The 9-12 Project – March 19, 2009

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While Rome burns, Nero is fiddling and having a great fun time.

Obama stated on the Jay Leno show that he is practicing his bowling and improving his score in the White House bowling alley. (Mr. President, Rome is burning!)

Appearing on the Jay Leno comedy show (Mr. President, I don’t see anything funny right now.)

Picking the winning team in the March Madness Basketball tournie. (Mr. President, I’d be more comfortable if you were figuring out a winning solution for our economy.)

Travelling all over the country and the world ever since he took office. (Mr. President, when are you ever in the Oval Office working on America’s pressing issues?)

Giving lavish, expensive parties in the White House every Wednesday night, with entertainment like Earth, Wind and Fire, hundreds of guests, $100/lb beef, etc. (Mr. President, America is broke and can’t afford you.)

Working on a children’s book version of “Dreams from My Father.” (Mr. President, the children can’t vote, so work on the economic problems of America, please.)

Visit the 9-12 Project. Read the articles. Watch the videos. Take action.


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