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flag and eagleWhat kind of country is America?  Are we a nation of whiners with our hands out looking for something from somebody?  We never have been.  Are we a nation of losers who can’t take care of ourselves?  We never have been.  Are we a nation of “cradle-to-grave” dependants?  We never have been. 

This is a nation of greatness because Americans are a unique blend of people from all over the world who live here because we treasure freedom and individual liberty.  Not just the “right” to do it ourselves, but the responsibility to do it ourselves – not beholden to anyone.  We do it ourselves.

Yes, we help each other, even complete strangers, but it’s still “WE THE PEOPLE”, NOT THE “BIG GOVERNMENT”.  Americans don’t walk around with their hand out – asking for something from the government.  They walk around with their hand out – giving  to those in need.  We take care of our own and we pull together.  America is the most generous nation on the planet.

The picture being painted of America today is of a bunch of people who can’t take care of themselves and are demanding that the government take care of us.  I don’t believe it.  This is a false concoction of power-hungry politicians creating a need for their services.  Once they get the citizenry on the public dole, they have job security and we can’t get lose.

We will no longer have freedom or individual liberty once we are enslaved by government programs.  Our personal lives and health records will be filed in offices in Washington, D.C.  So much for the Constitutional Right to Privacy.  Then comes the behavior modification.  The government powers will decide what we should be doing and what is politically incorrect.  They will modify our behavior by withholding something we’ve become reliant upon and/or levying taxes on undesired behavior.  These behaviors can be as benign as eating fast foods or drinking sugar-laden soft drinks.  (Don’t worry.  They will never touch alcohol – just sodas.)

Just say “NO” to government entanglements, I mean, entitlements.  Show the current gaggle of politicians what a true American is!

Have you joined your local Tea Party Society yet?  If not, may I suggest that you do it today.

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