Congressman Bob Etheridge, (D-NC) Assaults College Student

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Some in public office have forgotten that they work for us and are not privileged royalty. They’ve also forgotten that we have a right to question them. These “PC”s (privileged characters, politically correctors, and I say, poor choices, have also forgotten Freedom of Speech. Oh, and they’ve obviously forgotten the assault laws. Call your Congressman and demand that this man be removed from office.

Representative Robert “Bob” Etheridge, Democrat, North Carolina

Someone should file charges of assault against him and the Ethics Committee in Congress should hold a hearing and impeach him.  The people of North Carolina should recall him and he should resign. 

Imagine if this was a Republican or someone in a Tea party!  It would be the leading story all over the main stream media.

You have to wonder why Rep. Etheridge got so riled up when asked if he supported the Obama adminstration.  Isn’t he proud to say “yes”?  Obviously not.  Who can blame him? (for not being proud of Obama’s admin., not his assault on a young college student)

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4 Responses to “Congressman Bob Etheridge, (D-NC) Assaults College Student”

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Should be arrested for battery and impeached. Can’t we do better than criminals.

No one is safe in this Obama Crazy world now. If this is North Carolina’s best – I never want to go there. They should have pressed charges against that man – shades of the SS………………..

no matter what was said,why is this not assault?.How stupid can a public figure get?

Just like I said on another blog site about this incident…It would have been hilarious if the kid had given him a left hook to the jaw.

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