Join Coach Now! – May 29, 2009

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Listen to Craig T. Nelson on the Glenn Beck Show on Fox Network, Thursday night, May 28, 2009. He expresses his views of what is happening in California. Mr. Nelson reminds us that we are a Republic and that we are being taxed too much and forced to pay for things without representation. He has had enough and plans to protest the only way he can. He refuses to pay any more money to the government. He admits he will go to jail, but says it’s the only way he can protest.

Summary: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not taking it anymore!”

Sensible Americans need to revolt against the current oppressive government’s outrageous taxing and spending. What’s going on in California and in America is a crime. They’re paying off their suppporters, families and friends with our hard-earned money that should go to our own families. Tea Parties were just the beginning and should continue. Tea Party members should gather to figure out other ways to effectively change political behavior and bring America and states like California back into line with our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

You can and should help every way you can. Get involved. It’s critical. We’ve reached the tipping point and probably the point of no return.


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