Communism – Would You Allow It Here in America?

Posted on September 26, 2009. Filed under: Communism, Democrats, Dictator, Freedom, Freedom of Speech, global governance, Health Care, Marxism, Muslims, Obama, Obama's Associates & Appointees, Political, Socialism, terrorism, U.S. Government |

We can’t afford to wait until it’s clear as a bell that Communism is here.  That will be too late.  We must stop each effort to take our government in that direction, no matter how small the effort.  We must stop them at their first step and their second step, etc.

Do whatever YOU CAN do.


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6 Responses to “Communism – Would You Allow It Here in America?”

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Ha ha ha ha ha ha

That was me laughing.
Now I am as anti commie as anyone could be. I experienced it first hand and fully appreciate its evils. But the notion that communism might make a comeback, and in America is laughable. Pathetic scaremongering notwithstanding, there is no commie threat, its dead and buried. But by listening to some of you one might think we are back in the 1950’s. Its sad in a way, when people with good intentions, resort to such tactics. Get this straight. Modern Western Liberalism has nothing to do with totalitarian communism. You may not like it, but to claim otherwise makes you look like fools. Joe McCarthy would be proud. As would Lenin, Stalin, and their Eastern European servants. They used the same exact tactics. Anyone they disagreed with they called a traitor, reactionary and/or, an agent of the imperialist West. This is no different.

Obama supporters always resort to insults and are so arrogant. Communism is only dead if WE stop it, which we are attempting to do. It may show a slightly different face each time, but the loss of freedom is always the same.

Let me guess, my comment may fail moderation….

Yep, Uncle Joe is smiling somewhere.

Such a know-it-all.

One clue is the people Obama has appointed to powerful positions, mostly czars, but a few in other positions, who are avowed Communists who have never disavowed their Communist sentiments. He’s appointed the most radical persons we’ve ever had in our government – people who would most likely have never made it through a Congressional hearing which is why Obama made them czars and bypassed Congressional oversight – never mind the pesky Constitution. Another clue is Obama’s preference for bypassing the Constitution.

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