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Since the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre, I’m hearing and reading a lot of people asking why this happened, what could have prevented it, do we need more gun control , why did God allow this to happen, why do bad things happen to good people. I’m reminded of what the Bible says. God gave dominion over the Earth to MAN and gave MAN free will. God didn’t allow this, MAN did.

God is just as grieved over this as we are. It breaks His heart to see His creation suffering so much. He doesn’t force His will on mankind, but offers the solution. FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD, THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, THAT WHOSOEVER BELIEVETH IN HIM, SHALL NOT PERISH, BUT HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE. God sent His son to teach us the right way to live, and to die for our sins and MAKE US EACH A NEW CREATURE LIKE HIM.

The people who don’t accept this solution far outnumber those who do. They affect the world we all live in. Strait is the gate and narrow is THE WAY and FEW there be who find it. The solution: Be one of the few and help others find the strait WAY.

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Please join Americans from all across the nation on August 6, 2011 at Reliant Center in Houston, Texas.    

 The solution is recorded in 2 Chronicles 7:14,

“If My people which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

The solution is to turn from our wicked ways and humbly ask God for forgiveness.  If that’s the key, then the crisis must be the result of our sinfulness and must be punishment.  Like any father, punishment is measured and administered for the purpose of teaching that sin has consequences.  America was once a blessed nation and can be again.  TURN FROM OUR WICKED WAYS and SEEK HIS FACE AND FORGIVENESS.  That’s the path for returning to a blessed state and a blessed life.  Teach it to your children and grandchildren for their sakes.

There will be opposition, as always.  No matter how worthy the action, someone always takes issue.  Ignore them.  Let those people remain in stagnation and crisis.  Be one who is coming out and DON’T LOOK BACK.

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The Shroud of Turin on Display This Spring

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The burial shroud of Jesus Christ will be on display this spring from April 10 to May 23 in Turin, Italy.  This is a rare event and will be attended by millions of people from all over the world.  Italians will have to vie for their position in line amidst those who will travel thousands of miles to see the most famous and sacred relic in Christianity.    Officials say they have already received one million reservations to view the shroud including Pope Benedict XVI on May 2.

I’ve been to see the shroud in its reliquary in Sindone Chapel in Turin.   Simply standing in that room, looking up at the glass window through which the silver casket containing the shroud can be seen, with the sun beaming down directly on the gold adornment atop it, is a moving experience to say the least.    There’s a wave of emotion that engulfs visitors amidst the black marble, the larger-than-life statues, the incredible architecture with its magnificent windows in the dome, the gold and silver, the sunlight illuminating the center altar that houses the Shroud.  It’s unlike anything else in the world.  

People are currently weighed down by economic woes, joblessness, earthquakes, illnesses, crime and frustration with our government.  The general population is seeking some kind of relief from depressing situations and bad news.  They quickly embrace the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras, but these are only a temporary fix.  Too soon, the fun wears off and the situation is unchanged.  There ought to be something that really helps and lasts more than a weekend.

After the death and destruction of September 11, 2001, people all around the world, but particularly Americans, were in such pain and shock that they turned en masse to God, praying for comfort and help, flocking to churches, reading the Bible, expressing their faith in God.  They reacted the same way after hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ike.  It’s been reported that revival in Haiti is in full swing.  People are finding great lasting comfort and real help, answers to prayers and even miracles when they turn to God.  But when everything is going well, they work and play and forget God, until the next horrific calamity when the cycle begins again

Events like the display of the Shroud of Turin, the Pope’s visit to America, the debut of the movie, “The Passion”, remind us to keep our minds on God in the good times and enjoy the benefits of comfort, help, and even miracles.  The bad news and depressing situations would have less effect on us and we may even be able to resolve those problems with God’s help and answers to our prayers.  But we get caught up in every day living and forget to stay close to our Creator.

  I’m looking forward to the news coverage of the display of the Shroud of Turin and all the discussion of its meaning, which will include the death and resurrection of Christ.  We need to be reminded.  We need to turn back to the faith of our fathers.  We need the stability of belief in our all powerful God and the principles in the Bible. If you can go to Turin, do it.  You won’t regret it.  If you don’t want to be in a crowd of millions, wait and go the next year.  But keep in mind how inspiring and exhilarating it is to be among thousands of like-minded people in one accord.  It strengthens one’s faith and encourages the heart.  It’s unforgettable and will last far longer than a weekend.  Find other ways and other events to stay connected to God and other people who share your beliefs.  This is what you’re looking for, whether you realize it yet or not.  It doesn’t matter whether men have proven the authenticity of the Shroud or not.  It’s what the Shroud points us to that matters.

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Obama’s Tech Policies

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Larry Lessig – Obama’s Tech Advisor

Follow up to the posts, “Fourth Amendment/Cash for Clunkers Program” and” Cash for Clunkers – A Gov’t Worm Hole”:  Why we should be suspicious of the government disclaimer that any computer logged on to the Cash for Clunkers Program web site becomes the property of the Federal Government and they take all  rights to anything on the citizens’/car dealers’ computers. 

On April 27, 2008, Marbie’s Blog wrote about Larry Lessig, an Obama friend, colleague and Obama’s technology expert/advisor during his presidential campaign.  See the original post below.   

Today, the referrenced web sites have been cleansed of everything  controversial, but I personally saw what I wrote about on April 27, 2008.  Larry Lessig would not be a Christian’s choice, and Obama claims to be a Christian,  and the film maker, Javier Prato, was a self-proclaimed Marxist with Che Guevera faces all over his web site.  All gone today.  His current web site describes Prato as a digital guerilla.

Bottom line for today’s post is that there is reason to be suspicious of the Obama administration’s intentions and possible actions when citizens log on to government computers for any reason, especially in light of the disclaimer posted on the Cash for Clunkers program. 

Glenn Beck, after reporting about the government disclaimer last week, has checked today and the disclaimer has changed to a much less threatening blurb, probably as a direct result of flack from citizen’s who heard Beck’s program.  But does this action ensure our Fourth Amendment Rights will be protected now?   It’s not clear, since Obama is over-riding previous bans on government computers using  tracking cookies to store information about citizens and companies.

“Computerworld – Privacy advocates are raising questions about a proposal to revamp the use of tracking cookies on federal government Web sites.

Under the proposal, U.S. government agencies would be allowed to use single-session and multi-session cookies, including persistent cookies, to track users — as long as security and privacy standards governing the collection and use of tracking information are met. The agencies would have to post clear notice of data collection and allow users to opt-out.”

“If the plan is adopted, it would mark a departure from a policy first put in place in 2000 and updated in 2003that prohibits government sites from using persistent cookies “or any other means” such as Web beacons to track visitor activity, unless agency heads authorize their use. When tracking cookies are used, agencies must conspicuously post the reasons for collecting information, spell out the sort of data collected and detail privacy safeguards.

Privacy advocates have for some time maintained that such restrictions protect site visitors from being tracked and profiled. They have argued that users should reasonably expect privacy when visiting a government site and that any attempt to dilute the protections is ill-advised. Those concerns have grown in recent months, with many worried that the Obama Administration’s espousal of Web 2.0 technologies and social networking tools will affect long-held privacy protections.

Soon after Obama took office, for instance, privacy advocates were up in arms over a White House policy change that permitted the use of tracking cookies in YouTube videosembedded on the Web site.”

Now if you’re deciding whether or not to trust that the Obama administration will not collect, store or use information on your computer, remember the people Obama surrounds himself with.  Remember Larry Lessig and the film he uses routinely in teaching seminars, produced by a Marxist film maker, who calls himself a digital guerilla.


This video is over 61 minutes long. You don’t need to watch all of it. Skip the first 12 minutes and begin precisely at 12 minutes and 14 seconds.


Who is the narrator lecturing to Google company employees?

LAWRENCE (LARRY) LESSIG – Who is Larry Lessig? (April 27, 2008)


Obama’s campaign website calls Lessig one of the industry experts supporting his technology plan. Larry Lessig has worked actively on behalf of Obama, explaining to journalists, Obama’s plan to appoint a technology czar to serve in the White House under the title of chief technology officer. Lessig’s website endorses Obama.

“In August 2006, several people in the audience walked out when Lessig showed the “Jesus Will Survive” video in his keynote address to the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in San Francisco.” Jerome R. Corsi

In the Google lecture, you hear them laughing at the video.  Prefacing the video, Lessigwarns the viewer that it is sensitive, and says, “I don’t know why”.


Obama has said many, many times that he is NOT a Muslim and that he IS A CHRISTIAN.  That being the case, how can he add someone as his campaign aide who has this anti-Christian sentiment and who uses a video depicting Jesus in this horrible way?  I would expect Obama to be just as offended as I am, if he is truly a Christian.   An aide’s religious beliefs don’t have to be in sync with a candidate, but when the candidate is a Christian and the aide is using (multiple times) such an offensive video, that does make a difference. 

For the record, Lessig says he didnt’ make the film, he just chooses to use it in his lectures. There are hundreds of others he could have chosen, but he didn’t.   He chose this one.

The film was made by Javier Prato.  His web site is  When you visit his site you will immediately notice that he has chosen Che Guevera’s picture to represent himself instead of his own and has used that picture repeatedly for his background.  If you’re wondering where you’ve heard Che Guevera recently, it was the controversy over the Cuban Flag and the Che Guevera flag hanging in the Houston, Texas campaign office for Barack Hussein Obama.

Che Guevera was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary terrorist who was involved in efforts to overthrow governments in Guatemala and Cuba. He left Cuba in 1965 to incite revolutions in Congo-Kinshasa, then Bolivia, where he was captured and executed.

Isn’t it odd how the same themes keep popping up in Obama’s camp?

If you decide that this isn’t important, you should know what Wikipedia says about Lessig online at:

“He is best known as a proponent of reduced legal restrictions on copyright, trademark, and radio frequency spectrum, particularly in technology applications.”

“Lessig has known president Barack Obama since their days teaching law at the University of Chicago, and has been mentioned as a candidate to head the Federal Communications Commission, which regulates the telecommunications industry.

What a horrible thought!

According to this Wikipedia article, Lessig, a political activist, decided to focus on political corruption through his wiki, “Lessig Wiki” and has encouraged the public to use it to document cases of corruption.  This sounds a lot like Obama’s call for citizens to rat out their friends and neighbors by emailing the government’s new site

How long before Obama’s Opponents will be forced to wear arm bands bearing the tell-tale “OO” mark???

Of course, that is far-fetched, but his actions and those of his administration, are scary at best.  We need to regain this country’s freedoms. 

 Be vigilant.  Be wise.  Be free.

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