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Trick or Treat? – October 31, 2008

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If Obama is elected President, will it be a trick or treat?

In the beginning, he projected an image of being a treat, promising everything to everyone and speaking in a smooth measured voice. People believed he is a kind and giving person.

But lately, he’s become a trick, with a nastier side coming out. Evidence:

He’s attacked Joe the Plumber and ridiculed this ordinary citizen who was in the path of Sen. Obama and did nothing more than ask a legitimate question of the candidate. It wasn’t even his question that caused the problem. It was Obama’s answer. Nevertheless, Obama’s been tacky towards Joe.

He ‘s recently kicked the journalists of three newspapers off his plane: The Dallas Morning News, the New York Post and the Washington Times, papers who have endorsed McCain. He replaced these “dailies” with two black readership monthly magazines, Ebony and Essence.

Halloween Day, Obama pulled a trick out of his bag and got ugly, saying, “John McCain and Sarah Palin, they call this socialistic. I don’t know when they decided they wanted to make a virtue out of selfishness. The next thing I know they’re gonna find evidence of my communistic tendancies because I shared my toys when I was in kindergarten and cuz I split my peanut butter and jelly sandwich with my friend in sixth grade”…

It’s ugly to call people selfish because they object to Obama’s plan to take some people’s earned income and give it to others who didn’t earn it and have no right to it. That is socialism. It’s selfish of those who want to take other people’s money.

Obama keeps making the same ridiculous analogy, which is too far off base. He compares apples to oranges all the time and this is another instance. He keeps telling that story about sharing his toys in kindergarten. I surely hope we elect an adult for president.

WHEN HE SHARED HIS TOYS HE KNEW HE WOULD GET THEM BACK IN A FEW HOURS!!! AND I DOUBT HE EARNED THOSE TOYS. THEY WERE PROBABLY GIFTS FOR BIRTHDAY OR CHRISTMAS. STOP THROWING THIS UP AS EVIDENCE OF SOMETHING. IT’S IRRELEVANT. I’d bet the people he’s calling selfish also shared their toys and lunch with their friends just as often as BHO. He’s not extraordinary in this respect.

Then he goes into the story about sharing his peanut butter and jelly sandwich with his friend in sixth grade. AGAIN HE DIDN’T EARN THAT. SOMEONE ELSE EARNED IT AND GAVE IT TO HIM, LIKE HIS GRANDPARENTS WHO BOTH WORKED TO BUY GROCERIES AND MAKE HIS LUNCH. HE WAS GIVING AWAY SOMETHING HE DIDN’T EARN, AGAIN. He’s also talking about sharing something once in a while and making a comparison to taking citizens’ hard earned income every payday forever! His occasional sandwich sharing is NO COMPARISON! STOP BEING RIDICULOUS, BHO!

Then there’s the ABC television station in Florida that Obama shut out of any future interviews because the news anchor, Barbara West, asked Joe Biden a legitimate question – one that Americans want an answer to.

In the interview with Barbara West of ABC’s Orlando affiliate WFTV, Biden was asked, “You may recognize this famous quote: ‘From each according to his abilities to each according to his needs.’ That’s from Karl Marx. How is Sen. Obama not being a Marxist if he intends to spread the wealth around?”

Biden’s response?

“I was on a television station the other day doing a satellite feed to a major network in Florida, and the anchor quotes Karl Marx, and says in a sense, ‘Isn’t Barack Obama Karl Marx?’” the Democratic vice-presidential nominee told the crowd of 1500 at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC.

“You know, I mean, folks, this stuff you’re hearing, this stuff you’re hearing in this campaign, some of it’s pretty ugly,” the Delaware lawmaker continued. “And some of the innuendo is pretty ugly.”

The Obama camp was so angry over the questions that they canceled a WFTV interview with Jill Biden and banned the station from any future access and interviews. This is not the American way.

Obama’s ugly side is breaking forth. Voters are learning that he’s not all “treat,” but a lot of “trick” when someone opposes him. His ego can’t seem to handle opposition. That’s not good in a president.


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Socialism One-on-One – October 31, 2008

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Obama mocked McCain’s criticism of his redistribution of wealth plan yesterday. He said,

“Now, because he [McCain] knows that his economic theories don’t work, he’s been spending these last few days calling me every name in the book. Lately he’s called me a socialist for wanting to roll-back the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans so we can finally give tax relief to the middle class. I don’t know what’s next. By the end of the week he’ll be accusing me of being a secret communist because I shared my toys in kindergarten. I shared my peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”

Like most lawyers, Obama is slight of tongue and hopes his audience doesn’t catch on. He’s petty and ridiculous. When he shared his toys, he knew he’d get them back. Sharing toys means allowing others to play with them, but you know you will get them back. Unlike our earnings if he’s elected.

Notice that he exercised his free will to share his own sandwich with the person of his own choice. And if he’d skipped breakfast that day and needed to eat both halves, he could have kept the whole thing.

What Obama is proposing is socialism. He plans to take everyone else’s sandwich and give it to someone who didn’t earn it. We will not be free to keep it if we need it, or decide how much or to whom we give it.

America is the most generous nation on the planet. We give to charities, churches, family, friends, neighbors and strangers all over America and around the world.

If Obama is elected, let’s try his socialism. After election day, let’s take the presidency away from him and give it to McCain. I bet he’d throw major fits and yell that it’s unfair to take something away from him that he’s worked very hard for and give it to someone it doesn’t rightfully belong to.

Let’s test his sharing heart.

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CHANGE FOR AMERICA – October 31, 2008

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Did ya’ hear about this? Just as many have said, if these guys hung an Obama effigy, they’d be arrested and the thing would come down. But since it’s of Palin, authorities say it’s okay.

Well, while the Palin effigy hung undisturbed by authorities, two people were arrested Thursday for hanging a life-sized likeness of Obama from a tree on the campus of the U. of Kentucky. U of K Interim Police Chief, Joe Monroe, said the men expressed remorse and told detectives that they decided to hang the Obama effigy after seeing news reports about the Palin effigy in California. They’re being held on a $7,600 bond each. Why so high? You decide. Meanwhile, Palin hangs and those guys are free with no expensive bond.

This is the second time Obama’s been removed while Palin hung. Four students were punished at a college in Oregon for hanging Obama. A woman in Redondo Beach, Calif. took down her Obama decoration after neighbors complained. A Clarksville, Ind. man removed an inflatable Obama doll even though authorities didn’t think it violated any state laws.

Finally, after all the complaining, the two in W. Hollywood, Calif. finally relented and took Sarah Palin down from the noose. Finally. I’d like to see effigies of these two guys hanging around for a few weeks. They should know how it feels.

I hate Halloween. Valentine’s Day is my favorite. Skip the celebration of death and hate. Put your heart into celebrating love and life on Valentine’s Day. Make it the best day of your year. Our country and our children would be much better for it.



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Record Cold and Snow – October 30, 2008

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Global warming prevented an ice age Wednesday when Florida was dusted with only a frost rather than a blizzard, breaking Oct. 29’s record coldest temperature since 1850, with the one exception being Oct. 1989’s 32 degrees for just a couple of hours.

The House of Commons in England was debating the global warming issue while a rare snow fell in London for the first time since 1922. They were reportedly discussing the “Mother of All Bills” for the final time, spending six hours on the subject. Adding ginormous bureaucracies and burdonsome expense to monitor, report and somehow fight the imagined crisis could be devasting to their economy, espcecially in light of current world economic conditions.

In order to pass this bill, they have to close the windows and ignore the uninvited testimony to the case against global warming hysteria and forget that this is not just one anomaly, but a continuation of such that began last year and some the year before. The unwanted evidence is literally “piling up” in dispute of global warming. This is a fact not being lost on intelligent citizenry, who don’t want to foot the bill or change their lives dramatically just so that the perpetrators can get rich and put on the virtuous appearance of saving the world.

Politicians make fortunes these days and keep themselves in power by generating a crisis then presenting themselves as the solution to the very same.

BUT… John Q. Public is getting wise to them. They know snow when they see it and they have a hard time buying the line that the snow is even caused by warming. What?! Yeah. Experts ARE saying that the early season snows, late season snows, heavier than ever snows, rare cold spells, summer cold spells in the South, IS a product of global warming.

Politicians and Algorites are asking you to believe what they say, not what you see and instinctively know. “Trust in me.”

Uh, NO.

And remind us again of the danger of global warming, if it produces snow and cold weather?

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Don’t Forget the Int’l Crisis Biden Promised – October 29, 2008

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Before voting, Americans should remember that Joe Bumbling Biden guaranteed an international crisis within six months to test a newly elected Pres. Obama, that would cause citizens to lose confidence in his ability to respond appropriately.

Reuters is reporting that Russia will visit Chavez in Venezuela with six naval ships and conduct exercises in the Caribbean during the American election. That’s scary enough, but Monday, they also reported that Igor Konashenkov, Russian Land Forces spokesman, said they will also look at “ways to strengthen relations between the Russian armed forces and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba.”

The delegation will be in Cuba from Monday until November 3, Konashenkov was quoted as saying. Reuters could not immediately reach Konashenkov for comment.

In the past few months, Moscow has stepped up contacts with both Cuba and Venezuela, another South American critic of the United States.


In 1962, Cuba became the focus of the deepest crisis of the Cold War after the Soviet Union installed missiles there, prompting a standoff with Washington. The island’s government remains hostile to the United States.

This was young and inexperienced, newly elected Democrat Pres. John F. Kennedy’s test. JFK was a war hero, suffering injury, but had only served a short time in Congress before running for president.

Like the young, inexperienced Democrat presidential candidate, Barack Obama, JFK advocated progressive taxation (a milder form of wealth redistribution), the extension of social welfare and more low-cost public housing. Sound familiar?

Russia in Cuba and the Caribbean during the American election, knowing that the whole world expects BHO to win, may be just the right circumstance, in Russia’s mind, to execute the Obama test. Let’s hope and pray not because Bumbling Biden has already warned us that BHO won’t handle it in a way that generates our confidence.

We can avoid the whole ordeal by voting for experienced war hero, military trained stable John McCain.

There is no more time to do nothing.

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Warmed globe freezing early again – October 29, 2008

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Global warming is raising its head again this year bringing near-record cold and moutain snow blown by strong winds in North Carolina. Fifteen degrees below normal for late October is a strange occurrence for a warming planet, but not unlike the unseasonal cold temps and blizzards of last year, which began too early in the fall and ran too late into the summer.

The fifth game of the World Series had to be postponed due to a winter storm dumping snow with high gusty winds above 50 mph across the Northeast. The early winter conditions swept into the Deep South, dusting Jackson, KY with snow and dropping temps to 38 degrees in Little Rock, ARK.

Houston, Texas is experiencing a freeze warning on October 29, something that ususally doesn’t happen until December or even January. Once in a great while, it may get really cold in November. Last year, Houston had a freak cold front in July, bringing rare summer sweater weather at night.

How cold would it be if the planet wasn’t dying of global warming? Hmmm. Just maybe it’s not.

It’s time to contact your elected officials, once you know who they are, and tell them not to support global warming measures, especially cap and trade.


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SOCIALIST HYPOCRITES! – October 28, 2008

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“The truth is, in order to get things like Universal Health Care and a revamped Education System, then SOMEONE is going to have to give up a piece of the pie so that SOMEONE ELSE CAN HAVE MORE.” Michelle Obama

Who is the “someone” that GIVES UP a piece of the pie?

I would never go to my next door neighbor’s house, knock on their door, and after they answer, hand them my medical bills and ask them to pay them or demand that they pay them for me. I would never drive to a rich neighborhoood, pull up in the driveway of an expensive mansion, ring their doorbell and demand that the owners pay for my medical expenses.

I can’t believe that 50% of Americans would either. That’s what Obama’s plan will do, except that the government will go for you and allow you to remain anonymous to your benefactors. In other words, you can sit in the car while the gov’t knocks on their door and collects the money for you. IT’S THEIR MONEY, NOT YOURS OR MINE!

If you didn’t work for it, you don’t deserve to get it.

Michelle’s view is wrong. She believes that it’s a zero-sum condition; that the people earn the money and it all belongs to the gov’t to distribute as they see fit, so that all people are equal, no matter who worked longer hours or harder, no matter who spent the time, energy and money to get a college degree for a better paying career and who didn’t, no matter who got strung out on drugs and can’t keep a job and who didn’t, etc. You get the picture.

It’s always unfair to try to equalize the earnings when the efforts to earn aren’t equal.

If Barbara Striesand has a great singing voice, she will make a lot of money. If I can’t sing as well as she can, I’m not going to make as much money. Is she obligated to give a lot of her earnings to me so that she and I will be equal? I don’t think that is fair.

Happily, it’s not a zero-sum game. We get the gov’t out of our way and off of our backs and create an atmosphere where everyone can pursue the career of their choice and work as much as they want for the kind of return they want. Some will be happy with less because they don’t care about riches (money and stuff) as much as others. Some want to be very wealthy and will work for it. Others may make unwise decisions in their lives that cost them in the long or short run. Let’s give charity to those who have worked hard and encountered an unavoidable catastrophe like a major hurricane, earthquake, tornado, flood, etc.

Everyone can work and earn their own pie and there’s no limit to the number of pies that can be created and enjoyed. That’s democracy and capitalism. We can create more opportunities, start more new businesses, create more jobs, and create more wealth. Each person can have the opportunity to create their own wealth. There’s no limit on how much wealth can be created.

Michelle and Barack Obama think that there should only be one pie with a finite amount of money in it. They want to take everyone’s earnings, put it in the big government pie, cut the pieces in sizes they choose and serve to those they deem worthy. If you’re a good earner, you will contribute to the pie and get little served back to you. Rather, they will continually take more and more from you. Those that are not good earners will get more and more served to them until the pie is all gone and the pie makers are drained.




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Obama’s been planning wealth redistribution for years. He recognized that it would be too difficult for the courts to accomplish and believes it’s an administrative task. A president’s task, maybe???

Hear it in his own words on a 2001 radio program.

Visit YouTube at


Email this youtube link to everyone you know!

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Dreamy Obamaworld Fantasy President – October 26, 2008

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At the Albert E. Smith Charity Dinner this year, Obama said, “I was actually born on Krypton and sent here by my father Jor-El to save the Planet Earth.”Of course, this was said in jest and drew guffaws from his adoring fans.But it may not be too far from the truth.

Obama wrote an intimate auto-biography, Dreams From My Father, which gives voters a window into his soul, heart, mind and thought process.He’s revealed a soap opera mentality, a flightiness with frequent bouts of “wondering, fraught with looking into people’s eyes and assigning a feeling to the bearer, based on his own life experiences.This is a scary mindset for a president whose decisions will affect the safety, prosperity and freedom of all Americans and who will hold the nuclear football in his hands.

Scott Fornek, Political Editor, Chicago Sun-Times September 9, 2007

Barack Obama and his half-sister Auma didn’t meet until they were in their 20s, but both have said they immediately clicked when she first came to visit him in Chicago in the 1980s.

When he picked Auma Obama up from the airport, Barack Obama knew “somehow, that I loved her, so naturally, so easily and fiercely, that later, after she was gone, I would find myself mistrusting that love, trying to explain it to myself,” he wrote in Dreams From My Father.

The future presidential hopeful wrote that he noticed something in his half-brother’s eyes“something that reminded me of young men back in Chicago. An element of guardedness, perhaps, and calculation. The look of someone who realizes early in life that he has been wronged.”

Obama has said publically that he would sit down and talk with America’s enemies.Here’s how it might go:

OBAMA:“I noticed something in Ahmadinejad’s eyes that reminded me of young men back in Chicago.An element of guardedness, perhaps, and calculation.The look of someone who realized early in life that he has been wronged.Somehow, I trusted him, so naturally, so easily and fiercely.But later, after Ahmadinejad was gone, I found myself mistrusting him, trying to explain it to MYSELF.

McCain is solidly grounded in reality.He will draw from his training in the Naval Academy, his service in the military during the Vietnam War, his torture as a POW, his service in the U.S. Senate, his experiences as a son, husband and father, his service on many committees, his service with many presidential administrations, his visits to many countries and their government officials all around the world and his countless conversations with citizens all across America.Before he makes any decisions, he will look at our enemies’ past actions vs. their past promises, how they treat their own people and neighbors and their governing style (dictator, Socialist, Marxist, Communist, Islamic radical or lover of democracy).

Obama lives in a fantasy of his own making.He’s a dreamer with a soap opera mentality.

DON’T VOTE FOR OBAMAWORLD.DON’T VOTE FOR OBAMA’S UTOPIAN DREAMS, for your dreams will take a back seat.Your dreams will be much harder to achieve while Obama is “spreading your wealth”.



The way Barack Obama describes his oldest half-brother in his
book, Abongo (Roy) Obama inherited their father’s hard-drinking ways but straightened his life out by embracing Islam and his African heritage.

“Abongo’s new lifestyle has left him lean and clear-eyed, and at the wedding, he looked so dignified in his black African gown with white trim and matching cap that some of our guests mistook him for my father,” Obama wrote in Dreams From My Father.

(That explains his fascination with Sarah Palin’s campaign wardrobe!)

An accountant, Abongo Obama also argued that the black man must “liberate himself from the poisoning influences of European culture,” Obama wrote. “But the magic of his laughter remains, and we can disagree without rancor.”

Here’s something from Obama’s book not so lyrical, not so magical.

Hussein Onyango Obama worked for the white oppressors during the period of colonial rule in Kenya, first supervising road crews and later working in a white man’s home, after a two-week walk to Nairobi.

Obama’s grandfather also served as cook for a British officer during World War II.

After hearing his step-grandmother’s account, Obama writes that he was shattered, wondering whether his dead grandfather was an “Uncle Tom. Collaborator. House n—–.”,BSX-News-wotree…

This resounds with the attitudes screamed from the pulpit by Obama’s former pastors at Trinity United Church of Christ and friends, Farrakhan and Pfleger. I hope he’s overcome those attitudes. Perhaps he has. It’s been years since he wrote this book.

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House of ill repute – October 23, 2008

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Congress has been run by Democrats for the last two years. They have an approval rating much lower than that of President Bush, 9%, the lowest in our history. The House of Congress is run by Dem. Nancy Pelosi and the bills are passed by a Democrat majority. The Senate is run by Dem. Harry Reid and the bills are passed by a Democrat majority. The ridiculous 9% approval rating should be called the 9% disgrace rating.

Now what does this 9% rating reflect? It directly reflects on how the Democrats are running the House and Senate and the bills they are or are not passing. The House and Senate control the country’s purse. Who is doing the spending that runs up the deficit? Pelosi, Reid and the Democrat majority. Nothing can get passed or spent without their vote. Who adds billions of dollars of pork to unrelated bills? The Democrat majority, Reid and Pelosi. Remember, nothing gets passed or spent without their vote.

You can’t blame Republicans because they don’t currently have enough votes to pass anything which determines the spending. Let’s say a Republican wants to add pork to a bill that will cost th taxpayers a lot of money. Chances are good to excellent that the Democats won’t agree with the Republican’s goals. They will vote against it and the bill will not pass. Therefore, you can lay the blame for pork spending upon the Democrats.

Now why will Americans vote for the Democrats, put them back in office, give them the checkbook again, hand them the power to block drilling for oil here and keeping the oil revenues flowing to our enemies? Why will Americans vote for the same people who have a 9% disgrace rating?

Rep. Barney Frank (D) and Sen. Chris Dodd (D) presided over the committees that had oversight and should have prevented the subprime mortgage meltdown, but didn’t. Why would Americans return them to those jobs? Democrats are in very large measure to blame for our economic problems. Why reward them by returning them to office?

Obama has shown no sign of being better able to handle our economy. No economic training, education, or experience. No record of proposing bills or solutions to improve our economy. When the so-called worst crisis since 1929 popped up, Obama continued campaigning and said, “Call me if you need me.” That’s how relevant he felt he was to finding a solution. Not relevant at all. No ideas. No concern. “Call me IF you need me.”

In other words, “ya’ll can handle it without me.” AND I AGREE!


VOTE NObama.

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