Universal Health Care – Obama Intends to Get It Done

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Obama intends to get it done, no matter what he has to do, no matter what he has to say.  He intends to get it done.  UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE.  SOCIALIZED HEALTH CARE.

Here’s the tactics he uses to sway the people. 

He speaks in generalities so that the public projects whatever they desire onto what he said.  They interpret what he means through their own desires.  He speaks in generalities so that no one can take issue with him and he can say that he didn’t say “that”. 

He says what he really means to his left wing, liberal and progressive special interest groups to secure their vote and enlist their help and support.   He’s at home with them and speaks the truth among friends.   When speaking to the general population on the same issue, he waters down his ideas and makes them acceptable to everyone, but keeps his agenda.   He brings the general public along gradually, or so he thinks.

He blames everything on the previous adminsitration and paints himself as just arriving and hands clean, all the while working furiously to strong arm everyone into compliance with his agenda.  Mr. Clean does his dirty work behind closed doors.

When speaking to the American public, he drops his Ivy League speech patterns and gets down to the level of the common man.  Many people fall for that one.  They believe he’s one of them and they trust him.  He is not your average Joe (No pun intended.  Apologies to Joe the Plumber.)  He lives among the rich, like the rich because he is rich.  Read Michelle Malkin’s new book, Cultur of Corruption.  One chapter explains all the ways Michelle Obama made hundreds of thousands of dollars every year after her husband was elected to the Illinois Senate and then more so after he became U.S. Senator from Illinois.

To ensure that his listeners trust him, he evokes their sympathy by telling a heart-wrenching story about  his mother or grandmother dying.  People are supposed to melt and agree with him.  Once he’s back at the White House, it’s business as usual –  hard line progressive, socialist or whatever category it falls into.  But it’s not what the freedom-loving Americans want.

When asked about his previous controversial statements, he claims he is being taken “out of context.”  However, there is plenty of evidence to the contrary.

A particularly disgusting tactic Obama uses routinely is to attack, mock and denigrate anyone and everyone who disagrees with or opposes him.  But, when the shoe is on the other foot and he’s being mocked, Obama is indignant.  How dare they?

A tactic that is particularly deceptive, but not exclusively Obamas’ is that of not calling a spade “a spade.”  The killing of a living human baby in its mother’s womb is not called murder, it’s called “abortion” because that is less repugnant.  The “death panels” in the health care plan are not called “death panels” because that is highly objectionable.  They are there, but they are given paragraphs of soothing descriptions rather than a name that sums up what they will do.  There will be lots of government appointed agencies that decide how to spend the allocated funds for health care.  They will have mandates and restrictions.  When money is tight, they will figure out that it is better, in their minds, to spend the money on younger, more productive people than on older retirees, the infirmed and the end of life’ers.  People will decide to allow some folks to die rather than spend a lot of money on their treatment.  As Obama said to a woman asking about care for the elderly, it might be better to give her mother a pain pill rather than surgery.   That decision should be left to each individual, not a government appointed stranger in another state.  This cannot be called “freedom” by anyone’s definition.

Lastly, Obama  says one thing and does the opposite.

He may have been forced to back off for now, but don’t let your guard down.  He intends to get it done.  He may tack parts of universal health care on the backs of other bills that have nothing to do with health care.  It may be passed in the middle of the night with little media coverage.

Don’t stop attending town hall meetings.  If Obama himself comes to your town, try to go and ask him about his statements in the video presented here.  Don’t accept  the answer that he was taken out of context.  He was not.  He’s said it too often in different places.   Ask him where HIS health care plan is.  (He doesn’t have one.)  Ask him when his discussion panel was ever on C-SPAN for the American people to watch.  Ask him when any of his bills, cap and trade, bail-outs, buying General Motors, and now health care, was ever open and transparent.  Ask him to list all the things that are MANDATORY in Congress’s health care plan and what the penalties are.

This man has lied to get elected, lies to get his agenda passed and lies when he’s asked about anything controversial.  There is no reason to trust him now.  He is saying whatever he has to say to get his agenda passed.  Know this – he intends to get it done, despite the American public.


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