The Spill is BP’s. The Devastation is Obama’s!

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It’s Obama’s fault that the residents of the Gulf Coast are in such dire straits because they required the Feds to authorize certain, if not all, remedies, and the Feds dragged their feet for weeks and didn’t give them the authorization. The Feds refused the help offered by other countries and companies and individuals. BP is guilty of the spill, but Obama, who wouldn’t waive the Jones Act, is responsible for the devastation – due to holding off the remedies for weeks.

Obama has now taken authority he doesn’t have, to strong-arm BP into handing over $20 B into a slush fund that the government will dole out as it sees fit.  This is unConstitutional.  The President does NOT have this authority.  BP should pay, had agreed to pay and was already paying claims.  Meantime, Obama was bashing and threatening BP to the extent that its share value dropped significantly diminishing the company’s worth drastically.  This condition threatens BP’s ability to pay every expense.  If Obama was so brilliant, he would speak reservedly, not pandering for personal public favor, being careful not to weaken BP’s position, at least until BP had made all restitution.

We need to remind people that we are a nation of law and we operate, and are protected by, the Constitution. The moment we allow our elected officials to govern by emotion, we are no longer free individuals. Read the following article about BP. It’s very enlightening.


The following article has an update on the payout situation in the Gulf.

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