Bush Hatred Driving Obama – April 24, 2009

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The left’s hatred for Pres. George W. Bush is reaching it’s peak with Obama’s decisions to release so-called “torture” documents and photos of prisoners who were, in the left’s opinion, “tortured” AND THE MOVE TO PROSECUTE PEOPLE IN THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION.

This will make our military more of a target, inflame our enemies more than ever and handicap every administration in the future. Everyone will be afraid to do their jobs for fear of being prosecuted by the next administration.

Political opposition is normal and can be healthy. We’re a three party nation – Democrats, Republicans and the People. But Obama, Soros, MoveOn.org, the Democrats and the mainstream media are licking their chops, salivating, over the prospect of hanging Pres. Bush and his cabinet members. They’re using their view of torture as a vehicle. And, they’ve got other contrived vehicles lined up to guarantee their gratification. It’s purely vindictiveness.

I envision a vampire with blood dripping from his fangs. You can easily see that they’re out for blood. Obama has gone against all the CIA directors, including his own. He’s been advised not to do this because of the danger that will result. He has steadfastly refused to listen to anyone’s advice. Why is that? Who’s pressuring him or buying his actions? Who is he beholden to, if anyone? Perhaps this is the manifestation of Obama’s own desire to destroy the Bush administration.

Whatever the motive, this is shameful. Obama is proving to be the most destructive president we’ve ever had, except Pres. Abraham Lincoln who presided over the Civil War. Obama seems determined to tear this country apart and tear down our way of life. He’s taking our dollar, our economy, our quality of life, our justice system and our civility down to the ground. His team is attacking our military, while he’s putting them in greater danger. He’s gone to summits in other countries pacifying enemies of freedom and justice, apologizing for America, the most generous nation on earth, and offending our allies.

The crazy and revealing element is that the left keeps arguing that we must not torture or use harsh interrogation tactics because it will endanger our military and inflame our enemies. Hmmm. Isn’t that exactly the same result of Obama’s actions to release memos and photos that were top secret for a reason?

The people of America need to swamp the White House directly with phone calls objecting to Obama’s “torture” related releases AND OBJECTING VEHEMENTLY TO THE PROSECUTION OF ANYONE IN THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION. THEY WERE DOING THEIR BEST TO PROTECT ALL OF US – INCLUDING THE OBAMANATION WE HAVE IN OFFICE NOW.

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