Don’t Take That Flag Down! -May 27, 2009

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Incredulously, a hospital employee whose family members are in the military, was told to take down the American Flag, which she put up for Memorial Day. It seems that one fellow employee and some patients were offended when they saw it.

What in the heck are these people doing in America if our treasured flag offends them? My advice to them – get out. All of them. I suggest Syria, Lebanon or maybe Iran. Perhaps those countries’ flags would not be so offensive. I have no patience with people who whine about seeing a flag or seeing a Bible or seeing a cross of Jesus. They don’t care if millions of us are offended by taking an American flag down, or hiding a Bible or Cross.

The flag represents the brave men and women who gave their lives for the freedom of some to whine and gripe. The Bible teaches us not to murder, steal or cheat. The cross of Jesus bought our hope for goodness and love. These things could only offend people opposed to freedom, goodness, love and laws that protect us.

Please, you whiners, leave America and go where there is no freedom, goodness, love and protective laws – like Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, the Sudan.

To me, the American flag means brave military, brave citizens, the most generous givers in the world, pioneers, settlers, cowboys, inventors, entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors, teachers, scout leaders, businessmen/women, astronauts, athletes, farmers, grocers, bakers, manufacturers, etc. And yes, even Christians, who had a large role in the settling of the wilderness and the creation of our government and civilized society.

I’m not ashamed by or offended by any of the above or the flag that waves proudly over us all. The offended do not deserve to reap the benefits of the flag they want removed. Once again, get out. Please. Do us all a favor. Don’t tread upon our soil under the shadow of our flag. That flag will protect you all, but you certainly don’t deserve it.

I’m encouraging everyone who loves and respects the American flag to call the administrator of that hospital and explain to him/her what a terrible thing it was to order the flag taken down, especially on Memorial Day. Please do this for your flag – your country. Let’s stop pacifying the cry-babies who don’t recognize how blessed they are to be in the same room with such an awesome flag.

It’s even more incredible that this happened in Texas. Texans LOVE their Lone Star State flag and the American flag! I bet the hospital “boss” who had the flag removed was NOT from Texas.


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