The State of Our Economy, By Someone Who Really Knows – July 27, 2008

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Obama was trained as a lawyer to make convincing cases to juries. Today, the voters are the jurors and they’ve heard a lot of “wonderful” speeches,”promising to fix everything, take care of everyone and end all wars, bringing peace, harmony and prosperity to one and all.

He’s mocked John McCain for saying that he didn’t know “as much about economics” as he does about war. Now McCain didn’t say he knew nothing about economics, just that his knowledge of war was greater. Obama telling his followers that “we need somebody to actually solve the economy”, forgot to mention that he was educated in the law NOT IN ECONOMICS, and as far as I can find, he’s never held a job dealing with economics, nor even run a company. Now where does he get the knowledge or experience to feel superior to John McCain to be POTUS and handle this country’s economy? By the way, you don’t solve the economy.

Obama made a great joke of Phil Gramm’s statement that we are not in a recession and that it is mental, and that John McCain said it is psychological. But if you have been listening to the news media for the entire campaign season, you’ve heard them talking down the economy drastically, calling it a recession or fearing that we are going into a recession or saying that a recession is inevitable. The news media has convinced the average citizen that we ARE INDEED IN A RECESSION. Since we are NOT, then it is all in our heads. It IS psychological. It is our conception, because the news media and the Democrats have drilled it into our heads, and the general population, who hasn’t studied economics, doesn’t know the truth. There are many in the general population who have studied economics and they understand, and are saying, that we are not in a recession.

Obama could say that there is no recession at this time, but he would rather play on the fears of the public and use that to his advantage – which is deceitful. He may not be educated in economics, but he can ask experts and find out. I believe he has, but the answer didn’t suit his pupose, so he’s sticking with the misconception. If he hasn’t asked any experts, then he isn’t ready to be POTUS.

The mocking continued when Obama said, “It’s not just a figment of your imagination. It’s not all in your head.” Mr. Obama, if the numbers do not bear out that a recession exists, then where is it? It’s the conception of the people created by the news media and the Democrats and nothing more. The “expert in economics, Obama” had the crowd cheering when he said the following, “One of Senator McCain’s top economic advisors (Phil Gramm) may think that when people are struggling with lost jobs, stagnant wages, and the rising costs of everything from gas to groceries, it’s merely a mental recession.” He went on and on playing on the fears of this audience without truthfully dealing with facts. However, in doing so, he showed himself to be either deceitful and manipulative, or another politician who hasn’t a clue about ecnomics.

He must know that while people in Michigan are loosing jobs, people in Texas are getting jobs. Michigan has endured six straight years of job losses with at least two more on the horizon. It’s the longest stretch of employment loss in the state since the Great Depression. ( At the same time, Texas “added 262,000 new jobs over the last twelve months.” (, May 16, 2008) “Employment in Texas has soared to all-time highs.” (

As you can see, it isn’t accurate to say that we’re in a recession because some are loosing jobs. Michigan’s job losses are the result of environmentalists embraced by the Democrat Party, stiffling growth through harsh regulation.

The state will lose more than 40,000 manufacturing jobs over the course of this year, nearly 30,000 next year and another 24,000 during 2008, they say. The auto industry will account for about 70 percent of these manufacturing job losses.

“The state economy reflects not simply the fortunes of the auto industry as a whole, but in particular, the well-being of the traditional domestic producers, or Big Three���General Motors, Ford and the Chrysler Group,” Crary said. “From 2001 to 2005, the Big Three’s market share plummeted 7 percentage points. The situation went from bad to worse this year as soaring gasoline prices had consumers tightening their belts and focusing on fuel economy. It now appears that Big Three market share will plunge by nearly 3 percentage points this year.”

Obama stood there as if he was innocent of any involvement in bringing down the economy of Michigan. Yet, if he voted against drilling for oil in America or off her shores, he’s part of problem. If he voted for any law that added much cost to gasoline, like mandates affecting the formula for gasoline, he’s part of the problem. But he brazenly mocked McCain for not solving the problem, which he (Obama) caused. He’s either arrogant or not too bright on this subject. And you can expect prices of everything to rocket sky high if Obama enacts “cap and trade” policies, which he has vowed to do.

What do real experts say about our economy?

Please watch this short video explaining the state of our economy. You need to be armed with facts.

Don’t be fooled. Obama speaks with forked tongue that is highly trained and capable of selling you snake oil, unless you are armed with the facts.

There is no more time to do nothing.


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