of selling you snake oil, unless you are armed with the facts.

There is no more time to do nothing.

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And the Word Became… July 26, 2008

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The Bible says “Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18

Obama has risen to such lofty heights that too many people regard him as the solution to everything, which he seems to be promising to deliver. But Obama is flesh and blood like the rest of us and no divine being. He will surely be unable to deliver and unable to keep the masses pleased. Eventually, it will become apparent that he can not live up to the Messianic madness that surrounds him. And the crowds will be disillusioned, disappointed, and some even disgusted. His status as a modern day god will fall like Newton’s apple.

There is no more time to do nothing.

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Obama’s “campaign speech” in Germany is making me physically ill today. Now, he’s on a quest to be “World Messiah”. So I’m pre-empting his coverage with something much more relevant.

There is no more time to do nothing.

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Michelle Obama – July 23, 2008

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Michelle Obama, wife of presidential candidate Barak Obama, has recently undergone an image make-over. Her first public impression was caustic and perceived as anti-American with racial overtones. Appearing on television’s “The View”, Michelle wore a smart, cute black and white summer dress with a perky new hair style, completely different from the Michelle that burst on the scene early in her husband’s campaign.

After growing up in Chicago’s South Side in a one bedroom apartment, sharing the divided living room with her brother, Michelle majored in sociology, minored in African-American studies and graduated cum laude at Princeton U., later achieving her J.D. at Harvard Law School. While at Princeton, she wrote a thesis entitled, “Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community.” At Harvard, she participated in political demonstrations demanding the hiring of minority professors.

“Following law school, she was an associate at the Chicago office of the law firm, Sidley Austin, where she first met Barak, who was an intern at that time. She worked on marketing and intellectual property at the firm. She later held public sector positions in the Chicago city government as an Assistant to the Mayor and Assistant Commissioner of Planning and Development. In 1993, she became Executive Director for the Chicago office of Public Allies, a non-profit organization encouraging young people to work on social issues in non-profit groups and government agencies.” Wikipedia,

Michelle became active in Barak’s political life, campaigning in his Illinois Senate, U.S. Congress, and U.S. Senate runs. He lost his bid for U.S. Congress and returned to Illinois where he won a Senate seat. The Obama’s have two young daughters and Michelle limited her campaigning to two days a week, only consenting to stay away from home if their daughters could accompany her. During Barak’s presidential bid, Michelle reduced her professional responsibilities by 80%, traveling extensively. Her mother cares for the daughters while the couple is away.

After Barak’s stump speech to the AFL-CIO forum in Trenton, New Jersey in 2007 in which he criticized Wal-Mart, Michelle resigned her salaried position on the board of TreeHouse Foods, Inc, who supplies Wal-Mart. She still serves on the board of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Combining Obama’s salary as a U.S. Senator, his book royalties and Michelle’s salary at the University of Chicago Hospital and her board member compensations, the Obama’s are millionaires. Yet, it is reported that her widowed mother still lives in the one-bedroom heavily gated and fenced apartment where Michelle grew up. (I wonder why.) Shortly after Barak was elected to the U.S. Senate, Michelle was promoted to VP at the hospital and given a raise from $121,910 to $316, 962, which hospital officials said she deserved.

The question arose: ” How did Barak Obama reach such political heights?” He was educated to become a lawyer and took an internship at Sidley Austin Law Firm, where the very educated and ambitious Michelle Robinson (later Obama) came into his life. She then took a position in the office of Chicago Mayor Richard Daly, offered to her by Valerie Jarrett, then Mayor Daley’s deputy chief of staff.

“That was the start of a long relationship that has paid off politically for Barack Obama, connecting him to Daley’s inner circle.

At City Hall, Michelle Obama forged close and lasting friendships with Jarrett and many other top Daley aides, including former Corporation Counsel Susan Sher and David Mosena, who was the mayor’s chief of staff when Michelle Obama first joined his administration. All have long since left the city payroll, but are loyal to the mayor and now the Obamas.

Their careers also have frequently overlapped, and together they make up a network that reaches into virtually every aspect of Chicago politics.

After leaving City Hall, Jarrett went on to lead the Chicago Transit Authority. She recruited Michelle Obama to the transit agency’s citizen advisory committee. Mosena, who now is president of the Museum of Science and Industry, served with Obama on the Commission on Chicago Landmarks.

Evelyn Pringle on March 28, 2008 in Free Republic called “Obama the Wizard of OZ” and reported:

” When it came time for Obama’s US Senate campaign, Valerie Jarrett became the campaign finance chairman and worked hand and hand with fellow finance committee members, Rita and Tony Rezko, and his former boss at the law firm, Allison Davis, in fundraising endeavors. The committee raised more than $14 million, according to Federal Election Commission records . . . Jarrett is now the CEO of Habitat Co, a real estate development and management firm which manages the housing program for the Chicago Housing Authority, the entity mandated to administer public housing, and she serves as an unpaid advisor to Obama’s Presidential campaign. Mayor Daley’s brother Bill also became an Obama advisor. Mayor Daley’s chief image defender, David Axelrod, is a top strategist for Obama’s campaign and he was also the media consultant for Obama’s US Senate campaign. ”…

Michelle Obama’s “connections” have aided her husband’s rise in the political scene. She is not a typical candidate’s wife, but an integral part of his political success. For some unfathomable reason, Michelle stated that “for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country” AND “America is a mean country.” Coupled with Barack’s refusal to wear the lapel pin of his own country’s flag and the re-painting of h
is campaign airplane omitting the American flag from the craft’s tail, I have strong doubts that Americans will find this couple belongs in the most revered building in the country – THE WHITE HOUSE.
I believe we should reserve that home for those who dearly love and cherish The United States of America.

There is no more time to do nothing.

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Cindy McCain – July 21, 2008

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Cindy McCain, wife of presidential candidate John McCain, doesn’t need a Madison Avenue “make-over” or a consultant to change her public image. She is and has been a lady who uses her significant wealth, earned as chairperson of Hensley (her maiden name) & Co., one of the largest Anheuser-Busch distributors in America to provide food and medical treatment to the poor and the sick. In addition to the duties and responsibilities that inevitably fall upon wives of U.S. Senators, Cindy also ran a non-profit organization, the American Voluntary Medical Team, sending medical personnel to third-world countries devasted by disasters and war. Her philanthropic work includes serving on the boards of a number of charitable organizations.

Using her B.A. in education and her Master’s degree in special education, she pursued a career as a special ed teacher working with kids who suffered with Down Syndrome and other disabilities. Her lifetime record of action reveals her passion to help the sick, the afflicted and the poor at her own expense, giving generously and selflessly of her time and resources. She personally led at least 55 missions over a seven-year period, each two weeks in duration, to provide medical care to poor sick children, and people affected by wars and disasters in Iraq, Nicaragua, India, Bangladesh and El Salvador.

It was while she was visiting Mother Teresa’s orphanage in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1991, after a cyclone, that she became acquainted with two baby girls who needed the kind of medical treatment Cindy could acquire for them in the U.S. So she adopted one and secured the adoption of the other by a friend. Later named Bridget, she became John and Cindy McCain’s fourth child, having three of their own, Meghan, John and James.

Cindy suffered several miscarriages before finally having her own daughter and two sons. She also endured two spinal surgeries for ruptured discs. When her husband was being investigated for the Keating Five scandal, she suffered emotional stress. Her physician had prescribed opiate painkillers for her back surgery pain, which became an addiction.

After all of this adversity, Cindy came out on her feet and became a stay-at-home wife, but founded the Hensley Family Foundation which donates money to children’s programs in Arizona and around the nation. By the year 2001, she became active with Operation Smile, taking trips to Morocco, Vietnam and India, sitting on its board of directors and being honored in 2005 for her work. This busy lady joined the board of directors of CARE and the HALO Trust, visiting operations to remove landmines in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, and Angola. Putting her money where her mouth is, she physically oversees how the money is used by watching them in the field, taking the trips with the organizations.

In April of 2004, Cindy survived a near-fatal stroke, receiving therapy which brought her to a full recovery of arm and leg limitations. She still suffers from short-term memory loss and difficulities writing. But don’t count her out. This lady is an amateur pilot and race car driver!

Her husband’s political opposition has tried to sully her image by criticizing her wealth and spending habits, wealth which she has generously used for the poor, needy, sick and afflicted around the world. She and John have signed prenuptial agreements and filed separate income tax returns, which Cindy refused to release to the public, as she is not running for president. However, she did release the first two pages of her 2006 return, showing that Cindy has paid over $1.7 million in federal income taxes.

I think John McCain’s opposition will have great difficulty finding fault of any significance with the lady Cindy Hensley McCain. If they try to use her past drug addiction against her, the You Tube video of Barak Obama discussing his drug use, excerpts from his biography describing his drug use and You Tube video of Obama favoring legalization of marijuana, should put that issue to bed permanently. If they criticize her or John concerning the war, Marbie’s Blog will point out that one of their four sons is attending the Naval Academy, like his father, grandfather and great-grandfather before him, while another is a Navy pilot like John, and another has completed a tour in Iraq as a Marine, having joined when he was only 17. I don’t think they will try it. If they do, Marbie’s Blog will be all over it.

There is no more time to do nothing.

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