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HILLARY DIANE CLINTON – February 29, 2008

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Hillary is of Latin origin from the root Hillarious. It means cheerful, happy.

Diane is also of Latin origin, derived from the name Diana. The pagan goddess Diana was the “mother of us all”, a goddess of fertility and a hunter. According to myth, she supplanted Luna as the Moon god and associated with Artemis, the Sun god.

Well, enough said. I just wanted to be fair to Obama. And to be completely fair, let’s just focus on Hillary’s middle name as was done with Obama’s.

Tomorrow, John McCain.

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Name Calling – February 28, 2008

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Politics always dissolves into name-calling. However, this election cycle, the Democrats, who I’ve found to be the worst about name-calling, are demanding a stop to this practice. They don’t want anyone using Barak ? Obama’s middle name, Hussein. I guess because they fear that it would strike the electorate as sounding Islamic. His father was Islamic, I’ve read, as are his relatives on his father’s side, according to news stories online. Barak ? Obama says that his father left the family when he was about two years old, suggesting that he had little to no relationship with him. I have no reason to doubt him. I did, however, see several photos online of Barak ? Obama visiting his father’s family and village in Kenya and wearing their apparael.

Let’s just forget his middle name. He doesn’t go by that, anyway. What about his first name, Barak. I noticed it right away. It’s Hebrew – Jewish. Not by religion – by race. It means “lightning”.

“The boy’s name Barak \b(a)-rak is pronounced ba-RAHK, BARE-ek. It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is “flash of lightning“. Biblical: a valiant fighting man who cooperated with the prophetess Deborah to win victory in a battle against overwhelming odds.” From

Now that seems to me to be worth noting. ” The black son of a white woman” from Kansas whose father is Islamic and from Kenya, Africa, born in Hawaii, growing up in Jakarta, Indonesia, then attending Harvard Law School and Columbia U. in New York, by his own words “not raised in a religious household, joining a United Church of Christ in Chicago, becoming U.S. Senator and running for President. This sounds miraculous. I defy anyone to say that blacks don’t have opportunity in America. Here is a living current example, as is his wife.

His candidacy did seem to strike like lightning. He does seem to be battling against overwhelming odds and so far, coming very close to winning a victory. I think he is aptly named or at least, living up to his name.

Now, “Obama” is much harder to find. So far, all I can find is one entry:

a Luo name (male) from Western Kenya (Nyanza Provice) which may derive from “obam,” which conotes “bending” or “leaning”.”

Is that “left leaning”?

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Bill Clinton in Bed – February 26, 2008

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…of Pick-up Truck, in El Paso, TX, I think. (or Lancaster, Ohio. The Drudge Report didn’t say which.

You know, I’d never advise anyone to let their guard down just yet, but does it feel like, to you, that the Clinton Machine is winding down to a close? When the former President of the United States is reduced to standing in the bed of a pick-up truck in El Paso stumping for his wife’s campaign, well it just seems prophetic. I mean, the guy was paid $12 million in advance for his book deal and commanded high fees for speaking engagements all over the world. What’s he doing in the back end of a truck next to an old green barrel?

I guess he’d do anything for his wife. Or to get himself back in the White House.

Granted, you’ll see “former President” George W. Bush standing in the bed of a pick-up truck in Texas someday, but he’ll be throwing bales of hay out of it for his cattle. He’ll be happy and enjoying life on his eco-friendly energy efficient ranch in the good ole’ state of Texas. Home.

But Bill, he’ll be out there somewhere campaigning for something or someone, not really knowing where home is. Is it Arkansas? He hasn’t lived there since the early 90’s. Is it Washington, D.C. He hasn’t lived there since the late 90’s. Is it Chappaqua, New York? No, that’s the home of Senator Clinton. President Clinton was travelling around the world, golfing in Florida and hanging out in Hollywood. What does an old politician do when his time on center stage is over?

I don’t know, but for goodness sakes, STOP WAGGING THAT FINGER!

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Saviour’s Day – February 25, 2008

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I was right! Louis Farrakhan will embrace February NINETEEN as OH HAPPY DAY, the day when Michelle Obama finally CHANGED her mind and became proud of America for the first time in her adult life, all due to her messianic husband, Barak Hussein Obama. Well, maybe Louie didn’t exactly say that, but he did say that the black son of a white woman may be America’s savior and lift America from her fall, speaking of Barak Hussein Obama. Louis Farrakhan, the insane leader of the outrageous racist, white-ophobe, hate-mongering Nation of Islam, make that Black Islam, in America, has endorsed Barak Hussein Obama for President of the United States – of America, I hope, or did he say Untied States of Africa? I can’t remember which?

I watched it again. In fact, he called him the “hope of the entire world” and this was during his address in Chicago, Ill. to the Nation of Islam’s annual convention on “Saviour’s Day”. Don’t let that escape your attention.

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Is He Really That Smart? – February 25, 2008

Posted on February 25, 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized | – Obama defends his decision not to wear the American Flag pin.

In answer to the controversy about Obama’s decision not to wear the American Flag Pin, he says the silliest thing. It sounds like nit-picking about a little thing. Oh where is the good judgment that needs to come from this man if he wants to be president of these United States?

He says in the video that instead of wearing the pin, he will show his patriotism in his actions. Why not do both? Is it that hard to do both? Can’t you “BE” patriototic and “WEAR” the pin at the same time? Does one have to cancel the other? NO. Of course not. This isn’t a reason not to wear it. This is silly.

OR is it more than that? Does he have a deep personal reason why he won’t or can’t wear the AMERICAN pin? Could it be that he has pledged his allegiance to Kenya or Africa and feels it would be wrong to wear the American pin? Naturally, he couldn’t come out and say that if he wants to be elected. So he concocts this silly story.

“Obama, reassure us by being patriotic AND wearing the pin. You can do both. If you don’t, then we are right to be suspicious. And, Obama, put your hand over your heart when you hear the national anthem of the greatest, most charitable country on the planet!”

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Roots – February 25, 2008

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Obama’s roots are revealed at this web site:…

Kogelo, Kenya on the East African coast between Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda and the Indian Ocean. I think I understand now why he has been a member of Trinity United Church of Christ for 20 years.

Here’s another interesting article about Obama’s African roots.

Here’s one more:…

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Obamania! – February 23, 2008

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Please visit this web site first so you will know what I’m talking about.

There is no need to watch the entire video, just watch Obama blow his nose and then pay attention to the crowd’s response to that! Notice how it grows to a fever pitch. Because he blew his nose. Somebody help this nation! Please!

What does this crowd, and all of Obama’s supporters, expect from Obama if he’s elected? Do they expect him to give them health care or insurance? Do they believe this health care or insurance will be free or cheap? If they do, I hope they will ask some critical questions and do some real thinking. Draw sound logical conclusions based on facts.

Insurance companies are privately owned or belong to their stockholders, which are private companies and private individuals. How will the government control what these private companies charge for insurance. Do Obama supporters want a government take-over of private companies? Is that democracy? I ask the same question about doctors, nurses, hospitals, pharmacies and drug manufacturers. Do Obama supporters want a government take-over of all these private companies and insurance companies? Do they also want a government take-over of oil companies, refineries, gas stations, banks, mortgage companies?

Obama supporters may want the government to take over everything so that there will be no problems in America. That hasn’t worked anywhere it’s been tried. It isn’t democracy and it isn’t freedom. Right now, the government is big, slow and makes lots of mistakes. Look at the government’s performance during Hurricane Katrina. Do Obama Supporters want the government in charge of their cancer treatment, heart surgery, pain management, childhood lukemia, etc.? Count me out!

Judging by the mentality of the crowd that rose to a roar just because Obama blew his nose, I fear for this country. I don’t believe Obama has an informed, thinking support base. Don’t get me wrong. I know there are some who do realize what Obama is offering and do want that, just like Obama wants to procure it for America. But those people don’t favor democracy. Maybe because they believe they will be in the ruling class, have high positions in the government, not one of the regular people who have to lose their freedom and take whatever the government is willing to give them. Not me.

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Barak’s Good Judgement in Question – February 20, 2008

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If you want to be my president, you need to demonstrate the ability to use good judgement in making important decisions. While looking at the candidates, I noticed that Barak Obama has made the decision to attend Trinity United Church of Christ at 400 West 95th Street in Chicago, Illinois. . Visit their web site at: Obama has been incorrectly called a Muslim, probably because his middle name is Hussein. That being said, I don’t feel any more comfortable with his choice, after learning some of the statements made and views held by his spiritual leader, Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.

Quotes from the church web site:

“We are an African people, and remain “true to our native land,” the mother continent, the cradle of civilization.”

Perhaps this explains why Obama doesn’t always feel the need to put his hand over his heart when hearing the National Anthem of America, or join others reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to America. BUT HE DOES FEEL THE NEED TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT OF AMERICA!

The Church web site has a link to “The Center for African Biblical Studies”. I’m still looking for its link to the Center for American Biblical Studies. I’m wondering if studying the Bible is different for Africa than it is for America. I mean, the Bible is “the Bible,” wherever you read it.

Though Obama affiliates with the Christian faith, it’s noteworthy that his church pastor has supported Palestinian causes in the past and in 1984 went to Tripoli with Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan to visit Lybian leader Muammar Ghadhaffi. This according to a story by CBS News at:

This bothers me greatly. Is this the right influence for a President of the United States? Aren’t we opposed to terrorists, such as Lybia’s Ghadhafi and the Palestinian terrorist groups? And pardon me for saying so, but anyone with half a brain can see that Farrakhan is completely racist and often makes hate-inciting remarks which are completely false, calling into question his sanity. Why would a Christian pastor associate to any degree with a man like Farrakhan? Why would Obama choose such a pastor?

Obama’s defenders have asked us not to judge him by his pastor’s beliefs. I ask, why not? Obama has called him his mentor. Why would he join this church if he didn’t share the values and beliefs of the pastor? It’s my contention that he would find a church whose values and beliefs he shares. He has chosen this one and been a member long enough to know whether he “belongs” there or not.

Does this pastor have influence over Obama? I say yes, profoundly. How do I know? According to the CBS News article, “For nearly two decades, Obama has identified strongly with Trinity and hasn’t been shy about discussing his closeness to its pastor.” That’s twenty years, folks. Twenty years of closeness to a man who went to visit Ghadhafi in Lybia and sympathizes with Palestinian causes (read terrorism). Twenty years of allegiance to Africa rather than America.

Need more proof? Visit this web site for a news story that made me angry.

The good Rev. Wright said some pretty unkind things about American teen, Natalie Holloway of Alabama, whom he does not know. He wonders why American media pays more attention to the disappearance and presumed murder of an American girl than they do of African girls. I have the answer. Because they are the American media in America writing for an American audience about a citizen and family of their home country of America. Why in the world should African news be more important to American media and American audiences than American news concerning American victims? You can see his mindset. Africa is first place with him and America – well, who knows what place he gives America.

“Black women are being raped daily in Darfur, Sudan, in the Congo and in Sub-Saharan Africa. That doesn’t make news,” Wright said in the August 2005 edition of Trumpet Magazine, a publication of his Trinity United Church of Christ.

But, “One 18-year-old white girl from Alabama gets drunk on a graduation trip to Aruba, goes off and ‘gives it up’ while in a foreign country, and that stays in the news for months!” he added. “Maybe I am missing something!” Rev. Jeremiah Wright


By the way, Rev. Wright says that the tragedy of Darfur doesn’t make the news. He’s totally wrong. I have never been to Africa and I know about it. How did that happen? I heard it on the news more than once. So has everyone else.

I question Barak Obama’s judgement associating with this pastor so closely for twenty years. I assert that this pastor and fellowship has had an enormous effect on Obama and does influence Obama’s beliefs and actions. I’m not interested in a President of the United African States. I want a true, easy to spot, way down deep in his heart American in the White House.

The following web site is an exchange between the Rev. Wright and host Sean Hannity on Fox’s Hannity and Colmes; Hear the Rev. for yourself.….

I question Obama’s ability to use good judgement and put America first.

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Oh Happy Day! – February 20, 2008

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How appropriate would it be to declare February 19 “OH HAPPY DAY”? It’s Black History month and once again, black history has been made. For the FIRST TIME IN HER ADULT LIFE, Michelle Obama is proud of her country. That’s a change. And her husband is responsible for this change.

I’m asking all Americans to join me in celebrating this new holiday every February 19 until we can no longer afford to celebrate anything due to rising taxes, failing healthcare and bigger government. The new holiday colors will be red, white and black … then change them every year….it’s the holiday of change.

I know I can count on Louis Farrakhan to embrace February NINETEEN as a national holiday.

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So What’s In View? – February 18, 2008

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We seem locked in, whether we like it or not. If you’re a Democrat, which I am not, then you are going to have Hillary or Obama. Obama seems like a landslide, but the Clinton’s have “ways” of getting what they want, regardless.

If you’re a Republican, you’re going to get McCan’t. But wait a minute. Not so fast. The politcal graveyard is filled with “shoe ins” who lost the election to political correctness. A slip of the tongue, an off-guard moment, an open microphone or camera rolling unbeknownst to the candidate, a mole in the campaign crew, a long forgotten deed or document or writtten opinion……. Even celebrities wake up one morning a huge success and by the end of the day, they are over because of something they said or did that the watchdogs didn’t like.

With McCan’t’s history for hot-headed temper, flash-points with anyone who disagrees with him (and from what I read in the news, it’s Republicans – he gets along great with Democrats, hugs and smiles), nasty language and contempt for Christians and Christian leaders, pastors and evangelists, his gap with Conservatives and the list goes on……anything can happen between now and the final election.

When someone sets him off, he will be done, unless it’s a Republican. No one cares if he verbally assaults a Republican, a Conservative or a Christian. But when this race becomes the Democrats and the news media against John McCan’t, then we might see the love-fest between them disappear in a flash – a flash of temper. That famous temper, which is being acknowledged but forgiven, can be the deciding factor in this election. Now who will Americans be most likely to vote for – a very nice soft-spoken, sweet guy like Barak Obama or a nasty-mouthed foul-tempered hot head angry white man like McCain?

So take it away, boys ( and “I am woman!”). I predict that Bill Clinton will take sharp unfair digs at McCan’t which will throw McCan’t into the graveyard with so many others who used to be a shoe in. His foul temper and foul mouth will dig his political resting place. Some publications have dubbed him “Senator Hot Head”. A real statesman, that McCain – NOT!

Visit these web sites for more on Mc’Can’t’s famous foul temper and foul mouth.………

Oh, and here’s a news flash. Even though McCan’t won’t name his VP for a while, he has been making comments on his views for that selection. Lucky us. He wants someone like himself. So we would have two McCan’ts. Now doesn’t that just make your day?

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