The Myth of “Separation of Church and State”

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Chief Justice John Roberts swearing in new Supreme Court Judge Sotomayor, whose hand is on a Bible, “SO HELP  ME, GOD.”

“So help me, God,”  is heard in court rooms all over America every day and is spoken by judges of the Supreme Court in government buildings, and it is not unlawful.  This began in the earliest days of America’s existence.  Some people have refused to swear on the Bible, and they have not been forced to.  Supporters of “Separation of Church and State” say that proves our founders wanted separation.  This is an incorrect assessment.  “Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion…”  Therefore, they shall not force anyone to swear on a Bible.  “…OR prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” requiring government to allow religion and that includes in government buildings, in government functions, on public property, even in schools.  Government shall not FORCE TO nor PROHIBIT FROM.  That’s quite different from “separaton of church and state.”

Before the Supreme Court of the United States (or any other court in this country) makes any further judgments on the issue of “separation of church and state”, they should be required to read the statements of the very FIRST CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, a man totally involved in the founding of this country, Chief Justice John Jay.  He said on September 9, 1777:

“We should always remember, that the many remarkable and unexpected means and events by which our wants have been supplied, and our enemies repelled or restrained, are such strong and striking proofs of the interposition of HEAVEN, that our having been delivered from the threatened bondage of Britain, ought, like the emancipation of the Jews from Egyptian servitude, be forever ascribed to its TRUE CAUSE, and isntead of swelling our breasts with arrogant ideas of our power and importance, kindle in them a flame of gratitude and piety, which may consume all remains of vice and irreligion.  BLESSED BE GOD.

This man recognized, as did the other Founding Fathers, that this country was founded precisely because God willed it so, and interceded in all manners necessary to insure its survival and success.  If God founded the country, how can anyone legitimately support “separation of church and state.”  The Constitution that our founding fathers wrote and ratified after experiencing the many miracles and interventions of God,  included the express guarantee of FREEDOM OF RELIGION NOT FROM RELIGION.  These men guaranteed that government shall not impose an official restriction or requirement on religion, which is exactly what government is doing today.  The Founding Fathers shouted God’s intervention from the platforms available to them, as well as in their writings, on their monuments and in their speeches.  Their very lives were affirmations of God’s hand at work.  Common sense demands the acknowledgement that these men DID NOT write law contrary to their own beliefs, experiences and statements.

For those interested in the truth, read the original documents and writings of the original Founding Fathers.  See how many of them were actually reverends and pastors and preachers.  Note that church services were routinely held in the halls of Congress, that they called for days of prayer, and that Samuel Adams established the first national day of Thanksgiving to God on Thursday, December 18, 1777, which was devoted to thanking God for his protection, provision, forgiveness and blessings, and had nothing to do with dinner.

Many books have been filled with the stories, details, facts and experiences of the Founding Fathers, the Patriot armies, the colonists, and the churches,  attesting to God’s inextricable presence and actions to secure the birth, success and longevity of this nation.  It defies logic to suggest that these same people then wrote a Constitution prohibiting religion in public places, prohibiting any government entity to be involved in any way with religion or government prohibiting citizens’ expression of religion at government functions or on government property.  And as for religion in public schools, the first schools were started and held in the towns’ churches.

Preachers could preach about the government and its officials, and express a Biblical view of the issues, before 1954, when Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson, running for re-election, faced a tough challenger, Dudley Dougherty, who was supported by a tax-exempt organization, The Committee for Constitutional Government.  This organization produced material which advocated limiting of the President’s treaty-making authority and more importantly, supported Johnson’s opponent.  When Johnson learned of this, he found a way to silence them, resulting in  Section 501 (C) (3) of the IRS code, which now limits what churches can say as tax-exempt entities.

One of the most important freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution is freedom OF religion, prohibiting the government from  making ANY laws governing our exercise and expression of religion.  This was stolen from us in 1954.  WE’VE BEEN ROBBED AND SAT STILL FOR IT.  Silence has not served us well.  We should have marched in the streets and swarmed our representatives’ offices until this egregious law was repealed.

Churches have always made substantial differences in our liberties and the fair and just treatment of our people, an admirable fact until 1954.  Americans will never forget the contributions, tireless work and fearless efforts of a Baptist preacher named Rev. Martin Luther King, who is credited with achieving civil rights for African-Americans, which has spread to all minorities.  Christians fought slavery in the early decades of the newly born United States of America.  Today, Christians are fighting abortion, which kills untold numbers of babies lawfully everyday.  As black slaves were not counted as full human beings, but only as 3/5 of a human, unborn babies in the womb are not counted as human beings.  The 1954 IRS Sec. (C) (3) ban on political speech of churches must be repealed as unConstitutional, and the myth of separation of church and state refuted and abandoned.

For those who are happy with the current loss of religious freedom, consider that governments are run by people, many of which love their position of power, fame, privilege and money.   If the government is allowed to steal one of our freedoms, it can and will steal another.  Any freedom that is seen as a threat to the power and money of its representatives, can and will be taken away.  Lyndon Johnson is one example.  Someday, they will steal a freedom that is important to you.  Freedom of speech?  Freedom to assemble?  Freedom to travel outside of the U.S.?  The Right to Privacy? Freedom to own private property?  Which one of your most prized freedoms is next?

We have lost too much already.  It’s going to be an uphill battle, but we must regain every right, protection and freedom guaranteed us in the Constitution.  Fight Congress, the President, his czars, the EPA, the Federal Reserve, the FCC, whomever is usurping our rights.  Don’t put it off.   Fight for ALL of the guaranteed freedoms, even religion, because yours might be next, and probably will.



On another note:  This nation was clearly founded on Judeo/Christian principles.  There is NO doubt.  It’s well documented, no matter what anyone says.  Barack Obama has no right to declare that this nation is not a Christian nation.  It is and always has been.  He talked about the contributions of the Muslim religion in the founding of this country and that’s a flat out lie. There is no evidence of that.  It may be his design to separate this country from its Judeo/Christian heritage and elevate Muslims, but millions of Americans will not sit quietly for that.  Not again.  We’ve learned our lesson about sitting quietly by while our freedoms, rights and heritage are stolen from us.  NEVER AGAIN.


See, NO BIBLE!  This is the second swearing in at the White House in the map room.  His first swearing in at the inauguration was botched slightly.

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