Global Warming Fallacies – Polar Bears Not Victims – Shocker Series

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Global warming did not kill the polar bears.  That’s the finding of the Interior Department’s investigators looking into the work of biologist Charles Monnett.

Read the details of that investigation and its implications at:

Charles Monnett’s current position is that he never stated that global warming was melting the ice caps and killing polar bears.

“We never mentioned global warming in the paper,” Gleason told the investigators, according to the transcript.

“But it’s inferred,” responded investigator Eric May.  “That’s why the world took it up as a global warming tangent.”

Gleason told investigators that reaction to his and Monnett’s paper was overblown and spun out of context.

But did he ever speak up and correct the record when Al Gore, inventor of the internet,  used his study to promulgate a hoax on the world?  Not so you would notice!  Did he take to the microphones and dispute the falsehood in the Inconvenient Truth when it won an Oscar for best propaganda film (or was that “documentary film?)? It never made the headlines if he did.  Did he get with his colleagues in the scientific community and discuss what to do about non-scientist Al Gore distorting what he did say in his paper when Gore won the Noble Prize for fictional science (or was that the Peace Price?)?  Few, if any, heard about that meeting if it did take place.

So while defending himself, there is little or no evidence that he did anything to dispel the myth that propelled Gore’s scheme which would have limited our freedom, taxed our earnings, and interfered with our successful lifestyles, based on a lie.  Integrity is crucial to scientific study results. Truth should be the desired result, rather than a politial agenda.

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Two More Frauds in Global Warming – August 04, 2008

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Richard Branson, the very wealthy founder of Virgin Air and other ventures, but more recently, Al Gore’s green, green pal, promising to drop over a billion euros to tackle the global warming hoax, has been called out. Read the following article describing Branson’s scheme to play the old Al Gore shell game, moving his own money from his left hand to his right hand, making more profit and taking credit for saving the planet.… YOU MUST READ THIS ARTICLE.

Now here’s another such story.

Florida Power and Light charged its customers an additional $9.75/mo. to participate in the Sunshine Energy Program contracted out to Green Mountain Energy Co. based in Austin, TX. Green Mountain claimed to offer customers an affordable way to reduce their carbon footprint and use renewable energy, solar power.

Following an audit of how the money was spent, Florida put their collective footprint on the backside of Green Mountain, booting them out. The audit revealed that only 24% was actually spent on the services and the rest was spent on administration, salaries, marketing (to increase their paying customer base) and public relations.

Same thing Al Gore does. Same thing they all do. Promote the global warming hoax to build a customer base, reap millions of dollars, and use a portion of it to promote their companies and sweep in more customers. It’s a cycle of sweeping up customers for the purpose of raking in millions and millions of dollars. Everyone involved in the global warming scam that I have researched does this very same thing. They promote a bogus world threat and capitalize on it. They’ve created their own industry – a giant money machine. The bad news is – you and I foot the bill. Our only true carbon footprint is the one we make “footing the bill”. Our footprint is greener than theirs – a green money footprint.

Write McCain and Obama and ask them why they have fallen for this scam and whether or not they have genuinely studied it. Better yet, send him the research revealing the fraud taking place. I don’t believe McCain has spent any time studying climate change. I think Obama has found a way to make his own money from it, because he is adamant about instituting cap and trade as soon as he is president, if elected, and he’s from Chicago politics where the only US cap and trade exchange exists.

Put your red footprint on the back sides of every politician that forces global warming expenses on you, the consumer. Just say “NO” to global warming, climate change, cap and trade. Say “YES” to common sense and TRUTH.

There is no more time to do nothing.

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