Racist Tax and Government Doctors by Democrats!

Posted on December 21, 2009. Filed under: Communism, Constitution, Democrats, Dictator, Freedom, Health Care, Liberty, Marxism, Obama, Obama's Associates & Appointees, politics, SEIU, Socialism, U.S. Government |

News flash.  Fox News is reporting that the Democrats’ health care bill has a 10% tax on tanning beds.  Now who do you think uses tanning beds?  White people!  I’ve never heard of African-Americans or Latinos going to tanning salons to get a tan!  Have you?  This has to be a racist tax!

This health care bill will drive private doctors to leave their practices because of the cuts in their payments.  Earlier, the government took over student loans.  Very few students can pay for their own medical school tuition and most take out student loans.  Now they have to get those medical student loans from the government.  Obama wants to require ten years of service of those who get a student loan from the government.  That results in government doctors.  In effect, the government will drive private doctors out of practice and citizens will have to go to the new government doctors working off their student loans.  After ten years of government service, and the cuts in doctors’ pay, these government doctors will never go to private practice.

Thanks Obama and Democrats for a future government health care and government doctors, with no where else to go.  Can you call this freedom?  NO!

The new health care bill is over 2,000 pages long.  Freedom is one word and takes no pages.  You don’t have to write anything when societies are totally free.  Only when there are restrictions do you have to write anything down.   You have to put in writing those restrictions and conditions that apply.  Over 2,000 pages suggests just how much freedom is being taken from Americans  That’s 2,000 pages of what you MAY OR MAY  NOT DO OR RECEIVE.   RESTRICTIONS OF YOUR FREEDOM –  2,000 PAGES!





http://bulletin.aarp.org/yourhealth/policy/articles/tax_on_plastic_surgery_gets_ax_in_final_stretch.html –  (THIS IS A BULLETIN FROM AARP!)


http://www.nasdaq.com/aspx/stock-market-news-story.aspx?storyid=200912191157dowjonesdjonline000329&title=update-us-senate-health-care-bill-would-add-10-tax-on-indoor-tanning  – THIS IS NASDAQ, THE STOCK EXCHANGE!



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3 Responses to “Racist Tax and Government Doctors by Democrats!”

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If you believe half the anti-Obama chunky vomit that is spewing out of mouths of the bobble heads on Fox News, you need some mental help.

You sound entirely partisan. Do some thinking for yourself. Go find out if there is a 10% tax on tanning beds. It is replacing the original “Botox tax” because plastic surgeons made the case that it would tax people who had serious injuries and required cosmetic surgeries. You’re guilty of the charge you made against me. You blindly follow CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC and CBS without doing your own homework. I know because you don’t know about this tanning tax. I’m not posting your remark because it’s hateful rather than a true debate of the issue.

I changed my mind about posting your comment. People need to know that there are those who don’t even bother to find out what’s in the health care bill. Just vicious haters of Fox and anyone that disagrees with them.

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