Sykes and Obama are Hypocrites – May 11, 2009

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While Sykes was slamming Limbaugh about his past trouble with Oxycontin and Obama was laughing, how much did Obama think about his own confessed use of cocaine, marijuana and other “illegal” drugs for recreational purposes? (Read Obama’s autobiography, Dreams of My Father.) It was his choice to use these drugs. Rush was prescribed Oxycontin legally by a doctor for pain and he never intended to get addicted. Oxycontin is highly addictive.

So Rush’s was an accident and Obama’s was by choice for pleasure , and he broke the law repeatedly to do it. The president of the United States committed felonies each time he bought, possessed, transported and used cocaine, and yet he sits there as President of the U.S. laughing about Rush Limbaugh’s accidental addiction to a drug legally prescribed by his doctor. Felons lose their right to vote, but Obama has lost nothing. If Obama never got caught, he was lucky. But the fact remains that he committed felonies. He’s a felon. Instead of losing his right to vote, he was awarded with the highest office in the land and sworn to uphold the law.

Sykes and Obama were both hypocrites during this “Jeremiah Wright” style hate mongering. Obama is repeatedly associated with racist hate speech types like Wright, Farrakhan, Kanye West, Wanda Sykes and many others. There’s a tell-tale pattern here. The real Obama is being exposed.


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