Rent-A-Mob -March 25, 2009

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You probably saw news stories about protestors in front of the AIG building and a bus tour to the private homes of AIG employees who received bonuses and whose names were made public, to the endangerment of their wives and children. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the less violent beginning of Kenyan politics in America.

The government created the AIG problem, allowed it to continue, enabled it with protective legislation, lied about that, attacked AIG and its management as if our government had clean hands in the affair, demonized the bonus recipients and then demanded their names, which “somehow became public knowledge. Our government publically attacked a small group of specific citizens who had not broken any laws, but were in compliance with their company and the very government now demonizing them.

As the government continued to fan the flames of discord which they deliberately (I believe) created, ACORN, yes ACORN, rented a bus and hauled its own members and members of the Connecticut Working Families Party, which was co-founded by ACORN, to the homes of AIG employees and their families. They also called a bunch of news reporters to be at the protest. One reporter observed more media present than protestors. This was portrayed as a spontaneous protest by ordinary Americans who are fed up with corporate greed. It was not widely reported that these protestors were recruited and bused by ACORN, another arm of Obama’s political team.

I believe this is all part of Obama’s plan to fundamentally change the American financial system, the health care system, and our form of government, using the same tactics that were employed in Kenya, where he was part and parcel to the furor over the election results. Actively campaigning for the eventual loser, he angered the incumbent government to the point that they asked him to stop meddling. He backed the very guy whose loss triggered mob rule and death. Raila Odinga marched with his supporters and asked them to protest and demonstrate, which they did, murdering, burning and rampaging. (And what was Odinga’s campaign slogan? “Change”! Sound familiar?)

Currently, we handle things in a more civilized manner in the U.S., but how long will that last, in the face of government-led demonization of citizens. It’s very easy for the poor class to hate the rich class, blaming them for the conditions of the poor. If the government backs them up in their assumptions, they will feel justified in their actions and grow more and more angry. Civility can be quickly and easily lost in America. We must stop this now. We must address our government every time they engage in this unhealthy and bogus behavior and expose the actions of groups such as ACORN. The Clintons used “rent-a-mob successfully during their terms in office rather routinely. Let’s not allow this to go unchecked.

Those of us who love America and the principles that made our country great, must take every action possible right now, because this won’t be the last manipulation of public sentiment in the Obama administration. He has four years to wreck this country and that, I believe, is his plan. Create a crisis and then give powers to the government to solve the crisis. D.C.O. (Washington, D.C. Obama) and T.C. Tim (tax-cheat Timothy Geithner), use crisis to grab more power for the government and D.C. O. pulls that power from the government departments into the White House, under his thumb. (Pretty much what Hugo Chavez has done in Venezuela.)

D.C.O.’s point man, Eric Holder, has said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” They silence their opposition by calling them “conspiracy theorists”, as if that was a bad thing. It isn’t, when there really is a conspiracy and the public needs to be made aware of it. They also mock and ridicule their opposition rather than deal with the facts presented to them. D.C.O. is very adept at that tactic.

T.C.Tim is asking for more power right now. The power belongs to the people and no one, not even Congress and the Senate has the right to give our power away without our consent and no one is asking us. The Constitution guarantees the power of self-government to the people, something we’ve been losing rapidly in the last three months. The time to stop this was in November, but since we didn’t, we MUST stop it now.

BTW, it is illegal to put something in someone’s mailbox as you see this lady about to do. I’m assuming no one nabbed her nor demonized her for breaking the law. Remember, AIG bonus recipients broke NO laws.


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