YOU Will Take Socialized Medicine and Like It!

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Obama Pointing Finger

First, Obama has to convince everyone in America that the greatest health care in the world is a “mess.”  It is NOT.

Then he has to convince everyone in  America that someone else, namely his opponents, made that mess.  There is NO mess to be responsible for.

Then he has to scare enough Americans into begging the government to take care of them, as only HE can do it.

The problem Obama is encountering is that most Americans are taking care of themselves and do NOT want the government to get in their personal business. 

Obama wants his opponents to get out of his way and shut up.

Americans want the government to get out of our way and Obama to shut up.

This president has shown in six agonizing months that he has little regard for the First Amendment/FREE SPEECH, including political speech, the Second Amendment/Gun Ownership Rights, The Fourth Amendment/Search and Seizure Protections, has side-stepped the oversight of Congress on Cabinet appointees by hiring czars who report only to him, and has tried to bypass the people’s will by forcing their elected officials to vote on bills they haven’t read, in such a short time as to prohibit our representatives from learning what is contained in the bills they vote on.  All-in-all, a flagrant disregard of the United States Constitution.

This can not be out of ignorance, as the president has boasted many times that he taught Constitutional law at Columbia University.  He simply prefers a dictatorship, or so it seems.  This whole “We the People” thing is getting in his way, making it harder to construct his version of Otopia in America.

We the People will not stand for it.  We will stand for our system of self-government and self-reliance, keeping our freedom which we hold more dear than any “topias”. 

Any person who does not care to abide by the Constitution of the United States is living in the wrong country, for this document will stand as long as Americans have breath in their bodies.  Obama is nothing more than a blip in American history.  The day will come when he is gone from the scene and we will all have to live with the messes he created.  The smartest action to take is to nip it in the bud right now.    Limit the amount of damage this one man can do in four years.  Stand and fight just as tenaciously as any military soldier would in a field of fierce battle.  This is our plight.  This is our fight.

Be vigilant.  Be wise.  Be strong.  Be free.

(The only new American Revolution will be Americans revolting against this administration’s efforts to force socialism or worse on us.)

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