SOCIALIST HYPOCRITES! – October 28, 2008

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“The truth is, in order to get things like Universal Health Care and a revamped Education System, then SOMEONE is going to have to give up a piece of the pie so that SOMEONE ELSE CAN HAVE MORE.” Michelle Obama

Who is the “someone” that GIVES UP a piece of the pie?

I would never go to my next door neighbor’s house, knock on their door, and after they answer, hand them my medical bills and ask them to pay them or demand that they pay them for me. I would never drive to a rich neighborhoood, pull up in the driveway of an expensive mansion, ring their doorbell and demand that the owners pay for my medical expenses.

I can’t believe that 50% of Americans would either. That’s what Obama’s plan will do, except that the government will go for you and allow you to remain anonymous to your benefactors. In other words, you can sit in the car while the gov’t knocks on their door and collects the money for you. IT’S THEIR MONEY, NOT YOURS OR MINE!

If you didn’t work for it, you don’t deserve to get it.

Michelle’s view is wrong. She believes that it’s a zero-sum condition; that the people earn the money and it all belongs to the gov’t to distribute as they see fit, so that all people are equal, no matter who worked longer hours or harder, no matter who spent the time, energy and money to get a college degree for a better paying career and who didn’t, no matter who got strung out on drugs and can’t keep a job and who didn’t, etc. You get the picture.

It’s always unfair to try to equalize the earnings when the efforts to earn aren’t equal.

If Barbara Striesand has a great singing voice, she will make a lot of money. If I can’t sing as well as she can, I’m not going to make as much money. Is she obligated to give a lot of her earnings to me so that she and I will be equal? I don’t think that is fair.

Happily, it’s not a zero-sum game. We get the gov’t out of our way and off of our backs and create an atmosphere where everyone can pursue the career of their choice and work as much as they want for the kind of return they want. Some will be happy with less because they don’t care about riches (money and stuff) as much as others. Some want to be very wealthy and will work for it. Others may make unwise decisions in their lives that cost them in the long or short run. Let’s give charity to those who have worked hard and encountered an unavoidable catastrophe like a major hurricane, earthquake, tornado, flood, etc.

Everyone can work and earn their own pie and there’s no limit to the number of pies that can be created and enjoyed. That’s democracy and capitalism. We can create more opportunities, start more new businesses, create more jobs, and create more wealth. Each person can have the opportunity to create their own wealth. There’s no limit on how much wealth can be created.

Michelle and Barack Obama think that there should only be one pie with a finite amount of money in it. They want to take everyone’s earnings, put it in the big government pie, cut the pieces in sizes they choose and serve to those they deem worthy. If you’re a good earner, you will contribute to the pie and get little served back to you. Rather, they will continually take more and more from you. Those that are not good earners will get more and more served to them until the pie is all gone and the pie makers are drained.





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