Pres. Obama Is Drinking Too Much!

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The doctor told Obama to moderate his alcohol intake.

The doctor also told Obama to stop smoking.

We seem to have a president with NO self-control or discipline.   He can’t say “no” to himself.   At his age, he should know how much alcohol is too much, but the doctor thought it important to tell him to  moderate his drinking.  Obama is not an average citizen who can drink as much as he wants and deal with the consequences.  He is the leader of the free world and making decisions that control all the rest of us.  He affects our economy, our freedom, our wars, our relationships with other countries, our response to national emergencies, etc., etc., etc.  He needs to maintain a clear head and sharp mind at all times.  Imagine the president being inebriated when an enemy fires a missile in our direction.  Who would make the split-second decisions that could save Americans’ lives and/or execute a nuclear war?  What if the President had a hang-over when he met with a foreign leader to work out a peace agreement?  A dangerous situation could arise in the middle of the night, the middle of the day, any time at all.  The world never closes while Obama sleeps it off. 

It may be worth noting that his father’s early death was the result of alcoholism.  Barack Obama, Sr. was an abusive, wife-beating heavy drinker who lost his government position because of his alcoholism.   In two drunk-driving auto accidents, Obama, Sr. lost his legs, then his life.  Barack Obama, Jr. should remember this and his own position in government and refrain from using alcohol.

How did Obama’s doctor know that he drank too much?  Did Obama feel like sharing that with him?  OR, more likely, did the doctor see an excessive alcohol level in his blood?

This is a reason for all Americans to be concerned.  We live in dangerous times.  Our president must keep a clear head 24/7.


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2 Responses to “Pres. Obama Is Drinking Too Much!”

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He hasn’t had a clear head since his first week in the White House. He probably drinks even more now with his popularity ratings hitting rock bottom, making him the worst president ever to reside in the Oval Office. Disgraceful to the RED, WHITE< AND BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jimmy Carter , please step aside,you have been replaced

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