Uniformitarianism? – April 20, 2009

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Uniformitarianism – The THEORY that all geologic phenomena may be explained as the result of existing forces having operated uniformly from the origin of the earth to the present time. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/uniformitarianism

In other words, it’s the theory that everything has always operated the same way since the first day of earth’s origin. This theory has not been proven and should not be taken as true, only a thought. Scientists do have geologic evidence to study, but they often draw conclusions from one while ignoring others that would challenge their beliefs.

“Global warming” supporters have two camps. The camp who started this world-wide farce includes people like Al Gore, Maurice Strong, General Electric, and others who I call the conspiracy millionaires.” These people saw global warming fear as a humongous way to make billions of dollars off the changes people would be willing to make and the money they would be willing to spend to save their planet. These millionaires were in a position to influence (peddle) the conspiracy world-wide and they have done just that relentlessly.

Why haven’t they been willing to discuss those scientific facts that seem to show that the globe is actually cooling, or those facts that show that the globe is not warming, but fluctuating normally, like any other thing on the planet? Why are they unwilling to have productive civil debates in a public forum with scientists who disagree with them, in an effort to find the truth and take the world in the right direction?

Because they’ve manufactured a “CASH COW” and they have NO intentions of giving it up. They stand to make billions off this fear-mongering. They will never give up that money stream, no matter what facts are presented to them. The harder anyone tries to dislodge them from the global warming or climate change movement, the more vehement they become because they fear the possibility of losing all that money that will set them up for life, along with their children and grandchildren. Not you, not me, not our children, just theirs. We and our children, for generations to come, will foot the bill. It will be the largest transfer of wealth from the ordinary world populations to the “conspiracy millionaires”. Soon, I will be forced to call them “conspiracy Billionaires.”

This week, California is experiencing record high temperatures, breaking those of 1919 – less than one hundred years ago. We don’t know if they ever experienced this high heat in mid-April before we kept records. If we believe in uniformitarianism, that everything has always operated the way it has in our recent history, and that nothing was different or operated differently 5,000 years ago, then we might decide that this is something gone awry in our climate. But, if we acknowledge that our earth’s climate could have fluctuated over the millennia of time, then we can allow for the possiblity that this is another fluctuation, not THE END OF THE WORLD!

Wouldn’t it be short-sighted and bordering on silly, to think that nothing in the past 10,000 years has ever fluctuated? Wouldn’t it be even more ridiculous to refuse to even think about the possiblity? Most reaosnable people would immediately entertain that thought, if given the opportunity. But the spin-machine, the brain-washing apparatus, is in full swing backed by the governments around the world and the U.N. Every one of those leaders is in a position to rake in some of the dough generated by the sweeping changes they legislate. From our pockets to theirs.

The second camp of global warming supporters are the citizens of the world who mistakenly trust politicians and world leaders; people who go about their business and never think of conspiracies to bilk billions out of the masses. These people trust the teachers and professors who brain-wash their students in strict obedience to their governments. These people do NOT research the subject for themselves in depth, but simply accept it without thinking. Many of them do love the earth and want to take good care of it. These people would feel awful about themselve if they failed to “get with the program” and “help” save the planet. Many feel good about themselves because they do their part.

This is false pride because they are actually helping the greedy fleece the rest of us. Citizens of the world have a responsiblity and an obligation to be well-informed and armed with the truth, especially when it comes to harmful legislation, sweeping changes to our life-styles and economy, and wealth transfer from the average citizen to the conspiracy millionaires.

As the headlines of this week focus on the record heat in California, last week’s headlines are forgotten. Record late spring winter snow storms hit Colorado! Feet of snow falling around Colorado breaking records! None of the conspiracy millionaires came out and warned of global cooling or even that global warming may have stopped or might not have existed in the first place. They pick and choose what weather conditions to herald to bolster their money stream.

Do your own homework. I did. You can read my research by clicking on related topics in the tags list on the left side of this page.

Say NO to “cap and trade”.

By the way, the heat wave in California was so bad that everyone went to the beach to enjoy the sun. They didn’t seek refuge indoors with air-conditioning, even though the headline reads, “California broils in record heat to 100 degrees.” http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090420/ap_on_re_us/california_heat This is an Associated Press story.


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