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While everyone’s debating the government take-over of America’s health care system, it should be noted that Obama appointed Nancy Ann DeParle as his health care czar.  Who is she?  Visit  MSNBC is hardly a right wing news org.  They’re the home of Chris Matthews who gushed that listening to Obama speak made chills run up his leg!  TMI!!!

DeParle headed up corporations who were under investigation for engaging in illegal billing schemes, alleged kickbacks, serious violations of federal quality standards, including one company that failed to warn patients of deadly problems with an implanted heart defibrillator.  She ran Medicare for Bill Clinton’s administration. 

“Since leaving her government job running Medicare for the Clinton administration, DeParle built a lucrative private-sector career. Records show she earned more than $6.6 million since early 2001, according to a tally by the Investigative Reporting Workshop.

Much of that corporate career was built at companies that have frequently had to defend themselves against federal investigations. After leaving government, DeParle accepted director positions at half a dozen companies suspected of violating the very laws and regulations she had enforced for Medicare. Those companies got into further trouble on her watch as a director.

Now she’s back in government as a leading voice in deciding the shape of health care reform. Named by Obama in March as director of the White House Office of Health Reform, making $158,000 a year, DeParle is the point person in pushing for the administration’s plans for changing health care and the ways Americans pay for it — changes in which her former companies have a great deal at stake.”  Fred Schulte, Investigative Reporting Workshop, American University,  MSNBC Online

Does Obama know ANYONE who is honest?  Do you see a pattern here?   Everyone he appoints to his cabinet or a czar position has a dishonest or shady past, didn’t bother to pay their taxes or is some kind of radical with beliefs that run afoul of American values.  Perhaps he identifies with them more than with the rest of us honest, hard-working tax-payers. 

He recently said in a televised press conference that he believes pediatricians choose to remove children’s tonsils  when it isn’t really necessary, to make more money.  (I don’t believe that.)  Pediatricians don’t operate, so they won’t make the money, unless Obama was suggesting that they get kickbacks for every surgery they set up for a surgeon.  DeParle would know more about kickbacks than our pediatricians.

It’s clear that Obama will use the health care overhaul or take-over to punish doctors and put them in their place, as he sees it.  He has attacked insurance companies, placing blame on them for our health care problems, but didn’t he bail out AIG with millions?  They supported his candidacy and  Sen. Chris Dodd, Democrat., wrote the exemption in the bailout bill that allowed the huge bonuses to be paid to AIG executives.

Pay attention to all of the “studies” being done on obeisity and how it affects our health care costs.  The government will use the Obama plan to affect people’s behavior and place extra tax burdens on those who are obese by his administration’s standards.  That means that you will be scrutinized and records will be kept on your weight, what it should be, and what you must do about it.  What will become of freedom, individual liberty and the right to privacy?

They will increase taxes on smokers, drinkers, race car drivers, athletes, people with dangerous jobs, people who don’t exercise, etc., etc., etc.  They are now talking about unhealthy lifestyles costing our system much more.  When they’re looking for ways to cut costs, they will use taxes to modify our behavior. 

What kind of people will Obama appoint to police our lifestyles?  I shudder to think.   Doctors may be required to report unhealthy lifestyles.  It’s the first line of knowledge and Obama health care is all about controlling costs.

Read this article:  The key info here is:

“New research shows that medical spending averages $1,400 more a year for an obese person than for someone with normal weight, the journal Health Affairs reports.

The study by government scientists and the nonprofit research group RTI International says obesity-related health spending has doubled in the past 10 years to $147 billion, USA TODAY reports.

If you love freedom and individual liberty, you’d better fight to keep it, because there is a strong effort to snatch it away by power-hungry people who believe they are smarter than the average citizen.  Don’t make the mistake of trusting these people, because they’ve already revealed the fact that they are unscrupulous.  Just remember the past transgressions and beliefs of everyone Obama has appointed to office. 

YOU should be controlling THEM.  Oh wait!  Isn’t that what the Constitution says?


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