THE FIRST MICHELLE! – January 21, 2009

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I wasn’t the only person who noticed that Michelle Obama didn’t wear her wedding ring to the inaugural balls last night. The “historic” first couple’s first dance at the first inaugural ball on the first day of the first black president’s first term of America’s first historic election of the first black president……” Enough already with the “over the top” “first” and “historic” everything he does. (Remember how the crowd cheered and applauded during a stump speech when he simply blew his nose? Uggg. See for yourself at Anyway, why didn’t the First Lady wear her wedding ring last night?

This was a night to be proud that she’s married to the first black president or any president of the U.S. Her dress was white. What kind of wedding ring would not look wonderful with a white evening gown? Maybe she felt it wasn’t extravagant or expensive enough for her very expensive gown.

Sarah Palin was verbally punished by the same fawning media over the cost of her campaign wardrobe. Will we hear them scold Michelle for the same? Nope. They’ve covered her wardrobe from inaugural day outfit to ball gowns, but only in glowing terms – not one word of dissatisfaction over the expense, which is in a different league all together from Palin’s “working” wardrobe. $1,500 for the outfit Michelle wore that day.

She wore a dress that looked exactly like a black widow spider when her husband won the election and made his “historic” speech. (If you don’t believe this, see for yourself at

Then she left her wedding ring at home when she went to the inauguaral balls. Hmmm. Is she trying to signal her strength apart from her husband? Does she have aspirations of attaining powerful positions in her own right? Were these submliminal messages? She, too is a lawyer, like Barack, Hillary and Bill Clinton. She must have at least thought about it.

She did wear her wedding ring during the daytime inauguration, but that may be because the newly elected president’s spouse holds the Bible he/she swears on. She had to be the wife/spouse for that event, so the ring was appropriately in place symbolizing her position holding that Bible.

Don’t be surprised if Michelle gradually, or perhaps quickly, moves into positions of power and influence, mostly power, in the future. And don’t hold your breath waiting for the news media to publically flog her over the cost of her wardrobe. That’s a sentiment reserved for Conservatives.



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