The U.S. Is Now Beyond Record Breaking Cold

Posted on February 24, 2010. Filed under: Al Gore, Cap and Trade, Global Warming/Cimate Change |

The Northeast will get slammed by a snow hurricane Thursday and Friday.  This follows several weekly blizzards in the same area.  It’s as if God is targeting Washington, D.C.  to disprove global warming before the EPA can usurp power that rightfully belongs to Congress.  The stubbornness of the Obama administration displayed since the fraud was exposed, may be the reason this storm will hit with hurricane strength.  They won’t budge any other way.

More records are being broken down south with snow covering spring bluebonnets in the usually warm state of Texas.  Those born and raised in Texas are saying they’ve never before seen three snows in one winter there.  The normal is one snow every five to ten years.  Snow used to be rare in Houston, but citizens are beginning to get used to it.

At first, Al Gore’s gang defended their position by saying that there was a concensus between scientists and anyone who didn’t believe it was a “flat earther”.   Now we know there is no concensus and scientists were manipulating the data and hiding the truth.

Then, they defended their position by changing “global warming” to “climate change”.  But when the snows and record cold kept coming, the people didn’t buy it.  Obama stood stedfast in his determination to forge ahead with vast  legislation.   Then Washington, D.C. was buried in snow and the meetings had to be cancelled.

Then more fraud was exposed and key scientists began resigning.  This was the last straw for Congress and the Senate.  Legislation was dead. Copenhagen could accomplish nothing.   Even after scientists began admitting that the polar bear population is increasing, the seas are not rising, no country or island is being covered by water, Al Gore’s hockey stick chart is incorrect, An Inconvenient Truth has multiple flaws and misinformation,  and the temps have not risen for fifteen years, Obama gives the EPA the power to enact the legislation that Congress and the Senate refused to pass.

Soooo, this week, snow and hurricane force wind gusts will hit the northeast and God will speak one more time.


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