Black Panthers Intimidate at Polling Place

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Meet the Black Panthers’ Samir Shabaz.

This is hate speech, which is a crime.  He’s inciting hatred and suggesting his listeners kill whites and their babies.  But…he was not arrested, nor prosecuted for this.  What would have happened to a white man saying those things about African-Americans?

He turned up at an election polling place in Philadelphia, PA, in 2008 when Obama was running for president, in full Black Panther garb and brandishing a “billy club.”  Weapons and intimidation at polling places are not allowed, yet Shabaz and fellow Black Panther, Jerry Jackson, stood directly in front of the doors scowling at voters and raising that club in a threatening manner.  News reports quote offensive comments made by Shabaz towards voters.

Shabaz is forced to leave and as he is walking away, he makes a racist statement.

Listen closely.  It comes up immediately.  Turn up your sound.  You may have to listen twice.

The President of the United States does not “rule”.  Monarchs, dictators and tyrants rule.  The POTUS “serves” his constituents.

Obama’s long time friend and advisor, Valerie Jarrett, has the “ruler” mentality.

Charges were filed against Shabaz and Obama’s Dept. of Justice had a slam dunk case, complete with audio and video of the crime, backed up with witnesses.  BUT, someone at the top, Atty. Gen. Eric Holder, instructed the DOJ to drop the charges and ignore this case.  Perhaps that order came down from Obama himself.  At the very least, we know that Obama did NOT call Holder and order him to carry through with it.

Black Panther rule?  Chicago thuggery?

What can we expect to see at the polling places in the 2010 election, which everyone knows is CRITICAL?  Democrats are expected to loose their majority and will no longer be able to jam legislation down the throats of dissenting Americans.  CRITICAL election. 

Who will be standing at the doors of the polling places in November of 2010? 

Are you prepared to bravely walk past them and vote? 

Give this some thought and decide how you will handle this.  Perhaps voters should get groups to go together.  Women should go with men.  Use cameras or camera phones to catch any intimidation. Don’t be caught off guard.  Plan ahead.  Call the police if anyone is giving a threatening demeanor and/or carrying any type of weapon.  Every polling place should have good honest men close enough to escort voters to the doors if needed. 

We can’t let this go unchecked in America.

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3 Responses to “Black Panthers Intimidate at Polling Place”

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I think they could drop the night-stick thing, but I see no overt intimidation of anyone.
Is it a crime to carry a night stick?
Did anyone claim to be intimidated?
I think the Panthers need to get their act together and try to look a little less juvenile.
As to the suggestion …

“Every polling place should have good honest men close enough to escort voters to the doors if needed.”

I suspect that many people think that is exactly what these guys were doing.

These videos don’t show the hours they were there. Witnesses have testified that the Panthers actually tried to stop people from going in and voting and did intimidate them. Witnesses also told of the threats and offensive statements made by the Panthers to some of the voters. The night stick is a weapon and it is illegal to have a weapon at a polling place. The Panthers weren’t there to escort voters in, since they were the only ones trying to prevent voters from entering and voting. The Dept. of Justice had a conviction and was at the point of sentencing when Atty Gen’l Eric Holder told them to drop the case. Pure racism.

It’s important to remember that the video of The BP at the polling place is only 1 minute and 21 seconds. Some people argue that they see no evidence of intimation in these. Remember that these BP’s were at the polling place a long time and only when the reporter showed up did anyone video their presence. There may not be any video of their more blantant intimidation, but there were plenty of witnesses who testified in the case that was brought against these Panthers. The government actually got a “guilty” and a “sentence”. But Obama’s administration ordered that the sentence be reduced to an ineffective level. These Panthers won’t be allowed to return to this particular polling place until 2012, when Obama is running again. Hmmm.

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