Feds Crack Down On Illegal Immigrants in Chicago, But Nowhere Else!

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While it’s well-known that Obama has no intentions of securing the border and has sued Arizona to stop them from securing their section of the border, it is not as well-known that John Morton, head of I.C.E., has instructed their officers to focus on terrorists and felons, and release all other illegals.  Read the article below.


“New guidance telling U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to focus on apprehending terrorists and criminals has many of ICE’s rank-and-file agents wondering who then is responsible for tracking down and detaining the millions of other illegal border-crossers and fugitive aliens now in the country.”

They also have considered NOT processing any illegals referred by Arizona.


:A top Department of Homeland Security official reportedly said his agency will not necessarily process illegal immigrants referred to them by Arizona authorities.”

This begs the question:  If the Feds don’t process illegals and they won’t allow the states to process illegals, who WILL?  What becomes of the millions and millions of illegals here?  Rumors abound that Obama plans to unveil his amnesty plan sometime in August, just in time for November 2, 2010 elections.  Millions of new voters beholden to Democrat Obama.  Be ready.  Contact your representative and tell him/her that you oppose amnesty just in time for this election.  It strongly resembles vote-buying with our tax dollars.  In fact, it seems quite underhanded.

Some are wondering how American cities will be able to deal with the expense of illegals and the crime committed by illegals.  Chicago has that problem under control.  THE FEDS ARE CRACKING DOWN ON ILLEGALS IN CHICAGO AND IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS – THE PRESIDENT’S HOME TOWN, AND THE HOME STATE OF MOST OF OBAMA’S WHITE HOUSE ADMINISTRATION.  The rest of us can suffer, but Obama and staff will get relief. 


Immigration crackdown for Illinois

Feds to step up enforcement

May 19, 2010|By Oscar Avila, Tribune reporter
The Constitution requires and guarantees “equal protection under the law”, which means that immigration law must be enforced equally across America. 
This administration does not follow the Constitution, nor does it enforce anything equally.  The time has come to make a “CHANGE” in America, beginning November 2, 2010. 
The dumb thing is that I.C.E. stands for IMMIGRATION and Customs ENFORCEMENT!!!



“The National Council of the American Federation of Government Employees issued a letter stating that a unanimous vote of no confidence had been cast against Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director John Morton and ODPP Assistant Director Phyllis Coven.”

Read more: http://nosheepleshere.blogspot.com/2010/08/skewering-ices-john-morton.html#ixzz0wGw4xora
John Morton appeared on the Fox News Channel’s “Greta Van Sustren” program tonight and denied any plans for amnesyt, adding that he, Obama and  Sec. Janet Napolitano do NOT favor amnesty,  He stated that I.C.E. is serious about enforcement and will not grant amnesty.
Amazing in light of the past, especially the recent past actions and non actions, and words of this administration.  What are you going to believe – your eyes or what they tell you to believe?
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Black Panthers Intimidate at Polling Place

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Meet the Black Panthers’ Samir Shabaz.

This is hate speech, which is a crime.  He’s inciting hatred and suggesting his listeners kill whites and their babies.  But…he was not arrested, nor prosecuted for this.  What would have happened to a white man saying those things about African-Americans?

He turned up at an election polling place in Philadelphia, PA, in 2008 when Obama was running for president, in full Black Panther garb and brandishing a “billy club.”  Weapons and intimidation at polling places are not allowed, yet Shabaz and fellow Black Panther, Jerry Jackson, stood directly in front of the doors scowling at voters and raising that club in a threatening manner.  News reports quote offensive comments made by Shabaz towards voters.

Shabaz is forced to leave and as he is walking away, he makes a racist statement.

Listen closely.  It comes up immediately.  Turn up your sound.  You may have to listen twice.

The President of the United States does not “rule”.  Monarchs, dictators and tyrants rule.  The POTUS “serves” his constituents.

Obama’s long time friend and advisor, Valerie Jarrett, has the “ruler” mentality.

Charges were filed against Shabaz and Obama’s Dept. of Justice had a slam dunk case, complete with audio and video of the crime, backed up with witnesses.  BUT, someone at the top, Atty. Gen. Eric Holder, instructed the DOJ to drop the charges and ignore this case.  Perhaps that order came down from Obama himself.  At the very least, we know that Obama did NOT call Holder and order him to carry through with it.

Black Panther rule?  Chicago thuggery?

What can we expect to see at the polling places in the 2010 election, which everyone knows is CRITICAL?  Democrats are expected to loose their majority and will no longer be able to jam legislation down the throats of dissenting Americans.  CRITICAL election. 

Who will be standing at the doors of the polling places in November of 2010? 

Are you prepared to bravely walk past them and vote? 

Give this some thought and decide how you will handle this.  Perhaps voters should get groups to go together.  Women should go with men.  Use cameras or camera phones to catch any intimidation. Don’t be caught off guard.  Plan ahead.  Call the police if anyone is giving a threatening demeanor and/or carrying any type of weapon.  Every polling place should have good honest men close enough to escort voters to the doors if needed. 

We can’t let this go unchecked in America.

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It’s time to update this old post about the corruption, greed and hunger for power and control among Progressives now ruling, yes ruling – not governing – the country. The Valerie Jarrett/Barack Obama Crime, Inc/Slime, Inc. operation couldn’t get cap and trade passed through Congress, so as promised, President Obama took up his mighty pen, trashed the Constitution, and by executive fiat, ordered EPA “regulations” (which amounts to laws) that effectively accomplish the first step of implementing cap and trade – the “cap”. In time, when the heavy burden of caps are taking a devastating toll on businesses, they will scream for and demand the “trade” side of “cap and trade” to give themselves an “out”. Otherwise, they will be regulated out of business. Obama and Jarrett are probably counting on this.

Valerie Jarrett: “ready to take power.” “ready to rule on day one”

Yes, she said take power and rule. Not govern. Rule. She means it and Obama has been doing just that.

Now for Obama’s plans for Cap and Trade and it’s effect on the coal industry. Then an eye-opening look at the corruption to gain control, power and money – LOTS AND LOTS OF MONEY.

Marbie’s Blog has been exposing the players behind the global warming/cap and trade scheme for a long time, when very few were aware of it.  Finally, someone with a television and radio show and a large enough audience, has learned about it.  Thank you, Glenn Beck for exposing these crooks and educating the public on what’s about to happen to them, America and the world.  PLEASE WATCH EVERY EPISODE.  YOU’RE THE SHEEP BEING FLEECED!  Don’t follow blindly.

There’s a whole lot more.  This is the tip of the iceberg.  Don’t tire of learning about this, because you need to know who they are and what they are planning.  They’re depending on your pocketbook/bank account to get it done.  They will have all the money and you will have very little.

Who was on the Board of Directors during the formation of the Climate Change Exchange plans? Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett, his top White House advisor and mentor. IF the Chicago Climate Change Exchange made a fortune, might any of that money find its way to the people who made it possible?


In 2000, Richard Sandor founded the Chicago Climate Exchange with a $1.1 million grant from the Joyce Foundation, while Obama was on their board.  Al Gore founded Generation Investment Management LLP and bought a stake in the Chicago Climate Exchange planning to cash in on the projected ten trillion dollar business.  Even after the exchange closed because Congress didn’t pass the climate change laws and the U.S. didn’t sign the Kyoto Treaty, Gore reportedly still made millions, as did Richard Sandor.  Sandor is well known for inventing new markets, particularly derivatives.  His motive is likely NOT saving the planet but making a fortune. One of his successes was the trading of caps on sulfur dioxide, known then as acid rain. He will keep doing this type of trading and creating new markets as long as governments will legislate the caps. He and this slimey crime gang will continuously invent new dangers to legislate and CAP AND TRADE.


AL GORE          Richard Sandor

Valerie Jarrett has been up to her eyeballs in Chicago politics, which has never been a sterling example of honest, decent governing.

This goes deeper than any unsuspecting citizen can imagine.  Do your own research.  Beck’s critics offer no proof that he’s wrong.  They resort to name-calling, but they never disprove anything he says.  It’s quite easy to find these facts on your own.  Marbie’s Blog easily found a lot of this in 2008, before Beck was on Fox News and before he started this series.

Please watch the show.  It’s your country, your freedom, your paycheck, that they’re stealing from you and your children.  This is no joke.  It’s real.  It’s global.  The guilty are screaming like stuck pigs because they’re being exposed and feel that their scheme may be hampered by people armed with the truth and sunlight on their workings.  Americans, don’t sit back and wait for your government to handle this.  Your government is run by these people.  You have to rise up and take back your government.  Be a founding father/mother of restoring America to its heritage.


“Don’t tread on me.”


These people will NOT give up on the dream of climate change legislation.   There’s just too much money to be made.

Further suggested reading:  https://marbiesblog.wordpress.com/2008/06/25/obama-wants-to-close-the-enron-loophole-june-25-2008/


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IT’S RIO DE JANEIRO! Who Really Won and Who Really Lost?

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Olympic athletes, news media, heads of state and visitors from all over the world will be welcomed to Rio by Christ’s outstretched arms in 2016! 


Rio de Janeiro gets the 2016 Olympic Games!


“Now is the judgment of this world:  now shall the prince of this world be cast out.

And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto Me.”

The Bible, St. John 12:31, 32

Radical egotistical prince of this world who is NOT the messiah.

Rio Loves You

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Time Magazine’s Dr. Death Spin

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The article in Time Online, “Ezekiel Emanuel, Obama’s ‘Deadly Doctor’, Strikes Back,” by Michael Scherer, August 12, 2009, seems like a spin control piece by an Obama supporter. If Mr. Scherer would read Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel’s book, The End of Human Life: Medical Ethics in a Liberal Polity, he would know that Dr. Emanuel has very radical views not aligned with main stream America.

Emanuel’s statements and writings have not been taken out of context. That’s the standard defense of anyone who’s been caught by the truth. Case in point, the YouTube video of Obama in 2007 stating that he favors a single-payer health care system in America. He has no defense. He’s caught. He can’t say that he didn’t say it, so he shifts to, “I was taken out of context.” That’s the usual defense when caught.

America should ask the question, “Why does anyone have to decide what kind of care and how much care any other human being is allowed to have?” There’s no need. Keep the government out of our most personal decisions. We’ll make them for ourselves. Then it won’t matter how radical Emanuel is or isn’t.

And as for those awards that are supposed to validate Emanuel’s statements, well, just remember that Yassar Arafat, father of modern day terrorism, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize! Awards mean very little now days.

BTW, Americans should know that Chicago politics has moved to the White House. “No one has leveled with the public about these dangerous views. Nor have most people heard about the arm-twisting, Chicago-style tactics being used to force support. In a Nov. 16, 2008, Health Care Watch column, Emanuel explained how business should be done: “Every favor to a constituency should be linked to support for the health-care reform agenda. If the automakers want a bailout, then they and their suppliers have to agree to support and lobby for the administration’s health-reform effort.”

Do we want a “reform” that empowers people like this to decide for us? Betsy McCaughey, New York Post, http://www.nypost.com/seven/07242009/postopinion/opedcolumnists/deadly_doctors_180941.htm?page=2 Betsy McCaughey is founder of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths and a former New York lieutenant governor.

BE SURE YOU SEE THIS:  http://romanticpoet.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/democracy-alliance.jpg


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BO AND BILL/DAYS OF RAGE – October 08, 2008

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Today is the 39th anniversary of the

DAYS OF RAGE, OCT. 8, 1969,

A CHICAGO RIOT organized by the Weatherman (the Weathermen, Weather Underground, WUO) THAT COORDINATED WITH THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO EIGHT. Bernadine Dohrn and now husband, Bill Ayers, founded the WUO and orchestrated this and other riots and many bombings.

The Chicago Eight were protestors at the 1968 Democrat Convention in Chicago, Illlinois who wound up in jail and indicted by a grand jury. You might remember some of them: Abbie Hoffman, Tom Hayden and Bobby Seale?

During the trial, Black Panther Activist, Bobby Seale yelled out in court, calling the judge a racist, a pig and a fascist dog, and more. Seale had to be bound and gagged in order to proceed with the trial. The law requires that the defendant be present. Soon, the judge had to separate Seale from the trial in progress, and the group became the Chicago Seven. On October 9, 1969, the judge had to call in the U.S. National Guard to control the demonstrators outside the courtroom.

Abbie Hoffman is remembered for his disrespect of our judicial system with behaviors such as appearing for trial dressed in a judicial robe and blowing kisses to the jury, along with Jerry Rubin. Witnesses in the trial included leftist celebrities such as Norman Mailer and Timothy Leary (who promoted LSD and magic mushrooms). At sentencing, Abbie Hoffman suggested the judge try LSD, offering to set him up with a dealer he knew in Florida. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicago_Eight

If you search the internet, you will find that the people involved in these groups and riots had long rap sheets and trafficked in drugs and illegal activities . Ayers and Dohrn ran with drug dealers, thugs and criminals, and even murderers. Now they run with Michelle and Barack Obama. Everyone knows they have not changed their minds about their past behavior and have simply changed their methods of accomplishing the same goals.

The riot was the first public demonstration of the Weatherman.

This was a very radical, left wing anti-American terrorist group founded by Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Mark Rudd, John Jacobs, Jim Mellen, Terry Robbins, Karen Ashley, Jeff Jones, Gerry Long and Steve Tappis. They had been members of other groups, became dissatisfied with their perceived lack of results and split off, forming their own organization. Dohrn was a national leader of Students for a Democratic Society and sought to overthrow capitalism in America.

Here’s where Obama fits in. “The young group allied with the “BLACK LIBERATION MOVEMENT”and other anti-colonial movements to achieve the destruction of U.S. imperialism and achieve a classless world: WORLD COMMUNISM.”

Barack came to Chicago and joined Trinity United Church of Christ, completely steeped in Black Liberation Theology, and settled in like a baby bird in mama’s nest.

Barack espouses many views such as “take from the rich and give to the poor”, redistribution of wealth because it’s not fair if you have a lot more than someone else and that our money should go into the government’s great money pot and be doled out in the form of health care, government controlled education, social security, housing and insurance.

In 1970, WUO issued a Declaration of a State of War against the United States government, and planned to bomb a U.S. military noncommissioned officers’ dance at Fort Dix, N.J. They had intended it to be “the most horrific hit the U.S. government had ever suffered on its territory.” Brian Flanagan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weatherman_(organization)#cite_note-Weatherman-2 (Friends of Barry and Michelle)

Issuing a declaration of war against the U.S. is called treason. Yet Ayers and Dohrn enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in a mansion in Obama’s ritzy neighborhood. BUT Ayers/Dohrn have lived there for many years. It was the Obama’s who moved into Ayers’ neighborhood, with the help of convicted felon, Tony Rezko. Rezko lives in prison.

WUO fought white privilege, as they defined it, and identity politics, a tool which Obama has now engaged in for his own political gain, under the direction of David Axelrod. The field that yielded the most converts was the university campus, as it still is today.

We felt that doing nothing in a period of repressive violence is itself a form of violence. That’s really the part that I think is the hardest for people to understand. If you sit in your house, live your white life and go to your white job, and allow the country that you live in to murder people and to commit genocide, and you sit there and you don’t do anything about it, that’s violence.

They adopted the anti-Vietman War issue and usurped the sentiments of those who wanted peace not war, using violence to achieve it. WUO conducted several riots, attacking police on scene, breaking windows, damaging cars and buildings, and going to jail.

They bombed government buildings such as the Pentagon, along with several banks, police department headquarters and precincts, state and federal courthouses, and state prison administrative offices. This led the FBI to describe their organization as a Domestic Terrorist group. [4][5] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weatherman_(organization)#cite_note-Weatherman-2

Has Obama ever publically stated that Bill Ayers and Bernie Dohrn tried their best to be successful mass murderers? And that to this very day they are not sorry they tried to be mass murderers?

Ayers and Dohrn have not given up, just adjusted their tactics to be more palatable to society. They’ve grown up and learned to be more discreet in their efforts to overthrow capitalism. Bill entered the education field to brainwash teachers, and push them to brainwash the children of America. Ayers and Dohrn can accomplish more out of prison than in prison. They must abandon bombings and murder and be as subtle as the snake that soothingly hums, “Trust in me”.

Does anyone believe that Obama could live in Chicago for twenty-plus years and not find out who Ayers and Dohrn were and are? After he learned, did he continue to smile at and shake hands with these traitors? Yes, he went to their very living room to get their blessing on his political future, and serve with him on the boards of organizations that push Ayers’ goals, and worse, dole out millions of dollars to complete those goals. Obama handed out the money at the direction of Bill Ayers, who tapped him for the job.

Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) – $50 million – Bill Ayers’ foundation

Why did Ayers hand pick Obama? What would have happened to Obama’s political career if Ayers had not blessed it?


[During the debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama] Stephanopoulos then asked Obama to explain his relationship with Ayers. Obama’s answer: The notion that somehow as a consequence of me knowing somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was eight years old, somehow reflects on me and my values,doesn’t make much sense, George.

Chicago is a hot-bed for criminals undermining our government, our economy and our way of life. When violent terrorism did not produce the ground-swell of change hoped for and the radicals realized that they would not be able to operate from inside prison, they hid for years. Ayers and Dohrn waited until the memories of their crime spree died down and then re-surfaced.

But did they remove to a state where they would not be widely known and live out their remaining years in anonymity? NO. They stayed right in the middle of the country’s incubator for movements to over-throw America’s freedom-loving self-governing republic that champions, defends and serves individual achievement and responsibility.

Furthermore, after much soul-searching, where did Barry Soetoro, now Barack Hussein Obama, choose to live in all the world? CHICAGO – HOT-BED OF CIVIL AND CRIMINAL UNREST, ANTI-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES, EXTREME RACISM AND SOCIALISM, MARXISM AND COMMUNISM, the home of Saul Alinksy’s radicalism and Bill Ayers and Trunity U. C. of C. and Jereimiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam and Father Pfleger and ACORN’S LARGEST CHAPTER.

What do all these have in common besides being a big part of Obama’s life? They share a world view that is not shared by most Americans.

The good and honest people of Chicago cannot depend on their votes outnumbering the thousands upon thousands of fraudulent votes thrown into the system. While they are out working to support their families, ACORN is out subverting it, intimidating, threatening, sueing, protesting, copying phone books in the library onto voter registration forms, etc. What are they to do? Now this threat is spreading around the entire nation. ACORN is being investigated for voter registration fraud in at least thirteen states, and that’s all we know about thus far.

From an article by John M. Murtagh, “Fire in the Night: The Weathermen tried to KILL MY FAMILY”, April 30, 2008 http://www.city-journal.org/2008/eon0430jm.html

In February 1970, my father, a New York State Supreme Court justice, was presiding over the trial of the so-called “Panther 21,” members of the Black Panther Party indicted in a plot to bomb New York landmarks and department stores. Early on the morning of February 21, as my family slept, three gasoline-filled firebombs exploded at our home on the northern tip of Manhattan, two at the front door and the third tucked neatly under the gas tank of the family car. (Today, of course, we’d call that a car bomb.) A neighbor heard the first two blasts and, with the remains of a snowman I had built a few days earlier, managed to douse the flames beneath the car. That was an act whose courage I fully appreciated only as an adult, an act that doubtless saved multiple lives that night.

I still recall, as though it were a dream, thinking that someone was lifting and dropping my bed as the explosions jolted me awake, and I remember my mother’s pulling me from the tangle of sheets and running to the kitchen where my father stood. Through the large windows overlooking the yard, all we could see was the bright glow of flames below. We didn’t leave our burning house for fear of who might be waiting outside. The same night, bombs were thrown at a police car in Manhattan and two military recruiting stations in Brooklyn. Sunlight, the next morning, revealed three sentences of blood-red graffiti on our sidewalk: FREE THE PANTHER 21; THE VIET CONG HAVE WON; KILL THE PIGS.

Though no one was ever caught or tried for the attempt on my family’s life, there was never any doubt who was behind it. Only a few weeks after the attack, the New York contingent of the Weathermen blew themselves up making more bombs in a Greenwich Village townhouse. The same cell had bombed my house, writes Ron Jacobs in The Way the Wind Blew: A History of the Weather Underground. And in late November that year, a letter to the Associated Press signed by Bernardine Dohrn, Ayers’s wife, promised more bombings.” John M. Murtagh

I’ve visited Bill Ayers’ web site to read his biography in his own words, in the past. Today, I discovered that it has been removed. See for yourself at http://billayers.wordpress.com/biography-history/. What does this suggest to the average voter?

When asked about Obama’s relationship with Ayers, he says, “This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood, who’s a professor of English in Chicago who I know and who I have not received some official endorsement from. He’s not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis. And the notion that somehow as a consequence of me knowing somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was 8 years old, somehow reflects on me and my values doesn’t make much sense, George.” (Sen. Barack Obama, ABC Democrat Candidates Presidential Debate, Philadelphia, PA, 4/16/08)

Nice try, but it won’t fly!

Obama’s spokesman, Robert Gibbs says, “If you read the article … it says these two men weren’t close, this man isn’t involved in our campaign. Bill Ayers is somebody that Barack Obama said his actions were despicable and these happened when Barack Obama was 8 years old.” (FOX News’ “FOX & Friends,” 10/6/08)

Nice try, but it won’t fly!

Gibbs also tried, “as The New York Times reported this weekend, they served on two boards together during that time period.” (CNN’s “American Morning,” 10/6/08)

Nice try, but it won’t fly!

Obama spokesman, Ben LaBolt said, “they have not spoken by phone or exchanged e-mail messages since Mr. Obama began serving in the United States Senate in January 2005 and last met more than a year ago when they bumped into each other on the street in Hyde Park.” (Scott Shane, “Obama And ’60s Bomber: A Look Into Crossed Paths,” The New York Times, 10/4/08)

Nice try, but it won’t fly!

Obama’s chief strategist, David Axelrod offered, “Bill Ayers lives in his neighborhood. Their kids attend the same school.   They’re certainly friendly, they know each other, as anyone whose kids go to school together.” (Ben Smith, “Ax On Ayers,” The Politico‘s “Ben Smith” Blog, www.politico.com, 2/26/08)

This is the chief lie which the news media ignored. Bill Ayers and his wife have two adult children, Zayd Dohrn, born in 1977, a 31-year-old playwright who authored “Haymarket,” a drama about his parents’ terrorist life-style, 28-year-old Malik Dohrn, born in 1980 , named after Malcom X and one foster son, 28-year-old Chesa Boudin, the son of two fellow terrorists, Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert.

There is no way that Obama’s daughters, ages 6 and 9, ever went to school with Ayers’ sons.

Not even a nice try and definitely won’t fly.

Ayers raised Chesa Boudin because his parents were in jail for:

On Oct. 20, 1981, Sgt. Edward O’Grady, Patrolman Waverly Brown and Brinks guard Peter Paige were gunned down in Rockland County, N.Y. by heavily armed terrorists. The half dozen gunmen, all Americans, were members of the Weather Underground, a faction of the Students for a Democratic Society and the Black Liberation Army, formed from members of the Black Panther Party and the Republic of New Afrika. http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/s_108950.html

When you add it all up, a clear picture forms, like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. Separated and jumbled, we can draw no conclusions. Thanks to the news media in the tank for Obama, that’s where we’ve been for over a year and a half. But now, people are putting the pieces together and getting a glimpse of the real Barack Obama – “BO” – and the real William Ayers – “Bill.”



Once again, Obama is running for President of the United States.  This time, we know what he has done in this office, some of which validates the warnings in Marbies’ posts of 2008, particularly this one.

Obama’s Dept. of Justice, under Obama-appointee Eric Holder, refused to prosecute or allow a trial of members of the New Black Panther Party who brandished weapons in front of the entrance doors to a polling place, an act that was very intimidating to some.  Coupled with their attire, their handling of their night sticks was unsettling to many voters, but especially white voters.  Carrying a weapon to a polling place is prohibited by law, yet these men were not tried nor were they prosecuted, even with video evidence to prove their guilt.


This is proof of Obama’s sympathies, if not outright support of, these groups and their penchant for violence and intimidation.  It lends credibility to the claims that Obama is a friend of these organizations and their members. We don’t know if he has been a member because his records are sealed.

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Obama, by Someone Who Really Knows Him – March 04, 2008

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Todd Spivak is a reporter who has known Obama since 2000 and watched his rise from obscure to Democratic Presidential hopeful and rock star in just eight years. His article is posted on the web site of the HoustonPress. He talks about being stuck in traffic on the Southwest Freeway in Houston and remembering when he first met Obama.

I did not write the following. I’m taking it from Spivak’s own account. I’ve shortened sentences, paraphrased when necessary, left out a whole lot and put in just enough so that you get the picture. It would be beneficial to read the entire article.

Some key moments are:

“During his seven year tenure in the Illinois Legislature, Obama wrote an occasional column for the Lakefront Outlook community newspaper where I worked. In 2004, during his U.S. Senate bid, I profiled Obama for the Illinois Times.” Todd Spivak

Spivak was a young struggling reporter and Obama was a rookie state senator making about $50,000 a year living in a small condo just two blocks away from Spivak.

When Obama is asked now about his legislative record he rattles off several bills he sponsored as an Illinois lawmaker. He expanded children’s health insurance; made the state Earned Income Tax Credit refundable for low-income families; required public bodies to tape closed-door meetings to make government more transparent; and required police to videotape interrogations of homicide suspects. And the list goes on – a lengthy record filled with core liberal issues.

But what’s interesting, and almost never discussed, is that he built his entire legislative record in Illinois in a single year. During six of Obama’s seven year tenure in the Illinois Senate, it was controlled by Republicans. Each of those six years, Obama backed legislation that went nowhere. But in his seventh year, the Republican Majority Leader had been replaced with Emil Jones, Jr., a “gravel-voiced, dark-skinned African-American known for chain-smoking cigarettes on the Senate floor. Jones had served for three decades and represented a district on the Chicago South Side not far from Obama’s. He became Obama’s kingmaker.

Jones called his old friend Cliff Kelley, a former Chicago alderman, and told him he was going to make Obama a U.S. Senator.” And he did. Jones appointed Obama sponsor of virtually every high profile piece of legislation, angering many rank-and-file state legislators who had more seniority than Obama and had spent years championing the bills.

“I took all the beatings and insults and endured all the racist comments over the years from nasty Republican committee chairmen,” State Senator Rickey Hendon, the original sponsor of landmark racial profiling and videotaped confession legislation yanked away by Jones and given to Obama, complained to me (Spivak) at the time. “Barack didn’t have to endure any of it, yet, in the end, he got all the credit”.

During his seventh and final year in the state Senate, Obama’s stats soared. He sponsored a whopping 26 bills passed into law – including many he now cites in his presidential campaign when attacked as inexperienced. It was a stunnning achievement that started him on the path of national politics – and he couldn’t have done it without Jones.

Jones further helped raise Obama’s profile by having him craft legislation addressing the day-to-day tragedies that dominated local news headlines.

So how has Obama repaid Jones? Last June, to prove his commitment to government transparency, Obama released a comprehensive list of his earmark requests for fiscal year 2008. It comprised MORE THAN $300 MILLION IN PET PROJECTS FOR ILLINOIS, INCLUDING TENS OF MILLIONS FOR JONES’ SENATE DISTRICT.

On the stump, Obama has frequently invoked his experiences as a community organizer on the Chicago South Side in the early 1990’s, when he passed on six figure salary offers at corporate law firms after graduating from Harvard Law School to direct a massive voter-registration drive. But as a state senator, Obama evaded leadership on a host of critical community issues, from historic preservation to the rapid demolition of nearby public-housing projects, according to many South Siders. Harold Lucas, a veteran South Side community organizer who remembers when Obama was “just a big-eared kid fresh out of school”, says he didn’t finally decide to support Obama’s presidential bid until he was actually inside the voting booth on Super Tuesday. “I’m not happy about the quality of life in my community,” says Lucas, who now heads a black-heritage tourism business in Chicago. “As a local elected official, he had a primary role in that.”

When the city seized by eminent domain, the 70-year-old Gerri’s Palm Tavern, a historic jazz club that regularly hosted Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Josephine Baker and many others, and forced the Checkerboard Lounge, regularly featuring B.B. King and the like, to re-locate, Obama was silent. Obama’s aloofness on key community issues for years frustrated Lucas and many other South Siders. They believe he was just afraid of making politcal enemies.

Obama inflamed many residents in his old state Senate district last March when he endorsed controversial Chicago alderman Dorothy Tillman in a runoff election. She is best known for once pulling a pistol from her purse and brandishing it around at a city council meeting. Her ward comprised the city’s largest concentration of vacant lots. Just three months before Obama endorsed her, the Lakefront Outlook, a community newspaper ran a three-part investigative series exposing flagrant cronyism and possible tax law violations that centered on Tillman and her biggest pet project. Tillman lost the election despite Obama’s endorsement, which critics said countered his calls for clean government. He told the Chicago Tribune that he had backed Tillman because she was an early supporter of his 2004 U.S. Senate campaign.

This was not a wise decision. It was poor judgment on his part. He was operating like a politician trying to win the next step up.” says Timuel Black, a historian and City Colleges of Chicago professor emeritus who lived in Obama’s state Senate district. Obama has spent his entire political career trying to win the next step up. Every three years, he has aspired to a more powerful political position. Even many of his staunchist supporters, such as Black, still resent the strong-arm tactics Obama employed to win his seat in the Illinois Legislature.

Obama hired fellow Harvard Law alum and election law expert Thomas Johnson to challenge the nominating petitions of four other candidates. He found enough flaws to knock them all off and run unopposed. Of course, he won. “A close examination of Obama’s first campaign clouds the image he has cultivated throughout his political career,” wrote Tribune political reporters David Jackson and Ray Long.

Three years later, in September 1999, Obama was preparing for his first national campaign. He ran for U.S. Congress against the veteran incumbent Bobby Rush, a former co-founder of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party. Rush won by more than 30 percentage points.

Three years later, January 2003, Obama ran for U.S. Senate and cruised to victory thanks to the self-desctruction of his top opponents in both the primary and general elections. The front-runner’s campaign in the primary imploded when his divorce files were unsealed, revealing an ex-wife’s charges of verbal and physical abuse. Obama unleashed a barrage of television ads just before the election, when the other candidates had largely depleted their war chests. He won the nomination. The general election was a repeat performance. Obama’s opponent, Jack Ryan dropped out after a judge ordered that his divorce files be unsealed. Obama spent several weeks running unopposed while Republicans tried to find a new candidate. They finally put up Alan Keyes, whose bombastic rhetoric wasn’t popular. Obama won.

“He’s been given a pass,” says Harold Lucas. “His career has been such a meteoric rise that he has not had the time to set a record.”

A week after my (Spivak) profile of Obama was published, I called some of my contacts in the Illinois Legislature. I ran through a list of black Chicago lawmakers who had worked with Obama, and was surprised to learn that many resented him and had supported other candidates in the U.S. Senate election. “Anybody but Obama”, the late state Rep. Lovana Jones told me at the time. State Rep. Monique Davis attended the same church as Obama and co-sponsored several bills with him, also did not support him. “I was snubbed,” Davis told me. “I felt he was shutting me out of history.”

In a follow-up report published a couple of weeks later, I wrote about these disgruntled black legislators and the central role Senate President Emil Jones, Jr. played in Obama’s revived political life. The morning after the story was posted online, I arrived early at my offices. I hadn’t taken my coat off when the phone rang. It was Obama.

(This conversation you must read for yourself on page 5, the final page of the article.) In a nutshell, Obama wasn’t happy.


If this reporter is telling the truth, then we get a new picture of the real Barak Obama. If he isn’t telling the truth, he will be found out because he names many people who could refute this story.

Just thought you ought to know about this new rock star.


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