Iran’s Nukes, Israel and Obama

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iran nukes

UPDATE!!  Iran moving warships to surround Israel?

“Israel is “closely monitoring” Iranian plans to deploy warships in the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, Israeli security officials told daily newspaper Yediot Aharonot Monday.”
(Reuters) – Two Iranian warships planned to sail through the Suez canal en route to Syria on Wednesday, Israel said, calling it a “provocation” by the Islamic Republic.
Pres. Obama is reportedly quite casual about discussions with representatives of Israel, particularly, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as noted in the photo released by the White House of Obama on the phone with Netanyahu.  YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS VIDEO NEWS CAST OF NETANYAHU’S VISIT TO D.C.  He will probably not come back while the man-child occupies the Oval Office.  Who could blame him?
Describing Obama’s treatment of Netanyahu as “casual” is being overly charitable to Obama. It was disgraceful, tasteless and exposed Obama’s complete lack of diplomacy and grace.  A statesman he is not. 
It is customary for visits by heads of state to be photographed with our president and a press conference held with the two taking questions from both countries’ media.   Not this time.  It is also customary to have dinner with the head of state.   Not here.  Obama gave a lavish, costly state dinner, recently, for the Communist Chinese leader, Hu, and yet, could not spare the time for our ally, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu.  Disgraceful.  Obama gave all of America a black-eye around the world, who did take note.  Google this topic and see the news coverage in other countries.
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It’s common knowledge that America’s main stream media only reports what is favorable to Obama’s administration and that they use their networks to spread Obama’s propaganda.  So how can Americans be adequately informed on  the real state of Iran’s nuclear weapons program?  By listening to the country with the most to lose from Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons – Israel.   It’s safe to say that they are keeping the closest and most honest eye on the Iranians’ every move regarding nuclear capabilities.  They can’t afford to gloss over any developments or to take on face value any statements made by Ahmadinejad.

The Jerusalem Post online has published a great article explaining what took place recently  in the Geneva talks with Iran, the U.S., and the other countries trying to diffuse a dangerous situation.  Read it and be well-informed.  We will all suffer from nuclear bombs falling anywhere in the world.

“Should a single American or Zionist missile land in our country, before the dust settles, Iranian missiles will blow up the heart of Israel,” Zolnour was quoted as saying by the state IRNA news agency.

“Should Israel take any action against Iran, we will eliminate Israel from the scene of the universe,” Gen. Muhammad Reza Ashtiani said at the time in Teheran.

“US President Barack Obama’s low approval ratings among Israelis must improve for the Israeli-Arab peace process to advance, according to Israel’s envoy to the United States.

Ambassador Michael Oren cited polls showing just 4 percent of the Israeli public believed Obama is pro-Israel, during a speech at the Washington Hudson Institute think tank Thursday. He said that if the Israeli public didn’t trust the Obama administration it would be unwilling to take the steps necessary for a peace deal, and called the survey results “one of the greatest obstacles” to peace-making.”

“Those Israelis who are going to make peace with their neighbors are going to be asked to take immense risks, extraordinary risks with themselves, their families, their children. In order to take those risks, they need to be able to trust the administration. It’s crucial,” he said.”

The two biggest threats to world peace right now are the Islamic terrorists in the Middle East – Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan –  and the threat of nuclear war between Iran and Israel.  Obama is cited as an obstacle to the latter and is stalling on decision-making in the former.  Yet, this man was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize far in advance of any accomplishments in any area of responsibility.

The inevitable will occur.  It’s a question of time.  Iran has no intentions of backing down on their promise to “wipe Israel off the map.”  No one is stopping them.  Netanyahu was elected precisely because Israelis feel very much threatened and previous leaders of Israel were unable to affect a deal with anyone that guarantees safety for the tiny, but powerful Jewish state.  They may have to go it alone and have probably realized it by now.  Obama is pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel.

If you’re a praying person, start now.  We entered a new era when Obama was elected.

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One Response to “Iran’s Nukes, Israel and Obama”

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1. Iran knows it cannot win in any war against Israel.
2. Iran’s statements are conditional, and imply that if they are attacked, then they will resort to nuclear weapons.
3. Nuclear weapons ensure mutual destruction, and neither side can “win” with nukes.

Therefore it is blatantly obvious that nukes are merely a deterrence for any country, and that the risk of nuclear war is entirely overblown, even if Iran had nukes.

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