America, Israel, Christopher Columbus and The Feast of Tabernacles

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Columbus’ Ship Nina

Perry Stone, pastor of Voice of Evangelism Ministries, did an excellent job explaining  the beginning of America on a strong Biblical foundation and with strong links to Israel, all of which prove God founded both nations with a purpose.  This isn’t the usual teaching of our founding fathers and the documents such as the Mayflower Compact. This is information seldom ever taught and it’s eye-opening.  Don’t skip it. Watch it first. You will be glad you did.

There’s more.

Christopher Columbus (Cristobal Colon) is believed to have been Jewish, but converted to Christianity.  Many Jews pretended to convert in order to save their lives and property during the Spanish Inquisition, but Columbus seems to have been a genuine Christian.  His letters and the diary he kept on his voyage to America have survived.  In them, are clues to his Jewish heritage and Christian faith.

The Spanish Inquisition was in full force in Columbus’ time, culminating on August 2, the Ninth of Av or Tish b’Av, which is the national Day of Mourning for all Jews around the world. The Spanish Inquisition  was truly a day of mourning for Jews.  (further information: )  On that day, Jews trying to leave Spain clogged the ports, preventing Columbus’ three ships from leaving.   He left the day after on August 3rd.  His voyage resulted in the discovery of America, which became a safe haven and refuge for Jews, who fled to America to escape the many inquisitions and persecutions in other countries.  To this day, America has the largest Jewish population of any nation in the world, more than the nation of Israel, and continues to be Israel’s strongest and closest ally.

Columbus landed on the outlying islands of America on the first day of the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles (Succoth).  It’s one of three major Jewish feasts, of seven, that God commanded they observe annually.  It centered around a temporary dwelling, or “tabernacle,” such as a structure made of four poles and a roof made of palm branches in which the adult males were required to live for seven days.  This symbolizes, as did the tabernacle of Moses that the Israelites carried with them through their forty-year wilderness trek to the Holy Land, the temporary dwelling of mankind on the Earth, before their final dwelling in eternity with the Lord.  America became a temporary dwelling for Jews who always intended to return to their promised land someday. The nation of Israel was reborn May 14, 1948.


This is a sukkah built in accordance with God’s instructions to Moses for observing the Feast of Succoth (plural for sukkah). Succoth is a Hebrew word that means tabernacles, tents, dwellings, used in reference to temporary dwellings.  What does it remind us of?  A manger.

Jesus was not born in a permanent structure for the housing of animals. He was conceived about December 25, likely on the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah, known as the Festival of Lights. Jesus said He is the Light of the world.  He was born during the Feast of Tabernacles.  All adult Jewish males were required to go to Jerusalem and attend ceremonies at the Temple, the Tabernacle of God, where God dwelt among His people. That’s why all the inns were full.  Everyone had built their sukkah for the feast and the males had to inhabit them for a time.  Joseph would have been required as well and found a way to house himself and his pregnant wife in a sukkah.  Jesus was born during the Feast of Tabernacles in a sukkah.   John 1:14 “And the Word was made flesh and “dwelt” (tabernacled) with us.”

Manger of Jesus’ birth

This is clearly a Jewish sukkah built during their Feast of Succoth (Tabernacles). Christians, unfamiliar with Jewish customs, didn’t recognize this fact.   With so much information on the internet, many have come to see the truth.  Jesus’ family was not poor and forced to sleep in a barn built to house animals.  The inns were full of travelers in town for the feast, but it’s also true that Joseph had to stay in a sukkah to fulfill his duty to the law.

The dates of the Jewish feasts are determined by the moon’s positions, thereby causing them to occur on different dates every year on America’s Gregorian calendar.  In 2012, the Feast of Tabernacles began on October 1 and runs through October 7, with Simhat Torah October 8th, and 9th for those celebrating it for two days as many do now.  Columbus Day should be October 12th (every year) but our government changed it to occur on Monday every year so that people could have a three-day weekend off.

America is so linked with Israel that it’s natural to be their closest ally and share the same values.  God  purposed America to be that temporary dwelling for Jews, as well as teaching a greater spiritual truth.  God is in control and designed all that is.

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Obama Re-Run – 2012 – Part 1

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Obama’s runnning again.  Did he keep his 2008 campaign promises?  Were the accusations spot-on?  A re-run warrants a revisiting of his own words and deeds.

And we elected the only person on stage who stubbornly would not salute the American flag.  He looked as if allegiance to this flag as a representation of this country, was no big deal.

A symbol of love and allegiance to America was too great a weight for this weak man.  And how did he show his patriotism?

Is it wise to elect a president who has a low opinion of America?

Does he have allegiance to any country, any one, any thing?

Those were all heads of state.  Why would a POTUS bow to a city mayor?

Was it just because he’s such a gracious person?

How’s this for gracious behavior?

And this?  The POTUS filibustered and there’s no need to watch all of this.  Just fast forward to the time 2:24:22 and watch through 2:27:07.

Sounded like Obama said, “I won, John.  We don’t care what you and your constituents want.”  Gracious or stinging?

Maybe Obama just bows in repect to all heads of state.

It doesn’t seem so.  Great Britain is our closest ally. Don’t they deserve as much respect and grace as Japan?  Doesn’t the Queen of England deserve as much respect as the King of Saudi Arabia?

What about the Prime Minister of Israel, another close ally?

No bows when Obama went to Israel and met Ahud Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu.  What about Netanyahu’s visit to the White House?

Unheard of presidential behavior to a visiting head of state, especially one of our close allies.

Such humiliation from Obama to Great Britain, the Queen of England, Prime Minister Gordan Brown, former Prime Minister Tony Blair and the British people.  NO GRACIOUSNESS.  No bowing.

So what is the conclusion?  Obama doesn’t want to pledge allegiance to America. Obama doesn’t want to wear a U.S. flagpin.  Obama wants to show his patriotism by running down our country and apologizing for America all over the world.  He IS willing, however, to bow to foreign countries, as long as they are NOT America’s closest allies (FRIENDS who have pledged to run to our assistance if we are attacked).

So why does Obama want to be President of the United States?


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Please visit the link below for an update to Marbie’s original post, “Iran, Nukes, Israel and Obama.  Startling situation evolving now.

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Hamas Propaganda Must Be Exposed

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The following article should be widely reported and read by every American.  Propaganda is designed to promote the interests of the rulers of Palestine, namely the terrorist organization, Hamas, and to  hinder the nation of Israel.  America sends millions of dollars in aid to Palestine every year to help the poor imprisoned people, supposedly the fault of Big Bad Israel.  The truth is that Israel only takes the steps neccessary to protect themselves from rockets and terrorists coming from Palestine.  They are not responsible for imprisoning the poor Palestinians.  That’s the actions of Hamas who totally needs poor imprisoned Palestinians to paint a picture of dire straights for sympathy and cover. Don’t be duped.

Every article says that Israel’s blockade is responsible for the plight of Palestine’s poor.  If that’s true, how do they explain the posh shopping mall stocked with luxury merchandise IN PALESTINE?  Is Israel really preventing them from receiving what they need?  How did they get the materials to build that mall?  How did they get the merchandise being sold there?

Most of the new resorts “are owned by members, or associates, of Hamas,” he reported. “In addition, the Hamas municipalities charge high fees, in Gaza terms, for the use of public beaches,”

Last Monday, IDF forces foiled a large terrorist attack when soldiers identified a group of 10-12 terrorists, some on explosive-laden horses, heading towards the border fence undermortar cover fire.  (Palestinians fired mortar rounds to keep Israeli’s busy defending themselves while these explosive-laden horses rushed toward the Israeli border.)

Hamas terrorists fired a Russian rocket into Israel last week.

As Americans, we need the truth and we need to support Israel against terrorists.  Americans don’t support terrorists, especially those attacking our ally.  At least, we didn’t think we did.  We need to stop sending our taxdollars to Palestine to be used by Hamas who continues to keep the citizens impoverished.  Our taxdollars don’t reach the impoverished anyway.  If they did, there would no longer be poor Palestinians.

Enough is enough. Demand that your elected representatives get to the truth.  Send them the truth if they act ignorant of it.  Demand they stop sending our money to terrorists.   Hamas will be forced to support the people to prevent an uprising and stay in power.  If you truly want peace in that region, stop supporting the terrorists.  Stop supporting Hamas.

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Obama’s Favor for Khalidi – May 20, 2009

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Obama Khalidi


The Obamas seated with Palestinian Liberation Organization Leader, Edward Said at Rashid Khalidi Fundraiser

America and Israel are and always have been allies. That means that America has promised to come to Israel’s aid if they are attacked and vice-versa. Israel is the only true democracy in the midst of Muslim, Arab and terrorist-run countries. That’s why they are hated. Muslim efforts to take over Israel have been unsuccessful, but they will never give up.

The Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip are mingled with the terrorist group “Hamas”, who does have a considerable amount of control over their fledging government. Hamas has relentlessly attacked Israel with rockets, killing and maiming innocents almost on a daily basis with a few two-month respites, only to resume again – probably time spent re-stocking their arms supply with Kassam rockets from Russia.

America has rightly sided with Israel demanding that the Palestinians stop firing rockets into Israel until now. Obama recently met with Shimon Peres and Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and took a hard-nosed stand with them, our friends. He pressed Netanyahu to stop the settlers from building homes and businesses in disputed territories saying that is the reason the Muslim countries are outraged and cited this as the reason there can be no peace.

Obama says the problem is that Israeli settlers are building homes. Obama did not say that the problem is Hamas terrorists firing rockets into Israel killing, maiming and terrorizing Israelis. So in Obama-world, it is outrageous to peacefully build homes harming no one, but it is just fine to fire rockets and kill, maim and terrorize.

He called for Israel to throw out the Israeli settlers and tear down their homes. He did not call for Palestine to arrest, prosecute and punish their terrorists. He demanded that Israel treat the Palestinians better!

Israel has had to close the border between them and Palestine to prevent homicide bombers from entering and blowing up pizza parlors, night clubs and buses full of innocent citizens, including babies and children. Palestinians who wish to enter Israel can do so after the IDF checks them for bombs and other hidden weapons. Obama called for Israel to remove restrictions which he thinks are oppressive. Most sane people think that bombing is oppressive and checking everyone entering Israel from the bombing capital of the region is absolutely necessary.

This latest attack occurred in the town of Sderot while the Mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, was touring the town with the father of IDF soldier, Gilad Schalit, captured and held by Hamas for years. Obama didn’t publically demand that Hamas release Schalit immediately and stop kidnapping Israelis. He did say that the situation in Sderot was unacceptable, according to an article in The Jerusalem Post on May 19, 2009.…

Rather than stand up for Israel like an ally should, Obama sympathizes with Palestinians. Could it be because he has been very good friends, for many years, with Rashid and Mona Khalidi who actually worked for the PLO, Palestinian Liberation Org., a group of terrorists then led by the infamous killer, Yassar Arrafat of Egypt? You really should read about Khalidi, Obama’s good friend at Obama once said that he and Michelle have eaten many good meals at the home of the Khalidi’s.

The Obama administration, read that Obama the King, intends to force Israel into an untenable situation making Palestine a state and opening borders so they can cross into Israel at any time. Israel has been slapped in the face by her once ally, the U.S.

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Ties Between Obama and Col. Ghadaffi – August 24, 2008

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Birds of a feather flock together. You can judge a person by the friends he/she keeps.Pastor Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s mentor for twenty plus years, accompanied greats like Jessie Jackson and Louis Farrakhan on a trip to Libya where they visited Col. Muammar Qhadaffi in 1984. Qhadaffi presided as a brutal dictator of a terrorist state. In 1988 Libya was responsible for blowing up Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland with a suitcase bomb killing 270 people and in 1989, blowing up UTA Flight 772 as it flew over the North African desert killing 240 people.

“On a 1984 trip to meet with the Libyan dictator (and America’s arch enemy) Muammar Qadhafi, Farrakhan  was accompanied by none other than Jeremiah A. Wright.”   Definitely read this article.

When you think of Wright, Farrakhan and Jackson sitting down with Qhadaffi for a conversation of any kind, remember the following video:

(Remember that Qhadaffi is thought to be a nut, literally, and is known to lie and get the facts all wrong.  Don’t believe what he says.  Do your own research on any topic that he discusssed.)

Obama Sells Chrysler to Italy and Col. Qhadaffi

Should anyone be surprised that Pres. Obama was silent about Qhadaffi and the uprising in Libya?  Obama was quick to condemn Mubarek of Egypt, who kept the peace with Israel and prevented Iranian warships from travelling through the Suez Canal to cruise the Mediterranean and dock near the Israeli border.

Stranger yet, Obama sold war weapons and hardware to Egypt like no one before him, then called for Mubarek’s overthrow? Was he worried about who’s hands these weapons would fall into or against whom they might be used?   Suspecting that a Mubarek (peace keeper with Israel) might be replaced with die-hard Israel haters someday, the arms sale at alarming levels is more than puzzling.  It’s downright frightening, especially for Israel.  They must feel “sold out” by their old ally, America.  Perhaps they’re right. Read about the arms sales to Egypt – the quantity, the calibre.

There is no more time to do nothing.

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Eight Teens Killed in Jerusalem Religious School – March 07, 2008

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A gunman went into the crowded library at the Mercaz Harav seminary in Jerusalem and opened fire with a Kalashnikov assault rifle killing eight teens and wounding nine, before another student, Yitzhak Dadon, shot him twice in the head, wounding him. An off-duty officer who heard the shots ran in and killed the Palestinian, who had been living in East Jerusalem and carrying a blue Israeli ID card. The gunman had several clips of ammunition. A second gunman may have escaped and security has been raised in the surrounding areas.

About 80 students had been preparing for an upcoming Jewish holiday before the gunman ran in firing.

Witnesses say:

“We saw young guys, 15-, 16-year-old guys lying on the floor with their Bibles in their hands, all dead on the floor because the terrorist guys went inside the place and killed those eight or nine young guys who were only here learning in Jerusalem.”


“The whole building looked like a slaughterhouse,” Dadon told the Associated Press news agency. “The floor was covered in blood. The students were in class at the time of the attack.

“The floors are littered with holy books covered in blood.”

Some Israelis have called for peace talks with Palestine to end, but Israeli officials say they will continue.

The Palestinian Hamas movement hailed the attack as “heroic” as hundreds of people poured into the streets of Gaza to celebrate the shootings.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas condemned his Hamas rivals – who are in control of Gaza – for hailing the attack.

President Bush led “a global chorus of outrage” Thursday at what he called a “barbaric and vicious attack” on a Jerusalem school, while foes of the Middle East peace process rejoiced. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Britain, France, the European Union, Canada, Israel and Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas condemned the strike, while Bush assured Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of full U.S. support. (CNBC online)

But an emergency session of the UN Security Council failed to agree on a condemnation of the attack because Libya blocked it, objecting to the term “terrorist” being applied to the gunman. Libya was allowed to join the UN Security Council last year after the U.S. dropped its opposition. (CNBC online)

The article at the link below was posted Feb. 21, 2008 before the attack on the Jerusalem religious school. It’s clear that some recognize that a President Barak Obama would be hazardous to Israel and American citizens living in Israel. And it is prudent to recall that Barak Obama’s twenty-year pastor and close friend has visited Libya’s Khadafi with anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan. His sympathy with the Palestinians is well known.…

While John McCain has not been the staunchest conservative, he is not sympathetic to terrorists.

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