Obama’s Religion: Truth or Deception?

Posted on October 6, 2009. Filed under: Christianity, Muslims, Obama |

Obama wants to set limits for his children by refusing to celebrate Christmas and give gifts to his children???  He has said many times that he is a Christian.  Christians celebrate Christmas as the birth of Christ.  This doesn’t square with Obama’s practice.  He spent about $1,000  on his daughter’s sleep-over birthday party after the family moved into the White House.  He immediately bought them a fort/swing set and a dog.  The girls and Michelle have been dressing quite spiffy with designer clothes and $500 tennis shoes which Michelle wore to a soup kitchen to show her charitble side.  (Good grief!)  He and Michelle flew to New York for dinner on their date night.  (No limits there.)  His excuse isn’t plausible.  It’s just a cover-up.  Nothing in his life suggests that he’s really a Christian, other than his words.  Judge a tree by its fruit.

Obama refused to hold any ceremonies in the White House on the National Day of Prayer, which is a break from the former Presidents’ tradition.  He refused to attend the prayer breakfast, as well, which is also a break from former Presidents’ traditions. 

He has not attended church regularly, if at all, nor chosen a home church since moving to Washington, which is also a departure from the traditions of former Presidents.  His reason?  The media attention would be too much for the church.  Balderdash!  All former Presidents and their chosen churches handled that very well.  There are churches in Washington, D.C. that are well prepared for that and quite accustomed to it.  He just isn’t interested in going.  He’s not a Christian.

Notice the passion and dignity afforded the Muslims and their Ramadan!  Totally opposite the disdain and mocking of Christianity we’ve seen from Obama.  What could this mean?  He mentions his “own Christian faith” which is microscopic, if it can be seen at all.  Listen to how long he goes on and on about Islamic organizations and the Muslim faith. 

The Queen of England is a Christian and the King of Saudi Arabia is a Muslim.  Hmm.  What’s the reason for the difference in bowing practices?  Of course, an American President should never bow to any monarch anywhere in the world.  Why did Obama bow so deeply before a Muslim King and not before a Christian Queen?

Why would anyone suggest or entertain the notion that Obama is a Muslim and not a Christian?  Astounding, isn’t it?  I’m sure that his middle name, “Hussein”, is the only reason.  And maybe,  just maybe, because he was raised partly by a Muslim step-father and atheist mother in a Muslim country until he was ten years old.  Surely it has nothing to do with his behaviors seen in the previous videos.  Obama can’t be responsible for creating the suspicion that he’s a Muslim, or can he?

Since Obama openly states, and repeatedly, I might add, that he is a Christian, then it’s acceptable to compare his statements to his actions.  Judge a book by its content.

If a tree is labeled an apple tree, but oranges grow all over it, it isn’t an apple tree.  It’s an orange tree.

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