The Second Civil War! – March 18, 2009

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1,500 bags of pork rinds were sent to a Kentucky radio station for delivery to Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office in an effort to show Schumer that Americans DO care about the pork spending of Congress.

If you don’t call Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office and tell him what you think of his performance as Senator, then you may be missing a golden opportunity to make the real change that’s needed in America today.

Washington, D.C. Office – 1-202-224-6542 or

by web based email –

This is another most important part of the ongoing American Tea Party. The taxpayers have to flood the politicians’ offices with feedback until they can no longer ingnore us.

Sen. Schumer is the one who called the hard-working American taxpayers who oppose the wasteful pork spending “the chattering class.” That shows his disrespect for the very people he depends on for his own salary. It’s time he got a pay cut and demotion. He’s been up there too long. He feels more like a powerful ruling class than a servant of the people he is supposed to represent.

Schumer arrogantly said that hard-working over-taxed Americans don’t care about the pork spent recklessly by Congress.

“And let me say this to all of the chattering class that so much focuses on those little, tiny, yes, porky amendments, the American people really don’t care.”

At that time, he was talking about the massive spending bill which included $400 million for STD/HIV prevention, $75 million for anti-smoking programs and $50 million for the arts, just to name a very few. Right here, I’ve mentioned a total of $525 million, which was only a drop in the stimulus bill bucket and Chuck said we don’t care about that amount of money or how it is spent.

Now he is yelling and screaming in feigned outrage over $165 million in bonuses paid to AIG employees! What’s all the fuss? Why the outrage over a small fraction of what Chuck called a tiny amount of pork? And yes, this money is pork because AIG acquired it from our government with the complete approval of Chuck Schumer.

Is he outraged because he didn’t get to direct the money to his friends and supporters? He didn’t get to control who received it. That’s the only reason I can think of. Then King Schumer stands on the floor of a house of democracy and declares that the recipients had better return the money or HE will tax them 100%! He will violate the Constitution of the United States and tax every penny of the bonuses.

Chuck Schumer and his ilk believe they are more powerful than our Constitution, Bill of Rights and republican form of democracy. No matter what he says, you can read his actions and learn that he does not believe in “of the people, by the people and for the people.” It’s time for Schumer to go. His views have become dangerously skewed.

Americans, you had better scream as loud and as often as you can by phone, letter and email to every crooked, dictatorial politician in Washington, D.C. You’re in the fight of your life and your children and grandchildren’s future depends on your actions today. This is the second American Civil War, not fought with bloodshed, but fought with will and backbone and determination.


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