Pennsylvania’s Governor Doesn’t Represent Pennsylvania

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This has to be discussed again, because Pennsylvania’s Democrat Governor Ed Rendell was on Fox News defending this harsh ‘big brother” ad this morning.  His defense is that the state needs the  money.  Hmmm.  Doesn’t Pennsylvania spend a lot of money on ILLEGAL ALIENS?  Yes, it does, an estimated $700 million PER YEAR!  (,0,3534912.story

Text of Rendell’s speech on proposed Pennsylvania budget:  (Selected excerpts)

“The worst economic crisis of our lifetime has dramatically re-ordered priorities in Washington, in Harrisburg, and most importantly, around the kitchen tables in homes all across our Commonwealth, where families are asking themselves questions that were unthinkable just six months ago:

What happens next? Will I keep my job? Seventy-six thousand, two hundred Pennsylvanians lost their jobs last year. That’s more people than live in the city of Bethlehem. They are asking themselves: Will I be able to find a new job now? How will I pay my mortgage, or heat my home? How will I pay for my children’s college? What happens if I get sick? How will we survive?

For far too many of our fellow citizens, what has happened in the last year has shaken their faith in our economic system, because they’re losing their grip on their own piece of the American dream….

…to address the current year deficit which we project could be as high as $2.3 billion, we cut spending by a half-billion dollars, …

…Expenditures in the budget I propose decrease by point two percent – let me repeat that, in the budget I am proposing, General Fund expenditures decrease by point two percent. In large part this reduction is due to the relief we hope to receive from the federal stimulus package …(Notice he doesn’t say the Gen’l Fund will be decreased by cutting spending.  He attributes the decrease to getting our tax dollars from the stimulus package.)

In assessing our expenditures, it is important that everyone understand that increases are often driven by mandates that cannot be altered in the budget process and we do not control. By federal law, we must pay for increases in health care spending in our programs that provide care to children, seniors and vulnerable families. Our prison population continues to grow in spite of our best efforts to expand alternative sentencing. Clearly this increases Corrections spending, since our collective bargaining agreements mandate a ratio of staff to prisoners so that we run our prisons safely. Our general union agreements include pay increases next year. This obligation alone adds $92 million to our expenditures.  (Increased health care spending is the result of the Democrats’ Health Care Law passed this year, even though states cannot afford it.) 

(States’ prison population is increasing largely due to the increased use of drugs coming across America’s poreous borders.  Sadly for families all across this country, our prisons are now populated to a larger degree by our kids in their teens and early twenties.  Drug use has been glamorized and made acceptable by the entertainment industry, separating the use from it’s dreadful consequences.  Our government will not close the borders and keep more of the drugs out of America and off the streets. Drugs are very accessible to our youngest kids now.  Drug pushers hang around our schools, parks and places where they can find a kid.  Once arrested, these kids now have a felony on their record and are locked up at the time when they should be preparing for their careers and going to college or finishing high school.  Legalizing drug use is not the solution.  Drugs destroy lives and health.  Remember that you and I will be paying for everyone’s health care from now on through our taxes.  The solution is to close the borders and stop the flow of illegals and drugs into th U.S.  This will decrease everyone’s expenditures on social services, drug related rehab services, prison expenses, law enforcement and judicial expenses and health care costs. )

In summary, Rendell’s speech describes cuts in services and education that will affect citizens and cuts in pay for non-union workers, but not union workers.  Seems if you’re a union worker or an illegal alien, you’re okay.  If you’re not in a union or you’re a citizen, well you have to sacrifice to reduce the budget.  There is no discussion of the expense burden of illegal aliens.

What has Ed Rendell said in the past about efforts to deal with the illegal alien problem?

“Referring to attempts to enforce immigration laws, Rendell bellowed:

‘A lot of this is being pushed by politicians who… feed off hate and divisiveness.

The only ones I want to hear speaking up and complaining about immigration are the Native Americans who we screwed.'”

Ed Rendell is not representing the citizens who elected him.  He is defending the illegal aliens who broke the laws of the country and sneaked in  here. They will not suffer the consequences of their illegal actions.  YOU will suffer higher taxes and loss of services in your own country, in order to cater to them.

I hope Pennsylvania will NOT re-elect Ed Rendell.

I’d like to say to Gov. Rendell that America is not going back to 1492 and the illegals are not Native Americans, and this was never their country.  They were born somewhere else.  So you’re statements are hateful and devisive, AND RIDICULOUS.


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