Climate Change/Global Warming NOT Man-caused

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Marbie’s Blog has written extensively about the global warming, then climate change, myth, taking the position that it is not caused by the activities of  humans, nor industry.  Earth’s climate fluctuates, affected by the activities of the sun, such as the eleven-year solar cycles, and Earth’s own systems.  See explanation of solar cycles here:

In the seventies, some people argued that Earth was COOLING and we had to do something about it before it was too late.  Dreaded deadly dire straits!  ICE AGE!  Pres. Obama’s current science advisor, Dr. John Holdren, even suggested shooting soot (particle pollution, according to the Lung Association) into the atmosphere. Gads!  I’m thankful they didn’t convince enough people to actually do such a terrible thing.  But don’t breathe a clean sigh of relief just yet.  Holdren still believes in climate change and wants to do the same thing, but this time, to combat WARMING! God save us all.

(Does Pres. Obama know that his global warming advisor has flipped from believing the Earth was cooling? Does he know that Holdren suggested shooting soot into the atmostphere?)

Here’s an article that can’t be improved upon. Information I wish everyone knew:

“North Pole Sees Unprecedented July Cold – Arctic Sees Shortest Summer On Record”

Help inform others. This administration intends to burden the U.S. with expensive regulations that rob us all of freedom and hampers business, harming the economy.

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Technologically competent science has discovered:

Any credible change to the level of non-condensing greenhouse gases doesn’t have, has never had and will never have significant effect on average global temperature.

GW ended before 2001.

AGW never was.

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