Mexican says “you’re too white to be an American”.

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Watch this video about supporters and opponents of the Arizona Immigration Law.  It’s eye-opener.

Who is brainwashing people like the lady with the bullhorn making outrageous statements?   People like this must be defeated, not coddled.  Their agenda is not to live together in peace and allow everyone the opportunity to pursue happiness. Notice they are wearing a uniform and brown berets.  Why is that?  Revolutionaries often wear uniforms.  The woman is yelling racist statements like, “You’re too white to be American.  Go back to Germany.  Go back to Euorpe.  This is America.  It belongs to Mexico.  You are thieves.”  (not in chronological order)

There are Mexican groups determined to wrest parts of Texas, California and Arizona from the hands of Americans.  This movement has to be soundly defeated.  Vote for candidates who recognize this.  Remember that John McCain of Arizona was favored amnesty for illegals.  He saw first hand the damage and expense caused by illegals in his state, yet he favored amnesty.  He says now that he does not support amnesty.  How long before he changes his mind again after winning re-election?  If I lived in Arizona, I’d vote for J.D. Hayworth.

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