WILL OBAMA GET AWAY WITH IT? Birth Certificate Fraud

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Oppose Obama at your own peril!

Did you think the Obama birth certificate controversary was over and settled when the White House posted a document on their web site and all of the media, including Fox News, declared Obama a U.S. citizen eligible to hold the office of President?  If you did, then you would be wrong.  Dr. Jerome Corsi’s new book came out a few days after the White House’s pre-emptive move to squelch interest and severely limit the sales of Where’s the Birth Certificate?  The case That Barack Obama is Not Eligible to Be President. 

The reaction of Fox News is puzzling since they are the only broadcaster to present both sides of any other issue, but in the case of Obama’s birth certificate, they are loathe to entertain the idea that something is amiss.  If Obama is ineligible, Fox News would be just as guilty as Obama, for perpetuating the cover-up rather than investigating seriously with intent to discover the truth.  It would seem that Fox News has chosen to pass up their opportunity to report the NEWS OF THE CENTURYout of fear of being wrong and looking foolish (you know, being one of those ridiculous “birthers”) or more likely, FEAR OF OBAMA’S WRATH!

Obama’s campaign team boasts of its close association with Google and Facebook, and hired Lawrence Lessig, technology guru,   to advise them on campaigning on the internet in 2007/8.  Is it really out of the realm of possibility that this group could forge a birth certificate for Obama?  Of course not.  Is it totally unthinkable that this group would do such a thing to get and keep Obama in the most powerful office on the planet, the power to get extreme left policies in place, the ticket to wealth, fame and power for progressives?  The answer is obvious.

For a more revealing look at Lawrence Lessig, visit  Obama says he’s a Christian, but hired this anti-Christianity guy, who went so far as to denegrate Jesus in public in a vicious way and laughed about it. 

Do these people really have the scruples that would prevent them from executing a lucrative fraud?  There’s no evidence of such scruples.  Did anyone have difficulty believing that Nixon and his team commited fraud and cover-up?  No.  What’s so different about Obama that it’s inconceivable that he and his  bunch would commit fraud for the sake of power, wealth and fame?  Many people have committed great frauds for wealth, but add great power and it’s even more tempting and more likely, especially when there is enough evidence to suspect.

Obama also has the support of gazillionaire, George Soros and a very wealthy Arab, Dr. Khalid Al-Mansour, who is noted for his intervention in  Obama’s acceptance to Harvard.    All the money needed to create a sham biography and cover up the true bio is easily at Obama’s disposal. 

Why all the skeptism and doubt is beyond explanation.  The Congress, the news media, conservatives, Obama’s political opponents, all prefer to go along with the cover-up for two reasons:  supporters to keep him in power, opponents not wishing to look like tin foil hat wearing “birthers”  GOD FORBID SUCH A FATE!.  Opponents fail to recognize who coined the moniker “birthers”.  It was Obama’s supporters in a defensive move.  Why play by their rules instead of truth?  In fact, the democrats and Obama’s team brought up the issue of Sen. John McCain’s eligibility to serve as president based on his place of birth and demanded to see his birth certificate, which McCain happily and QUICKLY produced. None in the media called Democrats or Obama’s team “birthers.”  NONE!

Dr. Jerome Corsi’s book will still be in the public during the 2012 campaign season and World Net Daily will still be investigating and reporting.  Those who are smart enough, will still be proving that the White House document was produced by placing layer of information upon layer of information, to build the bio that fits Obama’s public statements.  A document typed on a 1961 typewriter, then scanned in 2011, cannot be broken into a dozen or more separate layers.  It was produced in one step – typing the info on paper.  Scanning does not produce multiple layers as shown in the many YouTube videos online.  Get the free version of Adobe Illustrator, download the WH document, and see for yourself.

What’s to be gained by covering up Obama’s felony, treason and fraud? 



“In a television interview last October, President Obama accidentally let slip a key element of his political philosophy: “We’re gonna punish our enemies, and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us.”

Obama later apologized — not for the underlying sentiment, mind you, but for his word choice. “I probably should have used the word ‘opponents’ instead of enemies,” the president declared.”

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March on Washington, D.C. “Up to 2 Million?”

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The U.S. media reported that “tens of thousands” protested in D.C., numbers that surprised the authorities.  However, the U.K. press reported up to two million protested.  Looking at the photos and hearing reports from people who were there suggests that “up to two million” seems much more accurate than “tens of thousands.  Of course, it the New York Times meant 100 tens of thousands or 200 tens of thousands, then they may have reported accurately, but played it down considerably.  This protest was an overwhelming statement to the White House and Congress that the sleeping giant has awakened and is taking back their government and their freedom, holding the Constitution and the American flag at the forefront where they belong.

The American media seems to be downplaying the 9/12 march on Washington, D.C.  There can only be one reason:  they’re in the tank for Obama and the Democrats and don’t want to show the uprising of the people against this administration’s bizarre czars, use of force to pass unwanted bills, skyrocketing the nation’s debt, take-over of banks, auto companies,  insurance companies and our individual health care, institutionalizing socialism, and a blatant disregard and contempt for our Constitution, which is the most disturbing of all.

The news media, with the exception of Fox News and some internet-based reporting, has lied to the American people, manipulated facts and omitted anything that didn’t serve Obama and the Dems.  They’ve become an arm of this adminsitration.  They’ve served the left for years, but never before have they been so overt and vicious.

The main stream news media is as much to blame for the negative conditions Americans are facing as the politicians.  Instead of being a watchdog for the people and exposing corruption, they covered it up, put a positive spin on it when someone else exposed it, and vilified the whistleblowers.  They are not ashamed to reap benefits from the left for doing their dirty work.

Americans must demand the truth and nothing but the truth and abandon those outlets who will not provide it.  This tide is already in motion. Fox News ratings are shooting up while the others are dropping like a boulder.  The sooner they change back to real reporting rather than leftist propaganda, the sooner their ratings will recover.  So far, there is no sign of change in the works.  They are going to ride their ships all the way down to the bottom. 

Once they’re out of business, this country will be free to read truth and vote intelligently, throwing out those who use rackets like ACORN  and SEIU.  It will be a great day.  In the meantime, it’s become necessary to protest in front of the headquarters of NBC, ABC AND CBS.  Here are their addresses:

30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, New York 10112
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, California 91521-4551
51 West 52nd St.
New York, New York 10019

If you can personally protest at these media offices, please do.  Take your Tea Party Group, your friends, whoever you can round up and generate large crowds of protestors.  Let these MSM moguls know that you’re not tolerating their dishonesty anymore.  It’s important to show the strenghth of the American citizens to shape their own destiny and not be led around by ABC, NBC and CBS and politicians.

“We the people”  MEANS something in  this country!
Every week, there should be a huge crowd protesting outside of a main stream media office, like the 9/12 march on Washington D.C.  In addition, Americans need to phone and send letters via snail mail and email, to notify these bastions of left-wing propaganda that we’re no longer watching or listening to them and no longer reading their tripe!  When they fire the leftists liars and hire honest reporters who engage in investigative reporting, not just on right-wingers, then we will give them another look.
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Barry Soetoro


Whether or not Obama is a U.S. citizen, I’m surprised at the people who don’t care to be sure of it.  This is a basic Constitutional protection for U.S. citizens.  It prevents our enemies from planting someone in the highest office in the land and protects U.S. from those who don’t have American beliefs from becoming our ruler.  If we allow anyone to usurp the office of the President and don’t even care if he is eligible, then it’s over.  Nothing else will make a difference.

I applaud those who were willing to suffer ridicule to make sure that the Constitution is upheld.  This is just as important to our liberty as any of the amendments.  Whether or not someone is eligible to be our president is just as important as any of the issues we are debating.  We can walk and chew gum at the same time.  We can debate it all.

We all should know by now that “proof” offered by Obama doesn’t necessarily close the case. He’s not known for being completely truthful when he wants something.   Everyone knows how to “Photoshop” documents and Obama hired a technology czar.   His campaign caused a lot of the controversy by giving two different hospitals as his birthplace.   His grandmother complicated things by stating that he was born in Kenya and she was there.

Then Obama refused to release the long form and put this whole controversy to rest.  Why not?  It’s so simple.  He could do it today and everyone would drop it.  Blame him for the life of this controversy.

Those who say that the State of Hawaii has verified that he was born in Hawaii should read their statement again.  All it says it that they have it.  They don’t say anything about his citizenship or place of birth.  In fact, they say they can’t comment on any of that.  They can only give that information to Obama by law.  According to Hawaiian law, he could have been born anywhere and his mother, upon her return, could have filed the information and received a document that certifies that he was born alive.  That’s all if proves.  They had to take the mother’s word for the specific information.  If he was born in Hawaii, then the delivery doctor would sign the long form.  He can release that today and stop all of this.  Why not?

Newspaper birth announcements? Did Stanley Ann Dunham or her parents place them there to create a proper situation for a 17-year-old teenager who became pregnant by a 23 -ear-old Kenyan that she barely knew?  Who knows?  Obama won’t clear it up.

As for McCain’s staff looking into this, I regard that as little proof.  He also thinks he knows enough about cap and trade to be in favor of it.  I wrote him during the election and asked him to really research cap and trade because I was sure he’d be opposed to it, if he knew more about it.  Nope.  He remained in favor of it.  So much for his ability to “look into” something.

The documents we have seen include a school record of Obama from Indonesia where he is listed as a Muslim son of Lolo Soetoro named Barry Soetoro.  I find no record of Obama disputing this document.

I apologize to those who are aggravated by the controversy and want it to die.  I do understand why they would feel this way.  However, I can’t say that I “KNOW” Obama is eligible to be POTUS and that is a shame.

I wrote my Congressman and asked him this question, “Who certifies that a candidate is eligible to hold the office of President?”  His reply to my letter avoided that question.  So who does certify candidates are eligible?  Anyone?  Who certified Obama’s eligibility and on what documents?  Can anyone say with certainty that Obama is eligible?  I can’t.  And I should know without a doubt according to the Constitution.  I want to protect our Constitutional rights.  Just show me the long form and I’ll be happy.

P.S. The Daily Kos admits that one of their frequent commenters forged a BC for Obama as a gag to show how easily it could be done. He was involved in the debate at that time over why Obama refused to release any BC. This forgery had an anomaly on the top near the center. It was a black mark. It looks like someone accidentally touched a black ink pen to it or there was a black spot on the scanner used. Immediately, a BC appeared on Obama’s web site bearing the same anomaly. Coincidence? This was discussed and explained on The Daily Kos which is a very left wing web site.  BC Anomaly

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Hillary Clinton and Obama

Hillary Clinton, as Sec. of State representing the U.S., went to India last week and said the following:

“Yesterday’s bombings in Jakarta, Indonesia, provide a painful reminder that the threat of such violent extremism is still very real. It is global. It is ruthless. It is nihilistic and it must be stopped,” she said.

“We have a great sense of solidarity and sympathy, having gone through what we did on 9/11,” she added.

Her voice rising, Clinton insisted that the U.S. demand for international action against terrorist should not be taken lightly.

“We know how important (it is). We are fighting wars to end the threat of terrorism against us, our friends and allies around the world.” She said India can choose its own way of contributing but must be part of a broader effort to defeat the threat.

“We expect everyone” who shares the U.S. goal of a more stable world “to take strong action to prevent terrorism from taking root on their soil and making sure that terrorists are not trained and deployed” from their territory to carry out attacks elsewhere, she added.”

Just exactly what is the current Obama administration doing to prevent terrorism from taking root here on American soil?  Exactly what strong action is Obama taking to make sure that terrorists are not trained and deployed to carry out their attacks right here in the U.S.?

All I can find is that Obama is releasing them, ordering that they be read the Miranda rights of American citizens (which they are not entitled to because they are not U.S. citizens and have not paid taxes for any privileges here), is closing Gitmo as soon as he finds a place to release the terrorists to, is giving some of  them trials in U.S. courts which requires their lawyers be given secret information and they can’t be convicted because the crime scene was not processed at the time of their arrest (battle field in war), apologizing around the world for America’s wrong-doing, giving fuel to terrorist recruitment groups, releasing photos and documents of U.S. military torturing terrorists (true or not), cozying up to dictators and America-hating leaders, reducing the military budget while giving trillions to everything else, befriending Muslim activists and supporters of Islam – the very religion that attacked the U.S. on Sept. 11, 2001, doing nothing about Khalifah Conferences in American cities (which recruit activists/terrorists), doing nothing about Muslim schools brainwashing generations of children to hate America and Israel.

The Obama administration is allowing –  even making easy, terrorist recruiting, training and funding in this country.  What has Hillary Clinton said to Obama regarding this hypocrosy?  What is she doing in America to comply with her demands of India?  Nothing that I can find!

And let’s not forget that while Hillary is in India saying, We are fighting wars to end the threat of terrorism…” ,  Obama changed the name “War on Terrorism” to “Overseas Contingency Operation!!!!!!!!!”  How absurd!!!!!

It’s “do as I say, not as I do.”  It’s talk for the cameras and sound-bytes, not for U.S. policy and actions.  Remember these things when it’s time to vote again.  Throw out the double-talkers and deceivers.  Put America on the right track. 

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