My Neighbor Broke Into My House Last Night

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Last night, my neighbor broke into my house.  He left a trail of trash and plundered my belongings.   He approached my kids and enticed them to try his drugs.  They did and now they want more.   I cried out to the law to help me and remove my neighbor, who refused to leave.  To my surprise, the lawman told me that  the intruder could stay forever, gave him citizenship, welfare, healthcare and social security.  To my utter shock and  devastation, the lawman turned on me and called me a hate-filled racist and made me pay for the intruder’s expenses to  live in my house. 

Welcome to the new America!

The last man speaking in the video referrences “policy”.  There are many policies in America that I don’t like, that cost me a lot of money and affect my standard of living, BUT I OBEY THE LAW ANYWAY!  Lawbreakers are not sweet people and will break any laws they choose when it suits their purposes, like stealing someone else’s identity, using someone’s Social Security number, getting fake documents, driving without a license, evading taxes, and the list goes on. 

What laws are Americans allowed to break without prosecution, restitution and punishment?  Try evading taxes yourself and see what happens to you.  Try stealing someone’s identity.  Try using someone else’s Social Security number.  Try driving without a drivers’ license for very long.  Try driving without insurance.   Americans are held to the letter of the law.  Some are loosing their homes, as wrong as that is, because of the Eminent Domain laws.   Some Americans have the IRS on their backs, threatening to take their homes and paychecks because they can’t pay the high taxes.

How many lawless people do we want to add to our population?  What will that do to our country?  These people should work to change their own country, not ours.  Every country takes a wrong turn over time and its citizens have to guard against this, work to change this, and make the hard decisions to fight for their country.  Americans are in that place now.  We’re not running to other countries.  We’re staying, standing and  fighting.

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My neighbor broke into my house last night and then demanded that I change the alarm code! These protestors are defending illegal immigration, denegrating U.S. police officers (who are legal citizens and have the legal authority to enforce the law), and demanding that the U.S. open their borders to everyone and have no laws respecting immigration, all the while using the welfare system, the medical system, the education system and birthing their babies here to gain citizenship. It’s got to stop. We can’t afford it and it’s not safe. No other country does that, including Mexico.

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