“Cap and Trade” Your Money – March 14, 2009

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President Obama has vowed to legislate “cap and trade” on carbon emissions all over this country, which amounts to another Ponzi scheme, like the very first one devised by none other than Al Gore (when VP), Bill Clinton (when Pres.) and the top three guys at Enron, Chairman Ken Lay, Andy Fastow and Jeff Skilling (the most corrupt bunch of the 90’s). They invented the cap and trade system because the Enron boys were masters at making money on trading nothing, and Gore and Clinton noticed it and gave them a call. Their straw dog then was sulfur dioxide emissions, better known as acid rain.

While everyone wants to breathe clean air and live in a healthier environment, no one should desire cap and trade. Acid rain levels have been significantly reduced, so much so that you don’t hear about it much anymore, but it wasn’t Enron and the Clinton administration’s cap and trade Ponzi scheme that reduced the levels emitted. It was science and physical changes to the industries emitting sulfur dioxide. Pollution control equipment was installed at coal-fired power plants, the average sulfur content of fuels burned was reduced and cleaner fuels like natural gas is now used for residential and commercial heat. Cap and trade actually allows the emission of the unhealthy gases to continue, only now it costs more to do it and the money goes to the guys who went into the business of selling permission to emit the gases, and of course, the government gets its share. (surprised?)

Gore and company are using the traditional “scare” tactics to push the whole world into cap and trade for carbon dioxide emissions, which again, won’t be reduced by anything except good science and technological breakthroughs implemented by the industries that emit gases. Gore became an expert on how to affect the world-wide Ponzi scheme back in the 90’s and cut his teeth on sulfur dioxide. He’s positioned himself to benefit financially when this takes place, opening Generation Investment Management based in London, not the U.S. And, of course, there must be a place to buy and sell these permission slips to emit the so-called dangerous gas, so one of Gore’s friends, Richard Sandor, opened a trading exchange in Chicago, the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX). Where else? The land of crooked politicians and Obama’s home turf. Gore offsets his carbon footprint by buying from himself and selling to himself through Generation Investment Management. He takes his money from one of his pockets and puts it into his other pocket. Then he faces the world with a proud smile.

For a look at the ties between Generation Investment Management, Al Gore and other figures and organizations, including Tony Rezko of Obama contributor and crook fame, visit http://www.muckety.com/Generation-Investment-Management/5000777.muckety to see an interactive chart with links. Click around on this chart a while and you’ll begin to get the picture.

Obama said quite frankly during his bid for the White House, that he will legislate cap and trade and it will bankrupt the coal industry. He repeated it, when questioned by a reporter and was unapologetic. With hundreds of thousands of Americans losing their jobs and the jobless rate at 8.1% today and rising, Obama plans to intentionally bankrupt the coal industry, sending thousands more to the unemployment office for their government check. No one can convince me that he doesn’t realize what he is doing.

“If somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can.  It’s just that it will BANKRUPT THEM because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.”  Sen. Obama during his presidential campaign interview, Jan. 17, 2008.

Obama says in this video that cap and trade will bring it billions of dollars to fund solar, wind and other types of energy production.  In a free country, that’s unConstitutional.  The government should not be allowed to make the coal industry (one type of energy production) fund the growth and perfection of their competitors (solar and wind energy production).  What if the government forced General Motors to fund the growth and success of Ford Motor Company?  People would howl, especially the people at GM.  Imagine the government forcing Wal Mart grocery store to fund the success of Whole Food Stores.  It’s the same thing and it isn’t right.  It’s unAmerican and unConstitutional.

The ruse for supporting this travesty is global warming, which they now prefer to call climate change because the word “warming” is causing some doubt about the validity of the issue. Temperatures are cooling globally, and unprecedented cold, blizzards, snow and longer winter seasons have played havoc with Gore’s theory. They’ve even resorted to blaming global warming for the record COLD! Nice try.

Florida State University has posted information online proving that tropical cyclone (hurricane) activity has decreased sharply in recent years, another fact that deflates the global warming theory. This is so inconvenient for Al Gore that he has reportedly removed slides showing increased hurricane and cyclone activity as proof of global warming from his flick, “An Inconvenient Truth.” Ain’t it the truth? http://www.coaps.fsu.edu/~maue/tropical/

The bottom line as I see it:

A bunch of guys want to be very rich and they’ve devised a way to do it. Scare the world into believing that we’ve changed the earth’s climate and we have to be stopped with draconian measures legislated by all world governments, with heavy fees and taxes attached, the money being funnelled into the bank accounts of the inventors of the ruse and those necessary to make it hold together. The money being funnelled to them is yours and mine, the little honest guys who work for their money and have no notions of taking it from someone else. That’s the big difference in today’s world. Two kinds of people: the makers and the takers.

Two choices: Take it or stop it. Inaction and acceptance will get you nowhere but the poor house.

For extensive research on this topic, search past entries in Marbie’s Blog using tags, such as climate change, global warming, Al Gore, Enron, sustainability, the United Nations, Gaia, Maurice Strong, Generation Investment Management, David Blood. Search Marbie’s blog for the entry on June 5, 2008, “A SHOCKER!”, installment 13 in a series on the global warming hoax which discusses Richard Sandor and the Chicago Climate Exchange by clicking the term “chicago climate exchange” in the white sidebar.

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