Wanda Sykes Engaged in Hate Speech – May 11, 2009

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Wanda Sykes was not funny at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner this weekend. She proved that she does not pay attention to the news nor bother to get the facts straight before engaging in hate speech directed at people who don’t share her view of politics.

She said she hopes that Rush Limbaugh’s kidneys fail. That means she hopes for his death. That’s hate speech. But since it was a black person spewing hate toward a white person, there will be no consequences, no outrage. The mainstream media will be silent.

Listen to what she aaid. Click the link below.


Obama laughed. Many in the audience also laughed, but it truly sounded as if there were some who “booed”.

The Left-wing fanatics can inflict hate speech on anyone who doesn’t share their views all day long. The wacky-haired nut job who pried into the private beliefs of Carrie Prejean, Miss California and first runner-up to Miss America, excoriated her for her beliefs which he forced out of her. It was none of his business, but he put her on the spot for his own selfish political reasons, hi-jacking the pageant. Then, after hearing that she differs with him, he spewed hate speech like a broken water main. Miss Prejean should sue him. The hate-monger has set himself up as some kind of authority that everyone has to listen to and agree with. His opinion of himself is much too high. He and Miss Wanda Sykes have no manners, no class, no brains.

Miss Sykes accused Limbaugh of wanting the country and our troops to fail, calling it treason. She is so misinformed that it was painful to watch her make a fool of herself on such a widely publicized venue. Rush Limbaugh has explained countless times that it isn’t the country or the troops that he wants to fail. He wants Obama’s socialist policies to fail so that the country will NOT fail and the troops will NOT be in danger. If Wanda had paid any attention at all, she would have known this. She made a snide remark about his Oxycontin addiction, which he overcame, as if he was a common drug abuser like half of Hollywood. His was unintentional resulting from treatment for pain.

There are plenty of Miss Sykes’ fellow Hollywood stars, producers and directors who abuse illegal drugs for recreation and she didn’t mention any of them. She knows many black drug abusers and she didn’t slam them in public. It’s only the white right of center types that she attacks. She is a fool.

If anyone had said the same thing about a black celebrity, there would be hell to pay. But Miss Sykes will probably get a medal for her misconduct and stupidity. Obama should have had the decency and the good manners of the office he holds and refrained from any positive response to Sykes’ misuse of the job she was hired to do at the dinner. Shame on them.

It would be wonderful if Obama received millions of letters complaining about the hate speech at the White House dinner. The White House belongs to all of us, including Limbaugh. The White House should NEVER be used to spew hatred toward any American citizen. The President should never condone anyone, not even celebrities, hoping that a citizen’s kidneys fail. Wanda Sykes’ performance was shameful. Limbaugh should sue her for defamation of character and racial hate speech. But he won’t.

Obama is the leader of the most uninformed, hateful bunch of people in decades. They are pompous, arrogant and most intolerant.

The news media with brains and integrity should boycott the dinner next year and every year until it is made clear that no one, no matter how famous, will use the White House for hate speech toward any American citizen.

If you agree, please consider writing to Obama and letting him know.

P.S. Millions of people believe that homosexuality is wrong, immoral and bad for society and communities. Those who are in favor of homosexuality resort to name-calling. They label those who believe it is immoral as “homophobes.” It is NOT A PHOBIA. It is morals. No one is going to change their beliefs because someone tried to label them “homophobic.” Millions of us will not abandon our morals because people who never had any morals in the first place call us names.


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