My Letter to a Senator – June 01, 2009

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Judicial Nominations

Hon. Sen. Cornyn,

I’ve always supported you and voted for you. That being said, I must disagree whole-heartedly with you on something you recently said.

“I think it’s terrible. This is not the kind of tone that any of us want to set when it comes to performing our constitutional responsibilities of advice and consent,” Cornyn told NPR’s “All Things Considered” of the attack on Sotomayor as “racist.”

“Neither one of these men are elected Republican officials,” he said of Gingrich and Limbaugh. “I just don’t think it’s appropriate and I certainly don’t endorse it. I think it’s wrong.”

I’m particularly offended by the comment, “Neither one of these men are elected Republican officials.” What difference does that make under a Constitution that begins with “We the people…” and guarantees “freedom of speech?” Limbaugh and Gingrich are members of “We the people”.

I’ve noticed that lately, Limbaugh gets my message out far better and more accurately than any of my elected representatives. I feel that my Republican Party has left me in the dust and no longer cares what I believe in. Perhaps not you, but too many serve the golden rule of “Get thyself elected at all costs.”

I do not want to pander to any nationality, race or perverted behavior just to enlarge my tent. I believe in right and wrong. I want to stand on those principles, regardless of what it does to my tent. What good is a big tent, if it falls on everyone?

People join together because they share common beliefs and want to work together to advance those beliefs for the good of their country and their families. If I believed like the Democrats, I would have joined them. But I don’t share their beliefs and I do hope they fail to implement them because I know it would be harmful to my country, my family and me. I joined the Republicans who are now moving away from their core beliefs to be more like Democrats. It’s ludicrous to think that Republicans will get the votes of those who agree with Democrats, even those who say they are independents. If they agree with Democrats enough to vote for them, then they will never vote for a Republican, even one who has thrown his party principles overboard. Watch how it turns out for Arlen Specter. Remember Jumping Jim Jeffords? No one else does.

If my party continues to become more like Democrats, I’ll have to leave it. I guess I’ll just be an American – a member of “We the people”. That means no more donations, no more bumper stickers, no more straight party ticket voting. That’s what a lot of people are doing. I know. I don’t run around with Senators all day. I run around with ordinary and extraordinary “We the peoples”.

The Senate’s job is to thoroughly vet and investigate nominees for the Supreme Court, no matter whether they are Latino or not. This nominee is young enough to harm this country for many, many decades. Her statements should be taken for face value. What we say when we aren’t running for a big position, is what we believe. What we say when we are running for a big position is tainted with “get thyself elected” and it can’t be relyed upon. That’s a shame.

Limbaugh and Gingrich are working hard to get “our representatives” to look at what Sotomayor believes and has done and said in the past. It is Limbaugh’s country, too. He’s fighting for his country like everyone else does. He has every right to fight hard for his country’s well-being and the well-being of his family, friends and himself. Why do politicians insist on telling citizens to shut up? I hope they don’t.

I am upset with the current situation. We have too many politicians and not enough “We the people” Americans. Politicians talk and act as if the citizens are too dumb to run the country and know what’s best for themselves.

Too many politicians believe they are elite and should preside over the common people. They don’t remember that our government was set up to have the people elect “representatives”, folks who would go in our name and represent what we believe and work FOR us, not in spite of us.

I can’t follow the Republicans, if they don’t return to our core values. I won’t be a Democrat-lite.


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