Climate Change Legislation, H.R. 1337 – May 01, 2009

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Congressman John Larson, CT, is sponsoring a bill, H.R. 1337, to tax carbon dioxide. This would raise our cost of living significantly, will not affect our climate temperatures one iota, and should not be allowed to pass. It puts more money in the government’s hands to waste like almost every other dollar they’ve found a way to grab, and might even help boost Al Gore’s millions. (Of course, Gore needs more.)

Here is my own email to Rep. Larson: Feel free to copy and paste and PLEASE contact him and your own Congressman/women. Oppose this bill.

Click on “Contact Me” on Rep. Larson’s web site at:

Hon. John B. Larson,

I don’t live in CT, but I’m writing you because you are sponsoring a bill that would affect my state of _______ in a significant way. While everyone loves clean air and supports responsible industry practices, many do NOT accept the man-made global warming/climate change theory. I do not. I also do not believe in global warming or climate change as a crisis, for many reasons, which I won’t try to explain in an email. I have researched this at length and will fight efforts to push through cap and trade, taxing carbon dioxide and other such legislation.

Respectfully, I wonder how many politicians have researched this subject enough and how many have allowed themselves to really listen to both sides of the issue and open-mindedly look at science that doesn’t support man-made climate change.

I do believe that Al Gore is wrong and has set up a money-making company to profit from his Climate Change Crisis business model. I believe that GE is promoting this on its NBC networks for profit. The taxpayers are tired of being fleeced through fear and legislation.

I respectfully ask you to do some hard-core research, as I have.


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