Kenyan Politics in America? – March 24, 2009

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Here’s another idea I heard on TV. You can mail a picture of a tea bag instead of pulling the tags off your tea bags.

You can also wear a small tag from a tea bag every day until government gets the message. You can laminate the tag, and pin it on, hang it on a ribbon or chain or make a page of stickers from a picture and stick one on your lapel every day. When you begin to see thousands in your area wearing the tea bag sticker, you’ll realize the strength of opposition to the Democrats’ effort to bankrupt this country.

Make lots of stickers and give them to everyone you know who would wear them. Be an activist. There’s a lot at stake and it’s not likely to shake out by itself in a way that is good for America. Only the people rising up in opposition can make a positive difference.

You must also consider that the current administration has fostered hatred for certain segments of people in the business world and we’re seeing mobs gathering outside their private homes, some making threatening statements. These private citizens did NOTHING illegal. They negotiated the best financial deals they could get with their employers, who could have refused the high bonuses, but didn’t.

Then Congress DELIBERATELY wrote a clause into the stimulus bill that exempted those bonuses that ocurred before February 11, 2009, giving AIG and other companies on the tax dollar dole, the green light to pay them. THANK YOU, Senator CHRISTOPHER DODD! The employees have broken no laws. It was all perfectly legal with the blessings of Congress, who are NOW hauling them before a high and mighty dishonest bunch on the Hill to excoriate them in public. They lit a fuse to a powder keg that they created.

The crooks on the Hill are the ones who should have mobs yelling outside their private homes – not the employees who broke NO laws. Congress is the culprit. But as usual, they blame everyone else. WHEN IS IT EVER APPROPRIATE FOR OUR GOVERNMENT TO FOSTER HATRED TOWARD ANY OF OUR CITIZENS OR TARGET A SMALL GROUP OF PEOPLE WITH A PUNITIVE EXTREME TAX – ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY’VE BROKEN NO LAWS AND CONGRESS WAS COMPLICIT?

Will they be happy when America looks like Kenya – with mobs running the streets and threatening anyone they preceive to be culprits? We MUST vote these people out of office. But the conundrum is who to vote for, if not them. We need honest people with common sense to run for public office – and they will have to be very brave and supported by the rest of us in the face of the liberal media who will come after them. We need to take “the People’s House” back. We need to surrround the “good guys” if they run for office. We need to put the liberal media in their proper place and stop letting them influence elections to the ruination of America.

Right now, we can only refer to the House of Congress and the Senate as “Congress” or “the Obama administration”. But our goal should be to take these institutions back for the people, and at that time, we can once again call them “The People’s House.” That should be our goal today.

Find and encourage good honest hard-working intelligent people to run for Congress and then support them with all your might and resources. We’re in a battle. It’s the modern civil war.

(P.S. Google Kenya’s election news using the term “Raila Odinga.” You’ll learn that Obama went to Kenya and openly campaigned for Odinga. What business did Obama have meddling in the election of another country, as a sitting Senator of the U.S.? Learn what happened when Odinga didn’t win. Riotous, murderous mobs ran the streets, killing, maming and terrorizing the people until the winner of the election created a seat of power-sharing for Odinga – just to stop the killing. Is that what we want in America? Should we be proud of Obama’s involvement or NOT?)


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