Enhanced Interrogation – April 27, 2009

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The Democrats are all atwitter about enhanced interrogation, which they prefer to call “torture” for political advantage, knowing that there are people who haven’t done their homework on the topic and will, quite naturally be apalled. With all the discussion and arguing on television and on the floors of the House and Senate, one key factor is being ignored.

No matter what you call the technique used, it was always up to the terrorists/enemy combatants/detainees whether or not to be subjected to it and if subjected to it, for what duration. They could have given the information they had immediately and never been subjected to any techniques necessary to extract that information. If they tried to withhold what they knew and were subjected to enhanced interrogation, they could at any time tell what they were asked to tell and it would have stopped. They could have avoided it or halted it at any time by simply telling all when asked. There was no need to suffer at all. It was always entirely up to them.

There’s no need to feel sorry for these guys. They brought it upon themselves and prolonged it unnecessarily.

These terrorists would cut off an American’s head or blow up Americans and other nationalities without any hesitation. They would not stop and think about what kind of interrogation techniques we use before deciding whether or not to blow up Americans. These are not conventional soldiers who care one whit about international treaties or the Geneva Convention. They are not recruited by those who tell them that Americans torture prisoners. They are recruited by hate-mongers who use Islam, God and lies to plant and cultivate hatred in gullible, ill-informed people.

All of our elected officials are sworn to protect the people of America, not terrorists from foreign countries. If strong measures are required to save American lives, they come first.

Another consideration seldom discussed is that the techniques were not life-threatening, left no permanent effects, did not draw blood, inflicted no physical pain, and a doctor was present. They were made to fear something bad, but didn’t experience what they feared. This was a case of mind-games causing fear, enough fear to make them talk. Once the interrogation was over, they were fine.

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