The Truth About Gov. Rick Perry

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Decision making in the 2012 election MUST BE MADE ON FACTS NOT RUMORS.  Don’t be led around like sheep. Don’t fall prey to the rumor mill. Be educated. Know the facts. Find reputable trustworthy sources, which eliminates MSNBC,, Huffington Post, The Daily Kos, SEIU publications and Jane Doe’s little blog.  Marbie’s Blog always looks for sources that are credible and recognized as trustworthy with a good track record on accuracy and most importantly provides their sources for the information they publish. 

As the front-runner  in the GOP primary for the 2012 presidential election, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas is taking a real beating. The other candidates who are far below him in the polls have to knock him off to move up because, apparently, their message has been unable to propel them to the top.  Mitt Romney has to attack him, as well, because he took first place, which Romney used to occupy, as soon as he announced his candidacy.   It seems that Romney sees Perry as “the one to beat”. 

The smears and lies and half-truths are being hurled like javelins squarely at Perry with little regard for truth.  How will the voters know what is true and what is false? Here’s a great website by a citizen who has spent long hours researching Rick Perry through multiple credible sources which are listed in the same paragraph with the information so that we can all check out the validity of his presentation.

Bookmark this website and use it to help your family and friends know the truth.  Learn these facts for use in conversations when the smears come up. Some really good people have been misled and will appreciate finding out the truth. You can help.

What good is a president elected on false premises or one that might have made a good president, but was eliminated because of lies?  America is at a dangerous crossroads.


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Cherry Trees of Truth in Washington, D.C

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How poetic!

The colossal lie of global warming has been brutally exposed by record breaking snow storms, blizzards, and record-low temps all around the world.   Winter has arrived earlier and stayed later than normal in the last several years to the consternation of the climate change crowd, busily working like bees in the hive to cover up the truth and manipulate the data to keep the “dream” alive.  But it’s not working.  It seems that God is greater and more powerful than all the politicians and so-called scientists in the world, no matter where they got their revered degrees.

America’s first president, George Washington, was known for his truthfulness and would no doubt be appalled at the lies and distortions perpetrated by the world’s pathetic leaders to gain wealth and power over the common man.  Washington was himself wealthy and powerful, yet refused to accept the offer to become king of the newly formed country of the United States of America.   He understood the value of freedom of every man. 

The cherry tree is the symbol of George Washington’s truth-telling.  The old legend says that he chopped down a cherry tree and when asked about it, he answered, “I cannot tell a lie. I chopped down the cherry tree.”   In the city bearing George Washington’s name, the beautiful cherry trees blooming in spring are a great tourist attraction and bestow an unmatched beauty on the seat of our government.  But they mask a robust ugliness residing in the Capitol building, the White house and the Hart Senate building.   The ugliness of corruption, lying, selfishness and every unseemly behavior known to man.  Scandals abound, but the one that hurts all of us the most is the global warming/climate change scheme.  This one is designed to rob us of our freedom, our way of life, our success, our wealth and our honor.

The symbol of truth, the cherry tree, has been broken, damaged, weighted down by snow in the nation’s power center, as if God was defying their modern day Tower of Babel.

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The Truth is Coming to Universities

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Others are enjoying it.  Why not the truth?

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