Global Warming at It’s Finest – Or NOT!

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Washington State:

WENATCHEE — Long-standing records were shattered as temperatures plummeted around North Central Washington on Sunday and into today.

The Wenatchee Valley set two record lows for Oct. 11: 23 at Pangborn Memorial Airport, breaking the previous low of 33 set in 1990; and 25 in Wenatchee, dipping below the low of 28 set in 1931.

“It’s pretty extraordinary to break records by 10 degrees or more,” said Greg Koch, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Spokane.

New low records were also set in Plain, Ephrata, Moses Lake, Winthrop, Mazama and Omak on Sunday, and more record-low temperatures were expected to be set this morning, Koch said.

This record breaking cold and early chill news heads a long list of the same happening all over the world.  The BBC is asking in their publications, “Where’s the global warming?”  No one will answer.  Al Gore is still out there promoting the same junk science without a stitch of revision, even in light of today’s and previous years’ dropping temperatures and earlier and earlier chills.  He’s not open to questions, shutting off the microphone of a journalist who questioned the errors in his film, “An Inconvenient Truth”, which isn’t in line with the truth.

The facts are that the hottest recorded temps were in 1998 and have cooled ever since.  We’ve seen eleven years of cooler temps, not warmer.  “Warmers” have had to temper their statements with a name change to “climate change”, in the hopes no one will notice that they’ve been dead wrong.

It would be appropriate to call them “changers” now, because change is exactly what they’ve been working for.  Like our “Changer in Chief”, Pres. Obama, they are calling for drastic changes to the way all of us live and how our bank accounts will be greatly changed to the red if the governments of the world have their way. 

The changers are working very hard to produce cash flow, strong and steady, from your bank account to their bank accounts.  Those in government positions are also setting up powerful positions for themselves, stripping away the freedoms of the average citizen.

The American Revolution was all about throwing off repressive powerful government so that people could rule themselves, pursue happiness and have the right to life and liberty.  The changers will most definitely change all of that if we don’t stop them.  This one is a great site to get information on record low temps in the last ten years.

We must convince our elected officials to vote against the Cap and Trade Bill and the Pres. to refuse to sign the Kyoto or any other Treaty regarding climate change.


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