Czars in America? – June 05, 2009

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Czar – –noun

1. an emperor or king.
2. (often initial capital letter) the former emperor of Russia.
3. an autocratic ruler or leader.
4. any person exercising great authority or power in a particular field: a czar of industry.

Elected officials are supposed to be “our” representatives. We send them “in our name” to represent “our values and desires” for “our society.” Elected officials are to pass or oppose laws and taxes that “We the People chose to be governed by or NOT.”

Our elected reps are supposed to “serve” us. Now there’s a novel idea that politicians of today don’t seem to understand. Servants do not hold their head up defiantly high and proud of themselves. Servants don’t preside “over” the electorate. In a republican form of government,which the U.S. is, there are no “czars”. Obama has appointed a lot of czars. Of course, he doesn’t call them czars, but the news media does. Perhaps because that is how they will function.

The news today is the appontment of another czar – a pay czar – to ensure that the pay of executives of firms that take bail-out money doesn’t rise above the President’s cap level. At first, people will think that is a good idea because no one likes to think that their tax dollars are being forcably taken away from their own family’s needs and given to big private companies, only to end up in a big salary for an excutive who seems to have run his company into bankruptcy.

However, on second consideration, not all of the companies were going bankrupt and not all of the companies wanted to take bail-out funds, but were forced to by Obama. Why would Obama force any company to take bail-out funds? Maybe so he could cap the pay of their executives. Maybe so he could take control over their financial activities, effectively controlling all of their decisions. Probably so he could force his belief system on private companies. This would explain why he would not allow some companies to return the bail-out funds when they begged to later. The truth is that the government has no business bailing out any private companies or publicly-traded companies, either. It’s all about Obama-control.

We have monoply laws to protect us from companies getting so big that they have a measure of control over the free enterprise and life-style of the population in their field, and could engage in price gauging. In other words, the monoply law should prevent “too big to fail”, as well. However, our government in the past, gave permission to companies to acquire and merge with their competitors until they were very close to being monopolies and were “too big to fail.”

Rather than giving bail-outs to these huge near-monopolies, the government should have at least considered breaking them up again and refraining from ever making the same mistake again. The government could have allowed them to go bankrupt and, I believe, the companies would have broken up on their own to save what they could. Companies often acquire, merge and grow too big. When they realize they can’t sustain it, they spin off their acquistitions and improve their balance sheets quickly. This would have been much better than what has been done by our government.

A bigger question is, “why has no one challenged his authority to do things that a president does not legally have the authority to do?” Why are the Congress and Senate allowing him to get away with dictating and controlling where he has no authority? Why has no one taken this to the Supreme Court? Why has no one defied him and refused to go along? Where are all the investigations and lawsuits? Clearly, a lot of what Obama is doing is un-Constitutional, yet no one is defying him, challenging him seriously or taking it to court. Why ever not??????

Perhaps the private sector needs to do this. But who has the funds to mount such a fight? Obama will print as much money as he needs to win a court battle.

In the next election for POTUS, the Democrats will own this mess. They can no longer blame Republicans or George Bush. The coming problems will be monumental and completely unrelated to anything Bush did.

We the People need to call our elected Representatives and ask them if they plan to challenge, all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary, Obama’s dictatorial actions.

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