Earliest Snow Predicted for Chicago Sunday

Posted on October 8, 2009. Filed under: Al Gore, Cap and Trade, Democrats, Energy, Freedom, Global Warming/Cimate Change, Obama |

polar bears


It’s as if God Himself was trying to get through to Obama by dropping the earliest snowfall in Chicago’s recorded history, breaking the record set on Oct. 12, 2006.  Both record early snowfalls occurred in Al Gore’s ten year Armageddon scenario!.

Chicago is Obama’s adopted hometown and the location of the carbon emissions trading exchange. Is it possible that God knows that?  He knows everything.

“Global warming” couldn’t withstand the cold weather appearances all over the globe in the last ten years, so the Gaia worshippers and GW supporters had to change their disinformation strategy to “climate change”.  As if none of us had a brain, they claim that every weather event – hot or cold – proves global warming – oops, I mean “climate change.”

Don’t believe your lying eyes, temperature gauges, unseasonable cold weather, record snows, your own experience or common sense.  Blindly follow the politicians who stand to make millions and billions of dollars and assume powerful positions.  Continue to watch television series and movies made by affiliates owned by General Electric Corp that  hype the climate change myth in an effort to sell their myriad of products and services related to GW.

To do this, we must all “check our brains at the door”.


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